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Device or program that stands between two or more interconnected programs/devices
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What are the IP ranges of Apple's privacy protection proxies?
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Apple introduced privacy protection measures in macOS Monterey and iOS 15 which use a network of randomly assigned IPs to act as proxies when loading (amongst other things) email content. Does anyone know, or know how I can find out, what the network ranges of these services are?

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Proxy within IIS - win10
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This would be my scenario:

  • device sends HTTP request (GET) to IIS hosted on Win10 machine (same internal network)
  • IIS routes the HTTP request to a different website on the Internet that uses HTTPS

How would I go about this?

Thanks in advance!

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Salt: connection refused to proxy
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I have troubles with Salt, installed on an HPC cluster. All maintenance commands (i.e. salt commands) are made from master0. The minions to be managed are named node0, node1, ..., node4. When I try to install a package on a minion (let's say python's numpy on node0), I get the following error:

[root@master0 ~]# salt 'node0' pkg.install python3-numpy
  *duplicate lines removed* ...
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Haproxy monitor request response codes
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Is there a way to monitor Haproxy response stats in the Browser.

For example curl -x —>response 200

Is there a way to monitor the request response codes in the build in stats feature of haproxy?

[enter image description here][1]

And how to view request logs in log file.

My haproxy.cfg file looks like this:

[1]:![enter image descrip ...

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Pass HTTPS certificates from downstream servers through NGINX proxy to client
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I have a fleet of Ubuntu edge computers that host simple web HMI servers. Many are behind dynamic IPs where port forwarding is unavailable.

So, to access them each uses autossh to create a reverse tunnel into a central cloud proxy server. I can then access each one with, 6002, etc. This is working.

I now want to use NGINX so that we don't have to remember the port numbe ...

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Apache proxy removes double slash
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I'm trying to send requests to a docker image by using apache's proxy functionality. The request to the docker should look something like: but it is being forwarded like (so missing one slash).

I think this is probably some default to prevent issues with directories acciden ...

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nginx reverse proxy doesn't work with POST request returning 404 error
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nginx reverse proxy doesn't work with POST request returning 404 error

the rule is

location /mio-bff {
    rewrite ^/mio-bff(.*)$ $1/ break;
    proxy_redirect off;

and when try the URL with a POST request


the response is 404:

    "code": "ResourceNotFound",
    "message": "/pingfed/token/ does not exist"
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What does <local> mean in the context of proxy settings?
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I'm trying to bypass the proxy setting (Windows 2012) for all private IP addresses (e.g., & and I can't understand what is meant by local. The Internet Options check box has "Bypass proxy server for local addresses". I can't find any more information on what that means however. Is it local to your subnet? Or all "local" as in all private IP ranges? If it's th ...

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nginx rewrite rules: Rewrite https://Frontend/backend/Api/SelectAllBranch/ to https://Backend/Api/SelectAllBranch/ or .../SelectAllBranch
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I'm using this configuration to nginx proxy reverso

 location /backend {
      rewrite ^/backend(.*)$ $1/ break;
      proxy_redirect off;

and i don't have problem when Url like https://frontend/backend/mysite , but when the Url finish in "/" this rule didn't work.

can you guys help me ?

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Cockpit via NGINX - settings make other services not reachable
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I have a server (Ubuntu-Server) with some Docker-based servers (Gitlab, Redmine) and NGINX as Proxy.

gitlab.<myserver>    => NGINX -> <docker-net-ip>:port => Gitlab-container  
redmine.<myserver>   => NGINX -> <docker-net-ip>:port => Redmine-container
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Routing all traffic from an external machine to a proxy to a proxy
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May be there is a duplicated question but it seems no one do this scenario.

I have several machines in my network which are not using proxy to outbound.

I want to redirect all traffic, using route tables, to an appliance so that appliance ingests that clean traffic and send it to a proxy, or at least to a proxy socks.

I've seen that apparently it could be made using RedSocks, or maybe not. I'm not able ...

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Apache ProxyPass to Shared Ip Address for Domain
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I have a case where I need to proxy pass a domain ( to a different domain ( hosted on a shared ip address (, but DNS is pointed other than the shared ip address, so cannot be used as the proxy pass, only the shared ip address.

Since the shared ip address has multiple hostnames, is there a domain or hostname configuration option that  ...

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13: Permission denied nginx
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I have two appliccations (nginx) and (springboot) in a vps (Centos 7).

I have a proxy that work fine.

