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Ping is a mechanism to see if a remote host is reachable via an IP network
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WSL PING "system error"
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I have a weird PING error in WSL2, Ubuntu 20.04 distribution. When I'm doing nslookup - all ok:

root@i:~# nslookup

Non-authoritative answer:
Address: 2a00:1450:4001:830::200e


When I'm pinging by address - also ok:

root@i:~# ping
PING 1 ...
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Routing Issue: Cannot reach target server from local network
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1. my setup:

I've got an optical fibre ZTE router from my ISP for internet and telephone.

My old analog phone is connected directly to the router using the dedicated phone port on my router.

(For illustration I draw a network diagram down below.)

2. what I want:

I want to use SIP directly to make calls from my local network, instead of my old analog phone.

For example I want to install the softpho ...

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Local devices aren't reachable via VPN
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I have a VPN configured on a router (router model is bintec be.ip plus).

VPN Connections are successfully established by the clients using IKEv2 (router is reachable via DynDNS).

Router's local ip address is One of the local device's ip address is

The problem is: sometimes the devices in the local network cannot be reached by the VPN clients. E.g. a ping fails:

> ping  ...
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How to check if a remote server is up through a proxy?
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I have a series of lab linux server (centos/rh) that are built using an automated PXE install via kickstart file. I would like to use another automated process (ansible) to monitor when the installations have completed. Normally I would use a simple tool like ping but these servers can only be accessed remotely through an internal proxy.

One idea was to add httpd and a simple index.html page via the k ...

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Connection randomly timeouts
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I had to develop an application that makes a request to an external web server and get the response back, sounds easy right? Well no.

The problem is that not all the request I make to that server are correctly routed, by means sometimes the request arrive at destination and other do not (it gives me ECONNTIMEDOUT)

I have tried to use the ping command to that server, and I get the exact behavior as befor ...

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Can't ping PetaLinux machine if both NICs on same subnet and unplug eth0
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I have a PetaLinux machine (Embedded Linux on a Xilinx Zynq device, debian fork, kernel 4.19). If the two NICs are on different subnets, then I can disconnect one NIC, and the other will continue working. But if they are on the same subnet, then disconnecting eth0 will render both unreachable. (Disconnecting eth1 is fine.) Also, if the addresses are acquired by DHCP, then disconnecting the plug for eth0 i ...

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Subdomain with variable IP
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Subdomains like presents a behavior that when I ping it (or traceroute it), the IP keeps changing. Sometimes it is an IP owned by Twitter, other times an IP owned by Facebook (, other by Dropbox ( and sometimes can't resolve to an I ...

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Permission denied (publickey) - in setting up Kubernetes cluster with Kubespray
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This issue is from the following documentation How to deploy Kubernetes using Kubespray. I followed their documentation word by word and reached at this point:

ansible -i inventory.ini -m ping all

Here is the above command in the documentation

The documentation outlines all the necessary steps on deploying Kubernetes to UpCloud using Kubespray and Terraform. As mentioned earlier, I could execute  ...

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network issue with wsl2, nslookup works, but ping fails
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I am facing bad network issue with networking on windows10 machines.

tried most of the solutions available over internet. yet there is no solution.

Solutions tried -

  1. Solutions related to enabling HyperViser and its virtual switch.
  2. Solutions related to resolve.conf

The strange part is, nslookup works for same domain, but ping and telnet fails.

Here is the tcpdump I retrieved. ...
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VLAN Inner Talking
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I kinda forgot about CISCO in general, it had been quite a while since I last touched packet tracer. Now I'm on the PRE-deployment phase of a network at work. Long story short.

-I made 2 VLAN on CISCO Router and Switch, trunking, encapsulation, all good and working

Vlan 5 Student

Vlan 76 Office

At first, with just the Switch there was no talking beetwen VLAN, but i had to add a router so VLAN could talk t ...

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ping: Warning: time of day goes back (-203647us), taking countermeasures
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I'm getting the below weird warning message sometimes when pinging to (Occurrence is very low). Any idea about the root cause?

$ ping
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=111 time=256 ms
ping: Warning: time of day goes back (-203756us), taking countermeasures
ping: Warning: time of day goes back (-203647us), taking countermeasures
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ICMP/Ping works even after adding iptables drop rule
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We have an application which will configure network interface as well as iptables rules based on user configuration. Please find the iptables rules after configuring with the application

enter image description here

Even after adding this rule we can able to ping from test PC. Why iptables fails to drop ICMP?

Note: I have changed the eth0 IP address and switch back to immediately using ifconfig command ...

