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A password is a collection of characters that is used, usually in conjunction with a username, as a means of authentication.
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Accept both MD5 and SHA512 hashes is /etc/shadow
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I recently upgraded debian server with many users to a recent version. The old server used MD5 password hashes (the shadow passwords begin with $1$) and new one is configured to use SHA-512. I want to migrate users from one server to another.

Is there any way to allow both MD5 and SH512 hashes in /etc/shadow? Of course I need MD5 hashes just to allow old users to login until they change password  ...

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SSH connection works for root but not user; fails after "Trying private key"
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I'm setting up password-free ssh connection to a debian remote server. I've generated a key on my local machine and placed the key in both /root/.ssh/authorized_keys and /home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys. The permissions are set to 700 for .ssh and 600 for authorized_keys. The user is "root as user" and has sudo privileges.

So I can ssh in directly as root: ssh root@server. Good.

But when I try to ssh  ...

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How can the SPICE password of a libvirt+kvm+qemu virtual machine be changed while the machine is running?
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I have a virtual machine that is running on a KVM+QEMU stack with libvirt. The VM is using a qxl or virtio display and has a spice graphics listening on a port.

I'd like to change the password (in SPICE they call it "ticket") used to access that machine from virt-manager or remote-viewer while the machine is running. The old password should be invalidated immediately and new SPICE connections sho ...

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My Mac's password refuses to change
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I work for a large corporation, and I work on a Macbook Pro. The company has a fancy arrangement where the password I use to connect to the VPN is "synched" to the password I use to log on to my laptop.

My Mac password refuses to "synch" to the VPN password. I have set it several times by going to Preferences -> Users -> Change Password, but it won't actually change. If I lock my screen  ...

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Removing additional password field from ssh login on Ubuntu 20
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SSH Screenshot

I just bought a Yubikey a few days back. I have tried to use the key to login to SSL without a password. I have it working, but it displays an error and shows interactive auth prompts.

The only real prompts are the customer and Yubikey one. How can I remove lines 2-4?

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Windows Server 2016 Administrator Password Expired
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We have a windows 2016 server(OS W2016_SP0_STD_X64) that is not connected to any domain. The server was administered via a local Admin user. That users password has expired and now the server cannot be accessed anymore. Is there any way to either change the Password or to remove the expiration from the password?

I have already tried setting the enablecredsspsupport:i:0 option in an RDP file but this Sol ...

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Can't change virtualmin / webmin password
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I want to change the Webmin login password. The one that you use to log in with when you connect to 10000 port. I have tried several ways. The password will change but at the login, I can only log in with my old password. How can I change this? Here are the ways that I change the password:

Login into Webmin interface. Click on the option 'System' in the left sidebar of Webmin. Select the option 'Change  ...

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Change postgres password
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I've forgotten my postgres password for my local install (Ubuntu 20.04).

I have postgres installed and running

henry@henry-Apollo:/$ service postgresql status
● postgresql.service - PostgreSQL RDBMS
     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/postgresql.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: active (exited) since Thu 2021-08-19 18:16:09 BST; 2 days ago
   Main PID: 1924 (code=exited, st ...
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Allow restricted user to change their own password
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Recently I have followed the articles below, however, the passwd file that I copied to a dir in the users `‘home`` dir.

However, when the new credentials are parsed into passwd, it ends up with the error of:

Authentication token manipulation error".

I have googled alot, however none of the solutions has worked. ...

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How can I reset share passwords for WD Sharespace using root in SSH?
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I have a Western Digital ShareSpace Disk Array NAS (Same one in this manual : )

The system has an existing number of shares, with a lot of files and data. Each share was created through the web interface of the NAS and each has its own username and password.

I am able to login to the NAS SSH interface (as root) and when I run the command

less /etc/passw ...
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Removing plain passwords from auth.log
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I'm using some docker images to deploy a mail server ( The MTA is postfix, with TLS configuration and using LDAP for login. I can login to the SMTP server and send emails but is showing the login password in plain text in auth.log

Jul 26 10:57:01 mail saslauthd[979]:                 : num_procs  : 5
Jul 26 10:57:01 mail saslauthd[979]:        ...
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How can you update the password for an AWS ECR repo in Kubernetes?
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I created a private docker registry using AWS ECR. I want to use it with a Kubernetes cluster managed by Rancher, but the password to the registry is changed by AWS every 12 hours. How do I keep it updated as a secret in the cluster?