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pfsense is a customized FreeBSD+pf distribution designed for use as a firewall. It wraps many of the features of the pf firewall code in an easy-to-use web interface.
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Pfsense : using the server to resolve hostnames as ip in local vlans
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I made a network with 3 machines, one is a pfsense server that manage a captive portal, a dns, dhcp server and firewall rules, it is in a trunk network. The second pc is a server hosting some services and a virtual machine hosting a website it is in a vlan2. the last one is a client computer that want to access internet, the service server and the website server it is located in vlan1. all is done on a  ...

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Pfsense upstream gateway how it works?
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I have 2 pfsense firewall setup in my office with 2 ISP, the primary firewall is connected to both ISP-1 AND ISP-2 and the secondary firewall that has OpenVPN setup is only connected to ISP-2. now when I try to use the openvpn client that is connected to the secondary firewall I can't able to ping the Primary firewall and other LAN devices that are connected to it. but when I configure the upstream gat ...

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Cant ping LAN devices with Pfsense and OpenVPN
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I am currently doing a test for our OpenVPN setup through Pfsense, we have 2 Pfsense running on the network,

  1. For the default gateway of the LAN Network as Main Firewall.
  2. For the OpenVPN Clients as a secondary Firewall.

Based on my Test, I successfully Connect the OpenVPN client to the Pfsense however I can't ping the LAN devices except for the OpenVPN Pfsense LAN interface which is ri ...

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Problems with WDS on different subnets
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I'm setting up a WDS (Windows Deployment Service), the WDS server is in a different subnet than the clients that need PXE.
These subnets are connected through a VPN tunnel. Routers are pfsense.
But on the clients' router, I don't know what settings I'm going to put for PXE to work.
I've tried going to several forums, tried several different settings and none of them seem to work.

Below are images of the  ...

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pfSense RADIUS challenge
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I'm trying to configure my pfSense box (running 2.5.2-RELEASE) to use my RADIUS server for admin login authentication.

My RADIUS server challenges for a TOTP code after getting the correct password, and this is working correctly (I have a number of other systems here using it for login).

I've configured my pfSense box with a RADIUS server (User Manager->Authentication Server) and I've set pfSense ...

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IPv6: Server can't ping gateway (pfSense) but gets IP
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I have three servers which should now also get IPv6 connectivity besides the IPv4. Servers:

  1. Pi4 (Raspberry Pi OS)
  2. Nextcloud (Debian 10; Nextcloud as snap)
  3. Mailserver (Debian 10; mailcow as docker, which also uses IPv6)

They are directly connected to the firewall (up to date pfSense) and reside in their own subnet/VLAN. My plan is to use DCHPv6 so that I can give them a fixed IP, from where I can us ...

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PFsense High-Availability - issues with sync of VLAN interface
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So I am trying to build a firewall with a primary and secondary, High-Availability structure. I have configured each of these 2 VirtualBox VMs in GNS3 to connect to each other (for a SYNC) interface, as well as connection to other switches in their topology. These PFsense VMs have about 6 network interfaces in use. I took the configuration file of a single node firewall and am testing with a secondary V ...

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Connection timeout when hitting port-forwarded endpoint; works fine with local IP
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In pfSense, I have this rule: Where is my target machine and I have a rancher app hosted at port 8081. If I hit https://MY_DOMAIN_NAME:8081--MY_DOMAIN_NAME resolves to MY_WAN_IP, I get connection timeout. In firewall states, I see: -> (MY_WAN_IP:8081) CLOSED:SYN_SENT -> ...

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pfSense: Block all traffic
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I have created a pfSense firewall instance on Azure VNet and configured port forwarding so that pfSense should monitor all the traffic of VM.

I have blocked all the WAN traffic on the firewall, but when I'm trying to go to Google page is opening.

Can anyone please help me understand how to block all WAN traffic on pfSense, or apply the default-deny policy?

For reference, I've provided the ...

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pfSense as IPSec remote access client
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I have a pfSense router in a residential environment and need to use IPSec/IKEv2 as a remote access client to a commercial VPN provider. I know the pfSense web UI doesn't support the router being the remote access client, but the underlying FreeBSD OS should. My questions is would setting up the connection in the underlying OS mess up any routing/firewall settings or have interfaces not show up in pfSen ...

