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port-forwarding on firewall or via SSH
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How can I do this port-forward?
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Hello I try to do a port forward in this network

enter image description here

As you can see I have the localhost when I want to execute a curl to localhost:9203, in order to get access to is a server that only is accessible by ssh server,

Currently, I connect by ssh to ssh server and then I execute the curl, but I want to do this from localhost because I cannot install dependencies in ssh  ...

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What is UDP Masquerading behavior when forwarding and listening on the same port to the same remote address?
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Assuming the following:

||netns2|<-kernel routing-> netnsRoot| <-network routing-> |remote server| 


  • is a network namespace
  • has a client that connects to the UDP server on UDP/5060


  • is the root network namespace (IE: typical linux routing)
  • has a client that connects to the UDP server on UDP/5060
  • Has ip_forward enabled and has a Masquerade rule for netns2


  • Onl ...
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Iptables Port-forwarding while preserving client IP
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TL;DR: How can I get the client ip connecting to a remotely hosted VPS to be the IP that gets forwarded/natted, via iptables, to a game server running at my house?

I have a Rust game server that I am hosting at my house. I want that to be public, however I don't necessarily want to give out my IP address to everyone. So I am renting a small VPS that intend to use basically as a reverse proxy. I am c ...

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SSH Tunnel / similar setup to connect to services which are associated to private network
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here is my issue.

OS : Oracle Linux 7.8 Management IP(Putty accessible) eth0: App IP (not accessible outside) eth1:

I have a website running on

I need to access this site via IP for testing purposes. How can i accomplish this.

Thanks in advance. UJ

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No Pods reachable or schedulable on kubernetes cluster
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I have 2 kubernetes clusters in the IBM cloud, one has 2 Nodes, the other one 4.

The one that has 4 Nodes is working properly but at the other one I had to temporarily remove the worker nodes due to monetary reasons (shouldn't be payed while being idle).

When I reactivated the two nodes, everything seemed to start up fine and as long as I don't try to interact with Pods it still looks fine on the su ...

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how to access local ip over Openvpn
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i have openvpn server on vps and i have ubuntu client in my home in vps i can ping all local ip on my home ubuntu client ip is and local network is now i want to access local ip over vps ip like i have in home media server on i want to access it on vps ip with any port i chose like ( how can i do it ? i hope my question is clear

port 1194
pr ...
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port forwarding through a bastion host
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I want to port-forward to a server through bastion host. The way I connect to bastion is why my ssh key after I login to the company network. The connection from the bastion to the server, I want to port-forward, is using a different ssh key (same username). How can I correctly port forward through a bastion to a server. I tried the -J (proxy jump) option but it is not working. I have only access to the ...

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ssh with WAN IP timeout
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I have trouble setting up ssh clone for gitea. I use port 2222:22 for the docker, and port forwarding is set up on my router. I could ssh git@localhost -p 2222, but could not ssh git@<public_ip> -p 2222 with error Connection timed out

I have checked the port forwarding work by launching a http server by python3 -m http.server 2222 and open http://<public_ip>:2222 and it works.

I am running ...

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Inbound SMTP not working
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I am in the process of deploying and configuring an on-premise exchange 2016 server. My inbound/receive connector is not working. When I telnet into my server on port 25 from a computer on an external network, I get:

220 Microsoft ESMTP MAIL Service ready at Mon, 25 Oct 2021 16:57:57 -0400

However, I am unable to receive emails. I ran the inbound connectivity analyzer to see i ...

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Port forwarding while preserving the source IP address with firewalld
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I signed up with a new ISP and they dont provide me with a external IPv4 address. Ive set up a virtual server (S) (that has an address) to relay all my stuff to my box at home (B) using a wireguard tunnel.

