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Proxmox Virtual Environment (PVE for short) is an Open Source Server Virtualization Platform, based on Debian, KVM and (LXC for v4 and above, OpenVZ for versions <4.0)
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In OVH, how to connect 2 VMs, each one in a ProxMoxServer, using vrack?
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Each of both PVE has 1 VM for firewall and several other VMs, organized in subnetworks, addressed with RFC1918, according to the this diagram

For better understanding, this is the networking addressing:

PVE01 - Net 01 -
PVE01 - Net 02 -
PVE01 - Net 03 -

PVE02 - Net 01 -
PVE02 - Net 02 -
PVE02 - Net 03 -

Actually, any s ...

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nftables natting with source IP
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I have a server in a datacenter which is a Proxmox server. On the server (one of many, they are in a Proxmox cluster) I am hosting various VM's.

Services on the VM's are exposed through iptables (using ufw) natting like the following example:

-A PREROUTING -i eno1 -p tcp -d <public_ip> --dport 21 -j DNAT --to-destination <local_ip>:<port>
-A PREROUTING -i eno1 -p tcp -d <public_ip ...
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Proxmox on Ceph performance & stability issues / Configuration doubts
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We have just installed a cluster of 6 Proxmox servers, using 3 nodes as Ceph storage, and 3 nodes as compute nodes.

We are experiencing strange and critical issues with the performances and stability of our cluster.

VMs and Proxmox web access tends to hang for no obvious reason, from a few seconds to a few minutes - when accessing via SSH, RDP or VNC console directly. Even the Proxmox hosts seem to  ...

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configure dnsmasq to give out addresses in different ranges
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I'd like to give unknown clients an ip address in one range and known clients in another (that is a static one).

I tried quite a lot now and don't seem to get it working. All I get is an "no address available" error.

My network is (<-!!!) Guests should be assigned an address in the range Static addresses are in range

so this is my config:

ifac ...
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Can I restore a Vzdump tar archive to an LXD/LXC container
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I have a number of "tar" files created from an old proxmox 6 server, using the vzdump tool.

The person that originally created them has left the company, and the company has changed it's container server from "Proxmox VE" to a standard Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS server running the latest version of LXD for it's container system.

I've now been asked if I can take these Vzdump tar files, and turn them int ...

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How to get qemu watchdog working in Freebsd 12.1 guest
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I am running a couple of OpnSense (based on FreeBSD 12.1) routers in qemu virtual machines in Proxmox 6.4.

Promox has its own non-libvert way of configuring VMs, but to add a watchdog device, one adds the following line to the VM config file:

watchdog: model=i6300esb,action=reset

I can see that this is working and the virtual device is present in the VM because pciconf -l -v in the guest includes the  ...

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How to move a linux container to a remote server running proxmox 7.0?
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I am currently in the process of migrating a server running several linux containers to a server managed by proxmox. In the past when i moved a linux container to a different host i just used the LXD API, simplestreams protocol and executed a lxc copy command - quite simple. But how is it done if the remote is managed by proxmox so that the migrated container is known to proxmox afterwards?

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apache2 vnc proxy to proxmox (with intermidiate php application)
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he have a php application that has access to proxmox and display the vnc console by sharing the token. this is in a apache2 server. We try to proxying the vnc requests behind apache so the end user has no direct access to proxmox. The issue based on the logs that there is no handler for apache:

AH01144: No protocol handler was valid for the URL /api2/json/nodes/server/qemu/vmid/vncwebsocket (schem ...
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Proxmox ARP cache causing virtual machines MAC to change?
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I am having an issue with Proxmox and ARP changing the MAC address of virtual machines.

arp -a returns: ( at fe:ed:de:ad:be:ef [ether] on vmbr0

This virtual machines MAC should not be that. Rebooting (the virtual machine) or flushing ARP cache fixes it temporarily.

The MAC fe:ed:de:ad:be:ef (feed dead beef) is a sign of someone flooding the network with a gratuitous ...

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Unable to SSH into my proxmox hypervisor from a VM
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to start, here is my infra in summary :

I have a Proxmox server with an IP public, I created a vmbr1 bridge from Proxmox ( and I use IP for my VM.