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Configuring PFSense to exclude specific external ip address
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Pfsense is installed on top of five dedicated servers, NAT rules are already defined and everything works fine. Now, I want to have one of the external IP addresses to be ignored by pfsense gateway. In other words, for that IP, there is no Pfsense installed, no address translation is done, no internal IP exists, etc.

Is/how it possible.


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pfSense NAT to server in a second LAN subnet behind an internal second router (not working)
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I have a pfSense firewall/router that is exposing some services to my public ip.

This is working fine, as long as the service is on the primary LAN subnet (, let's call it LAN-A.

E.g. this works:

public_ip:443 -> pfSense (NAT) -> (reverse proxy)

I additionally have a second LAN, let's call it LAN-B, that is behind a Mikrotik router on 192.168.1 ...

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Webserver over pfSense Virtual IP not working
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On pfSense 2.4.4-p2 I have configured second WAN IP/29 as virtual IP, which would be needed for Website access, as WAN net ports are already used. I'm unable to access it remotely.

External DNS entry for Webserver and ftp are pointing to correct Virtual IP address.

In NAT > Port Forward, I have configured:

Interface: WANProtocol: TCP

Source Address: *

Source Ports:*

Dest.Address: VirtualIP

Dest.Prot:  ...

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Change Internet facing IP for Exchange server
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I have to change Internet facing IP for Exchange server 2016 CU21.

We use pfSense as a routing solution, on which New Gateway is set - New ISP, works withouth issues. Upstream Gateway set on x.x.x.161/29 IP address. Static IP address set for WAN interface is x.x.x.162.

Since ISP provided multiple WAN IP's and our environment needs multiple servers to use same port, and instead using proxy service, t ...

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pfsense NAT DNS to different LAN IPs
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I have a pfsense firewall, and I need to NAT connection on WAN port 80 to LAN servers.

Ex: to to

I have no idea how to do that.

I have created the Host overrides like this example:

Then I have created a NAT rule with source any, destination wan interface and port 80, Redirect LAN address port 80 like this example:

But this is n ...

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Automatically updating the CRL for pfSense
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I want to be able to automatically update the certificate revocation list on a virtual pfSense server running OpenVPN. I don't want the certificate authority to be on the same vpn server, but if pfSense is not running the CA I am not sure how I could update the CRL in an automated way. Has anyone attempted this before?

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PfSense Fedora L2TP VPN stop traffic flow on HTTP hit
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I have configured L2TP VPN on PfSense 21.05-RELEASE (amd64) and fedora 33 as client, once VPN is connected I can ping remote host but as soon as I tied to hit HTTP site ( traffic flow of VPN stops In TCP dump can see outgoing traffic but no incoming traffic coming back after HTTP request also checked PfSense firewall no drops there and moving traffic back to client but client somehow drooping ...

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PfSense FreeBSD on OVH Public Instance - no internet connection
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I have no internet connectivity in freshly installed PfSense system.

  1. I've created OVH instance with Ubuntu and I mounted mfsbsd image.
  2. After booting to mfsbsd there was also internet problem. Couldn't download anything or ping at all.
  3. I copied PfSense image through SSH using local network.
  4. I installed PfSense with UFS BIOS option.
  5. Using OVH console I can see that PfSense booted properly after r ...
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Bridged pfsense interface is not responding to ping request and ignoring ping reply
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I have a firewall (pfsense) with the LAN and the DMZ configured as a logically bridged interface in pfsense, to share the same ip address. Currently, it is running in virtualbox, the LAN is a host-only interface and the dmz is a bridged one.

When the firewall ping the ip address of the host, it send ping request, which is responded by a ping response by my computer. But the firewall doesn't ackno ...

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Allow permitted ip to access url using HAProxy
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I'm using pfsense with HAProxy package. Using simple rule i would like to only allow access to a website if the IP is in the allow list.

enter image description here

For some reason im always getting a 404 response and cannot access the webpage. My public IP was obtained from here for testing:

Any ideas what could be wrong with my access rules?

