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Is it common for nested subdomains to get blocked due to phishing detection?
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I have a domain that uses subdomains for users, for example:

To distinguish between other official subdomains and user subdomains I reserved "at" for all such cases. For example, some official subdomains are:,,

I've twice now come up against blocks due to false positive phishing detection. So far from Google and Cisc ...

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Automate email traffic reporting Office365 Security and Compliance
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I am a Security Engineer at my organization and I'm looking for ways to automate the reporting process for suspicious emails.

We are using Terranova Security Awareness for Phish email reporting, and I receive these reported emails in my mailbox. These email reports contain the header details of the reported email, and the reported email itself as an .eml file.

I also have access to Microsoft 365 Sec ...

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Display full FROM email address in Outlook
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I'm trying to do phishing mitigation in the Outlook desktop app, and I've seen a number of cases where the display name is so long that the email address gets truncated, e.g.

From: Microsoft email account activity notifications

might get truncated in the view pane to

From: Microsoft email account activity notifications <

which looks at ...