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Questions about monitoring server hardware and software performance, or network performance.
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Monitoring Byte Usage of Large MySQL InnoDB Buffer Pools?
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I am trying to monitor the total number of used bytes in a MySQL 5.7 InnoDB Buffer Pool, that can go up to 100GB, using Innodb_buffer_pool_bytes_data but it seems that this status variable is a 32-bit unsigned integer when I query it, so it overflows when bytes go past 2^32.

It seems to be an unsigned long integer internally in MySQL ( ...

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Apache crashing because of high memory usage
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  CPU[||||                                                    3.3%]     Tasks: 71, 155 thr; 1 running
  Mem[|||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||1261/1875MB]     Load average: 0.00 0.02 0.01 
  Swp[                                                       0/0MB]     Uptime: 02:17:35

  PID USER      PRI  NI  VIRT   RES   SHR S CPU% MEM%   TIME+  Command
 2385 centos     20   0  110M  2136  1228 R ...
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How to write pidstat output to a sadc file for analysis later (sar)
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How can I write the output of pidstat to a file for analysis later?

In sar, you can monitor usage and write-out to a file for later analysis using the -o argument. From the man page:

       If multiple samples and multiple reports are desired, it is convenient to specify an output file for the sar command.  Run the sar command as  a
       background process. The syntax for this is:

       sar -o data ...
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Obtaining the CPU L2 shared memory percentual of usage on Linux machine
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On Linux based systems, how can I estimate or maybe read the CPU L2 shared memory % of usage?

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What defines the "interval" when playing back Performance Co-Pilot data in pcp-atop?
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I have PCP (Performance Co-Pilot) recording performance metrics on a RHEL 7 host. The recording cadence is set to Y seconds here:


When I copy the performance metrics logs to another machine I'm able to analyze the files using:

pcp atop --interval=Zs -r /path/to/archive/files/

(where Z is a value that may or may not be the same as Y)

When I jump around in the archive usi ...

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MySQL RDS Performance Insight got stuck
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We are using AWS MySQL RDS. Quite recently, we are saw MySQL RDS Performance Insight got stuck with

SET `@slave_uuid` = ?

Like the following image

Top SQL from RDS Performance Insights

The second one that follows the above is

Use `db_name`

As I check from the cloud watch monitoring. All the CPU/IOPS are pretty normal.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Is there any way to trace/solve this issue?

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Monitoring (summarizing) network usage of a single application (process) (Linux)
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I have a single application that seems to be a network pig (based on a casual glance at its logs - it seems awfully chatty). I'd like to find out what its bandwidth usage is - preferably in the form of a summary timeline, e.g., incoming/outgoing total bytes every minute (alternatively, in a form I can summarize that way myself with other tools).

If it is something that can be done with standard  ...

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Is there a program to diagnose and summarize why my mchine is slow?
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Is there a program that will tell me why my server is slow? What is being over utilized? CPU / Memory / Disk / Network ... and what processes are driving that utilization? I want a program that can check and explain it to me. (I don't want to figure it out myself.) Maybe it could even suggest server tuning changes.

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How to remedy high cpu utilization by momperfsnapshothelper.exe?
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Seeing high cpu utilization by momperfsnapshothelper. I think we are using this to ship IIS logs to Azure Log Analytics. Busy web server. How can we reduce the CPU utilization of momperfsnapshothelper? Saw this but not using MS SCOM.

Server = Win2008R2 SP1

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\MOMPerfSnapshotHelper.exe

MOMPerfSnapshotHelperVersion = 10.20.1804.0