Here's the generated config:

frontend Shared-merg ...
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Pfsense monitoring Icinga2 - CRITICAL - Plugin timed out after 10 seconds
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Recently added new pfsense system, existing one working as expected.I have installed package nagios-plugins on pfsense for monitoring like existing pfsense. Existing ssh-keygen -t ed25519 using for new setup added to pfsense.

Installed: sudo pkg install nagios-plugins Run command : /usr/local/libexec/nagios/check_procs PROCS OK: 88 processes | procs=88;;;0

curl -LO ...

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Pfsense DNS address could not be found
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I was accessing a site daily until this morning. Now I cannot ping the site through ping on my pfsense firewall or on a client behind the firewall. I have made no changes to the firewall.

If I bypass the firewall I can access the site OK

Running wireshark from a client I can see the DNS request:

Info: Standard query 0x0cf2 Server failure A

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The other member is on a different configuration version of pfSense. Sync will not be done to prevent problems! It is possible force resync?
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Some days ago I install a new second pfSense firewall. I recovered the configuration from the previous one, to put this new one as a CARP Backup the same way other on was before.

After that, fixed all problems, I face this error on the CARP Master:

Jul  2 22:54:52 pfsense-rc-pri php-cgi: rc.filter_synchronize: Beginning XMLRPC sync data to https://X.X.X.X:443/xmlrpc.php.
Jul  2 22:54:52 pfsense-rc-pri ...
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pfsense: After restoring config boot stops at "TSC: P-state invariant"
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I'm setting up a brand new pfsense and it works fine. Then I restore the configuration from another working installation and when I try to reboot it freezes soon after mouting the / partition and detecting the CPU. The last line in my screen is:

TSC: P-state invariant
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Pfsense GRE to Proxmox Openvirtualswitch gateway not going up
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So, I run pfsense on Hetzner Cloud and proxmox on Hetzner Cloud. Both are VMs. The Hetzner network is very restricted. I found a solution: GRE tunnels.

The following setup works:

pve machine =, test machine =

pve machine /etc/network/interfaces:

auto vmbr0

iface vmbr0 inet manual

ovs_type OVSBridge

post-up ovs-vsctl add-port vmbr0 tep0 -- set interface tep0 type=internal

post ...
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Cant connect pfsense openvpn service using tunnelblick as a client
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I currently have a working pfsense community version firewall. when I am trying to connect a new user to the openvpn service over the pfsense using the tls+authentication method the user is getting the following error

Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in /Library/Application Support/Tunnelblick/Users/ella/internal VPN.tblk/Contents/Resources/config.ovpn:4: data-ciphers (2.4.11)

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Juniper EX4200 Stack with PFSense DHCP (Discover/Offer Loop)
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I'm currently struggling with my Juniper Switch Stack.

Topology is like this Topology

The Client Ports on the Stack are configured as tagged-access with dot1x (multiple supplicant) and they switch according to the Radius authentication. This works without a problem and VLANs get correctly assigned.

The 2 PFSense firewalls do provide one DHCP instance for every VLAN in failover configuration with an C ...

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Why do we lose IPSec connections and can't re-establish them?
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We have tens of IPSec connections between our office and customer sites. At the office we use pfSense V2.4.5 as VPN gateway and placing Ubiquiti Edgerouter X devices with the latest firmware on the customer sites to establish the connection with. The Edgerouter X always establishes the connection as we not always have the possibility to forward ports on the customer network(s). It does this by pin ...

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pfSense - Enable ssh (port 22) access through the WAN using terminal/console/shell
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We need to enable pfSense ssh (port 22) access through the WAN interface to perform certain configurations using pfSense's terminal/console/shell.

Actions already taken...

  • "Secure Shell (sshd)" has already been enabled via pfSense console option 14 14) Enable Secure Shell (sshd);
  • We run the command easyrule pass wan tcp any any 22 to allow access to ssh (port 22).
  • Using option 12 12) PHP shell + pfSense ...
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Server pfsense and hypervisor
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I am not very experienced with server management and I currently manage a vps with whm/cpanel. I am thinking in a few month when the subscription ends to colocate my own server in the datacenter. So after some research i decided to buy a used dell server and have proxmox as a hypervisor. So i am trying to figure out a way to seperate the host from the vps and also install pfsense so i can have vlans and ...