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Spanning tree causing packet loss between a Cisco switch C3560 and Linux server running on CentOs
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I am working in a network environnement where I have some Cisco Switch WS-C3560X-48 and Linux Servers running CentOS 7.7.

The linux servers are connected 3 times on my switches : one admin link, one production link and one ILO link because they are running on HP hardware.

When I try to ping the servers on the admin LAN from my Cisco switch, I get the following result :

SWTCisco#ping source ...
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Cannot ping between 2 Windows servers
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I have 2 physical Windows servers having 2 networks. One card is to access the internet and the other is for the internal network. For both servers, the internal card is assign to VLAN ID 100. Both internal card are set to Private network category.

Server A internal IP : Server B internal IP :

After rebooting both servers, Server B cannot ping Server A using internal IP ...

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Domain only reachable over browser as long as ping is running *on the server* (also ssh doesn't work)
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I have a remote machine on which I run Debian and Apache. Recently, a strange problem occured.

It started with me not being able to log in by ssh anymore (I simply get a timeout) and my domain not being reachable over the browser. I think I couldn't ping it as well but I'm not sure about this. As of now, ping works.

Using the control panel of the provider, I am still able to log in. ip link shows ...

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How is ping so low, lower than theoretical limit?
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According to this article, we would expect a ping of at least 60 milliseconds for 10,000km of distance:

enter image description here

Ireland is roughly 10,000km away from California, so this is the ping we would expect.

I am pinging from Ireland, which is located somewhere in California.

How is my ping so low - 4 milliseconds?

I am using the ping command in Command Prompt to test this:

enter image description here

And it's definitely not jus ...

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SSH works, ping and https get no response
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Background: I'm trying to configure an ubuntu server to run a node.js application with https. I previously had everything working fine with http (configured a year ago), and I wanted to open the firewall for :443 and redirect it to :8443:

sudo ufw allow 443/tcp
sudo iptables -A PREROUTING -t nat -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 443 -j REDIRECT --to-port 8443

When trying out my app, it turned out the https request  ...

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IPv6 connection drops after renewing an address
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I have a router running OpenWrt and a machine with embedded Linux built with Yocto. I need to detect lease renewing in my C application. On my router I decrease lease time to 30 seconds. When I log on Linux to my OpenWrt network and get DHCPv6 address I can ping from my Linux to the router (from address assigned by DHCPv6 server). But each time when the address is renewed ping starts to show nothing. No ...

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Cannot ping reachable host when using eth0 as interface
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I wrote a watchdog script that checks whether the VPN server on my machine (which is reachable over the internet) is working properly. There have been random issues after long runs that required a reboot.

In a loop, the target host is pinged. After 20 unsuccessful pings, the machine reboots.

Unfortunately, the host used for the ping resolves to an IP that is bound to interface tap0. RTTs of below ...

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Inconsistent results with fping
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I run a home network and a privileged user on all devices on that network. In trying to learn about port scanning/host discovery I ran the following:

enter image description here


enter image description here

What I find strange is that IP address is alive according to fping yet isn't when I do a PING sweep. Why is this ?

Extra information: standard ping shows that the host is up and running and nmap -sn shows that the host is u ...

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Ping and tracert misbehaving on my device only
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I'm posting this here instead of the networking forum because the issue is isolated on my PC

Long story short:

  1. Pinging anything always results in a successful reply from my private IP
  2. Any traceroute attempt results in a 2 hop route with hope 1 being the destination and hop 2 my computer

Whatever's causing this is definitely on my PC as I've tested another machine on the same network, and even booted  ...

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Recommended way to ping from within container
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Recently I was configuring some containers with non typical networking settings (at least non typical for me) and so I was having some problems (finalny I was able to make it working so no worries). One thing that was making "debbuging" harder was that many public images doesn't contain "ping" util, and this is normal for building docker images (policy "less" is better).

In case when container ha ...

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Can't PING domains with ipv6 address
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All of a sudden, I can't ping domains with an IPv6 Address. I'm running this command:


But I don't see anything returned ... it just returns this:

 PING (2607:f8b0:4004:807::200e)) 56 data bytes

And nothing else. I hit CTRL+C to cancel and I get this:

 --- ping statistics ---
 7 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, ti ...
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Ubuntu Firewall blocking DNS requests to VMWARE guest with outbound traffic rules added and stateful matching done
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This is a unique problem related to DNS queries(tcp/udp 53) even with correct UFW/iptables rules and does not relate to /etc/resolv.conf

I can ping google DNS but cannot resolve after turning on the host ufw. Tried searching everywhere and updated ufw and iptables accordingly to allow DNS queries and allow established connection.

My numbered ufw status related to DNS is

Screenshot ...