Here is the route : dev vmbr1 proto kernel scope link src

I deleted all iptables rules, I have this one left for NAT:

Chain POSTROUTING (policy ACCEPT 786 packets, 36868 bytes)

pkts bytes target pro ...

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deciding on docker architecture setup and performance
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I will need to virtualize a jenkins software architecture and I don't know which architcture will be more efficient.

I need :

  • a jenkins server
  • an opensuse server for c/c++ 64 bits compilation
  • an msys2 system for win32 compilation and packaging (windows system)
  • an old 32 bits ubuntu 10.04 server for compilation.

my IT department bought a server with 24CPU@2.1ghz and 32Gb RAM

my IT department prop ...

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Spikes on softirqs RCU monitored with NetData on proxmox container
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I have a server with the following characteristics:

Processor Intel i7-4790K

RAM 32GB DDR3 1333MHz

Traffic Unlimited Anti-DDoS Included

Disks 1x240GB SSD

Bandwidth 250 Mbps

I've installed the Proxmox Linux distribution that runs a container based on Ubuntu server to handle a real-time TCP game server written in C++ that, at the moment, reach ...

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Recovering a nested PV
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On my Proxmox 6.4 host, I had an LVM Thin pool that was 250GB large. I created an Ubuntu VM (which used LVM for the root partition as well) on it, but accidentally oversubscribed it, so the PV inside the VM was set to 500GB.

Everything ran great for a while until I went over the hidden 250GB limit and the VM crashed with an I/O error and refuses to boot. So now I'm trying to recover the disk. The ...

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Proxmox VE: add a LVM storage on top of iSCSI: how to find "base" value for pvesm
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I'm using Proxmox VE platform, version 6 or 7, and I'm currently documenting the initial setup with the idea of automating it later. So I'm looking for all command line commands to do all that I must do on the web UI.

My problem is in the storage configuration step: I try to configure an LVM volume on top of an iSCSI LUN.

If I do this setup with the web UI, the /etc/pve/storage.cfg looks like

iscsi: & ...
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How can I create virtual machine accessible on local network through web browser?
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I would like to create vm (graphical and not graphical) on an existing ubuntu laptop, and I would like to access this VM through the local network (web browser for example)

This is something like proxmox, but proxmox is an OS, and I don't want to install a new OS (I would like this on the same pc that runs my ubuntu), I would prefer like a proxmox .deb package but it doesn't exist. Or may be conve ...

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Proxmox CTs and VMs lost network connectivity
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I have a a Proxmox setup on my home network which was working fine up until yesterday when the network connections in all virtual machines and containers stopped working. I believe this was after updating the kernel but I can't be sure. Could also be due to installing docker on the host.

I've tried rebooting server + router, creating fresh containers and disabled firewall at all levels (DC, serve ...

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Proxmox -> photon -> docker -> plex gpu passthrough
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I have recently setup a new proxmox server featuring a photon os VM for my docker images. It works great, i just have one issue... I cant seem to get my quadro P2000 passed to my plex for hardware transcoding.

I have found the GPU in proxmox and passed it to photon os, where i now also find it (the pci device that is). But when i look at passing through a gpu to a (plex) docker all i can find is  ...

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Erratic (terrible) Disk Performance I/O (Debian/Proxmox)
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I'm seeing dramatically fluctuating I/O performance on a ZFS SSD mirror in Proxmox VE 7 (Bullseye). I'm simply too much of a novice to be able to track it down on my own.


This is VERY noticeably poor performance in real-world tasks, so it's not just artificial benchmarks. But to help diagnose it I'm running:

sysbench fileio --file-test-mode=rndrw run

It's running "bare-metal" from the  ...

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How does the 'stop' mode in Proxmox' vzdump backup tool work?
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So i'm currently using vzdump with the parameter --mode stop. In the description it says that the VM gets shut down before the actual backup starts and after the backup has been started the VM gets started again - if it has been running before. Does vzdump create a temporary seperate disk file of which the VM gets booted or how is it possible that the VM immediately starts again even though the backup p ...