On (S) I configured:

sysctl -w net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
firewall-cmd --zone=external --add-forward-port=port=<EXTERNAL PORT>:proto=<PROTOCOL>:toport=<INTERNAL PORT>:toaddr=<INTERNA ...
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Connection timeout when hitting port-forwarded endpoint; works fine with local IP
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In pfSense, I have this rule: Where is my target machine and I have a rancher app hosted at port 8081. If I hit https://MY_DOMAIN_NAME:8081--MY_DOMAIN_NAME resolves to MY_WAN_IP, I get connection timeout. In firewall states, I see: -> (MY_WAN_IP:8081) CLOSED:SYN_SENT -> ...

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Forward http port to another port in same machine according http header?
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I'm planning make two websites in same machine. Which first website running on port 8433 and second website running on port 9433

Im using ubuntu 20.04 Assume i have two domains, let's say and Both domain is pointed to same public IP and different SSL.

consider there's an incoming request to port 80 or 443

if HTTP header contain then the request will forward to port 8433

if HTTP ...

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MetalLB on a host with multiple NIC
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I need help with some deeper networking stuff. Hopefully somebody can help me or at least push me to the right direction.

At the moment I have a two node bare metal (VPS) kubernetes cluster setup with microk8s. Testingwith website deployments work great, routing based on ingress :-)

But now I want do deploy other services that are accessable by ports. I don't want to use NodePort, as the used ports  ...

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Firewalld port forwarding Proxmox makes port unusable for other connections
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I have a server hosted by hetzner with a single public ip address which runs proxmox and some VMs. This ip address is configured inside /etc/interfaces like this:

auto enp35s0
iface enp35s0 inet static
    address {{my-public-ip}}/{{subnet}}
    gateway {{hetzner-gateway}}
    up route add -net {{hetzner-ip}} netmask gw {{hetzner-gateway}} dev enp35s0

This configuration was done by het ...

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How to forward all trafice from microk8s cluster through firewalld?
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I have a microk8s cluster on a Centos8 host. The host uses iptables-legacy and firewalld. I have troubles getting the cluster to talk with the internet, and recently found that these two tools are standing in my way. For iptables I can do $ sudo iptables -P FORWARD ACCEPT' on my host, but for the firewalld the only solution right now is to disable it, which is less than ideal. I want to configure the fire ...

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How to port forward on an ATT Router/Modem?
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I am trying to open port 2222 for an open-ssh server on my linux machine.

I am able to log into it just fine from my local IP address.

sudo systemctl status returns:

     Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/ssh.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
     Active: active (running) since Sun 2021-10-10 19:25:19 PDT; 34min ago
       Docs: man:sshd(8)
    Process: 9445 E ...
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Forward specific external traffic to LAN server
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I want to redirect the incoming traffic to my server, in which iptables is working, to another server in LAN. However, I only want this to work if the incoming traffic is coming from a specific external IP address. Otherwise, the traffic should be dropped.

Let me put an example to clarify it:

  • External client IP:
  • Server IP (in same LAN):
  • Destination IP (in same LAN): 172.2 ...
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How to setup iptables port forwarding?
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I want to access a ssh Server via a NAT. SSH Server Lan: connected on interface wg0 (wireguard) local IP on interface wg0: public IP is directly connected to eth0.

my current configuration:

sysctl -w net/ipv4/ip_forward=1
/sbin/iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o eth0 -j MASQUERADE
/sbin/iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 2024 -j DNAT --to-destination 192.1 ...
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Using Putty/plink to connect to remote MySQL from Windows machine using Port Forwarding and multi hop SSH tunnel
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I need to set up port forwarding from my local Windows machine Port 3307 to a remote MySQL server port 3306 but accessed via 2 Linux proxy servers and a Linux web server.

I need to use Putty or plink.exe on the Windows machine to set up the connnection.

See diagram enter image description here

I've found examples using Putty GUI or plink CLI to achieve similar with only 1 proxy server but not with multiple hops.

I can achieve th ...

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UDP servers High Availability allow random source IP response
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My system is composed by a NGINX configured as load balancer waiting for UDP datagrams.

The client open an UDP socket, assigning a random source port, and sends a request, waiting for a response.