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pveam shows packages for wrong architecture
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I am currently setting up proxmox on raspberry pi, which in itself works fine. However pveeam shows only amd64 images when running pveam update/pveam available (which don't work for obvious reasons). Based on the listings shown on there are plenty of arm64/aarch64 packages out there though, so to me this seems like pveam is filtering based on (wrong) architecture somewhere.

I  ...

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ubuntu-core-20-amd64.img on ProxMox 7
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I followed this guide;

Transposing 18 for 20 but when I start the VM it just goes into a boot loop saying No OS found. I get the same when I try to use the .img file and when I convert it to an .iso file and create the VM that way

I cannot seem to get Ubuntu Core to work on ProxMox 7

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Unable to install K3s on Proxmox VM
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I'm trying to create an HA k3s cluster using Proxmox and a small fleet of Raspberriy PIs 4B.

For the PIs everything works fine, but when trying to install a master on a Proxmox VM it will not start.

My Setup:

  • Host: Proxmox 7.0.7 (I tried with 6.4.4 as well)
  • Guest: Ubuntu 20.04.2
  • K3S: v1.21.3+k3s1 (I tried with v1.19.13+k3s1 as well)
  • MariaDB: 10.3

I'm running these commands in order to install th ...

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Server isn't responding to pings routed via vpn
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I've server and virtual machine on it. I'm hosting OpenVPN on this server. The virtual machine has two interfaces: ens18 - for public IP, ens19 - for an internal network. I'm trying to ping (virtual machine ip on ens19) via VPN, but it's not responding. When I run tcpdump -i ens19 icmp on the virtual machine, its returning this:

tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol  ...
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Proxmox gpu passthrough seen on the wrong machine
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I have a very unique issue that might have a simple answer but I can't really find it anywhere. I currently have two nodes on my rack running proxmox. One is an old gaming PC that doesn't have IOMMU grouping capabilities but has a single 8-pin connector for PCIe devices like my graphics card. The other is a mid-2000s rackable systems server that has no 8-pin connector for powering my graphics card. I en ...

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Proxmox recover data from formatted vm disk
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We had a Windows VM in our proxmox server with one accounting program and suddenly, it crashed at night.

When we connected to check what's wrong and we noticed a blue screen with the Windows error 0xc0000225 so we tried a few things but never formatted the drive. I tried to do a list partition but they are missing.

Is there any way to recover data from the vm disk image? I tried recovering windows b ...

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curlftpfs on proxmox " Input/output error"
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I use curlftpfs to mount my ftp hosted by scallway on a dedibox (proxmox 6.4-7).

curlftpfs /mnt/ftp-backup -o rw,allow_root,nonempty,direct_io,hard_remove,big_writes,dev,suid

Login for the ftp are in /root/.netrc

This command is used for my second server and it work. but on this one i get ls: reading directory '/mnt/ftp-backup/': Input/output error

here is the dmesg output:

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External network not working when setting up openstack-kolla as test env on proxmox VMs
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i am trying to setup a testing environment for our kolla-openstack deployment based on proxmox vms. I have a kolla-openstack project and a base setup with terraform for the external network and so on working on baremetal (production). When i deploy the same configuration inside of proxmox vms my external network configuration does not work anymore. Instances are not able to ping and neither are  ...

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What would the recommended setup for a high-availability cluster in our startup?
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We're planning our setup using Proxmox and were hoping to get some feedback as to how good of an idea is it:

So our current setup is 4 servers with wildly different specs:

  • All of them have 2x Intel(R) Xeon(R)

  • All of them have either 128GB or 512GB RAM

  • All of them have at least one hardware RAID storage of varying specs and size

  • All of them have at 2 other drives of varying specs

  • One of them r ...

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IPTABLES - POSTROUTING requests are not forwarded back into the LAN
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I have some LXC hosted on a Proxmox server. They are all connected to the same network ( and are supposed to go out to the Internet through the proxmox host ( & WAN IP)

This is the proxmox firewall configuration :

iptables -S -t nat

ipta ...
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VM in proxmox shows more RAM then assigned?
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I assigned 10Gb of ram to my VM but inside the VM it mentions that it has allocated all the ram available in my server (48). Why is this happening? I have a windows VM aswell and there it just shows what I actually set it up with.

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