Say request datagram source/destination is configured as SOURCE_IP,RANDOM_SOURCE_PORT -> NGINX_IP, NGINX_PORT.

NGINX routes the datagram to one of the node but, by design, in order to implement HA, the other s ...

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port forward only for vpn clients on draytek vpn router
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I have a VPN server set up on a vigor 2865. I now want to allow one external ip address, or anyone connected to this vpn, access to a website on an internal server. This website uses a public dns name to resolve to my public ip address. e.g.

If I port forward 80/443 to the internal server then anyone can access the site. This works fine.

If I add a firewall rule to only allow ac ...

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Azure DevOps Server 2020.1 returning blank page
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A few days ago I installed Azure DevOps Server 2020.1 on my server which is running WS2019 os. My problem is that after creating port forwarding rule on and connecting to the link that portmap has generated in the rules, Azure is returning blank page - just a white screen. Interestingly, when I tried connecting to the website, Azure showed me login alert and after providing credentials it has ...

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How to forward my localhost to my VPS's ip address?
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I am running a localhost service on my VPS.

When i start the service, this is what i get:

Navigate to in a browser

The problem with this is that i can't open it in my browser because it's a VPS.

I have tried running ngrok, but it says connection to localhost failed.

Is there a way i can forward it to the IP address of the same VPS the localhost is running? For example i open th ...

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Port forwarding on ASA 5510 internal - internal
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I have an ASA connected to the primary network and I'd like it to do an easy port forward so that when a pc tries to telnet the ASA on port 500, for example, the ASA forward the request to a server. The topology would be like: (PC) -> (ASA) -> (SERVER)

So from my PC if I do "telnet 500" the request would actually go to

I cre ...

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Speedify is blocking my external web server and port forwarding
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I'm running a server on Ubuntu 21.04 using 4 ethernet ports, I'm working with 2 internet boxes and I'm using Speedify to bond these two connexions (eno1 and eno2) to prevent streaming faults and improve bandwidth (we're a school and streaming several courses online at the same time).

Here is a simple scheme of my server :

eno1 :  ====|
            |===>  bonded connection using Speedify
eno2 :  ...
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How do you port forward a privileged sub-1024 port to a non-privileged 1024+ port with firewalld?
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The Question

How do you port forward a privileged sub-1024 port to a non-privileged 1024+ port with firewalld?

The Reason

Why we are doing this? We want to be able to switch the non-privileged 1050 port on the gateway and use a different upstream mail server. For example, to test a different spam solution, use port 1051 to send mail to a different mail server with a different spam filtering solutio ...

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port forwarding from wireguard interface to another host with iptables
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I have two servers that I can access one of them via wireguard. I have a service that listen on 4559 port on the second server. how can I port forward to second server via iptables.

[laptop]                         [server1]                 [server2] (wireguard) -------> -------->
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How do I forward all traffic arriving at a given port to another port?
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How do I forward all traffic arriving at a given port to another port?

Define the layout and the problem

The layout

Here is the layout of what I am trying to do...

+--------+         +---------------------+         +----------------+
|  WAN   |  <--->  | 6789                |         |                |
| Client |         |       Gateway       |         |      Host      |
|        |         |       ...
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XCP-NG Single NIC MASQUERADE iptable rules Ports not fowarding just basic network traffic
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I am having an issue getting ports to forward to the VM's via MASQUERADE iptable rules. I had this working on the same servers with Proxmox. But now with XCP-NG I cannot get this to work. I did once in the past on one of these servers. But I have not been able to replicate it again. Network connection for outbound and getting updates and http/https request on the VM's is working just fine. I just cant g ...

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Can I utilize cisco router features during local to local data transmission?
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Cisco router is reachable from the internet, external ports are being forwarded to different inside hosts. From external connection on port 1234, it is being forwarded to a internal host running an app on port 443. This whole can be reached from the internet via

What I need: Be able to reach this host from the inside on port 1234, preferably on the internal IP of the hos ...