When i request from localhost to vps(springboot) it works fine, but when i request from vps(nginx) to vps(springboot) it broke. All request work fine but this one in particular doesn't.

the error is:

2021/11/08 18:51:24 [crit] 890#890: *42 open() "/var/lib/nginx/tmp/client_body/0000000005" failed  ...
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How to block sites such as
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I'd like to find a way to block websites like or at least restrict them to the point they can no longer output my server's public IP address.

For example, if I do curl my output would simply be (or in other words, my IP address).

Is there a way to have an app that would inspect the output of each website my server tries to connect ...

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Connection randomly timeouts
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I had to develop an application that makes a request to an external web server and get the response back, sounds easy right? Well no.

The problem is that not all the request I make to that server are correctly routed, by means sometimes the request arrive at destination and other do not (it gives me ECONNTIMEDOUT)

I have tried to use the ping command to that server, and I get the exact behavior as befor ...

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Nginx/proxy not working properly
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I recently uninstalled apache2 for Nginx I'm trying to listen on 88, 808 and 888 for my sites and redirect different subdomains for each (and another domain to another server). the problem is that Nginx is giving bad gateway for all proxied requests and timeout for the direct ip access.

proxy conf : --> = eror 502 bad gateway

server {
    # Listen on ipv4
    listen 80;
    #lis ...
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configure nginx to use a proxy when connecting to upstream
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it's very hard to find something on google - you get too many results from nginx and proxy alone.

so we have a nginx-docker-container which delivers some static files and should talk to a backend-server on specific locations. we gave http_proxy and https_proxy per docker-compose into the environment of the container

trying the connection with curl results in success - its because of the http_proxy/h ...

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Is there such a thing as an email switch?
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I am currently running a web service which is a little unusual because it is available on the non-anonymous web, the Tor Onion service network, and the Invisible Internet(I2P). It can thus be accessed on up to four different hostnames using 3 different networking technologies, should the necessary software be installed.

This service also sends email notifications to users who opt-in. To accomplis ...

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Create a proxy server
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I want to create a HTTP and HTTPS proxy server, to use with cURL

curl -vvv "" -x user:password@myproxy:8000

I am trying Nginx, but I can not get to work with user and password, my requirement is protecting with user and password

What software do I need?

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Authorized domain in exchange 2010 would not send email to internet but internally to main domain
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An authorized domain authorized-domain.tld in exchange 2010 with main domain main-domain.tld would not send email to internet but internally to main domain.

Reproduced / describde scenario:

  1. User opens outlook client 2010 and binds the authorized domain email account e.g.: authorized-email@authorized-domain.tld
  2. After account loaded and from this account, user then composes an email to external@somew ...
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Grafana does not send notifications through reverse proxy
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I am using Grafana on a server that does not have Internet, I need to send Telegram notifications, for that I am using Nginx server in another machine.

Server A:

  • Grafana installed / Running on port 3000.
  • Grafana url:
  • IP of the server (example):
  • It uses this webhook to send telegram messages:
  • I also configured /etc/hosts to send that notifications to ...
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apache2 vnc proxy to proxmox (with intermidiate php application)
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he have a php application that has access to proxmox and display the vnc console by sharing the token. this is in a apache2 server. We try to proxying the vnc requests behind apache so the end user has no direct access to proxmox. The issue based on the logs that there is no handler for apache:

AH01144: No protocol handler was valid for the URL /api2/json/nodes/server/qemu/vmid/vncwebsocket (schem ...
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nginx proxy manager redirect to docker container as subfolder
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I am currently working with NGINX Proxy Manger to manage my reverse proxy redirects.

However, I have a problem with automatic redirects that I can't solve.

I have two projects, wordpress and monitoring (prometheus/grafana) the wordpress one works perfectly with a subdomain (

For the second one, I don't want to use a subdomain but something like this: ...

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block outgoing traffic on specific port without blocking internal traffic
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I'm hosting a service on port 3000. Using apache, I made it so proxies over to Now, if I input the following command:

sudo iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 3000 -j DROP

It does prevent external users from accessing, but now apache can no longer access it internally as well, which means is down also. I ...

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Using a part of the URI as a port number for nginx proxy_pass directive
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This is my nginx configuration :

server {
        listen 443 ssl;
        server_name ;
        location ~ ^/ (123[0-9])$ { # regex work
                #rewrite ^/[0-9]{4}(.*)$ $1 last; # do not work, with last or break
                #proxy_pass http://localhost:$1/; # add slash not allow
                proxy_pass http://localhost:$1;

I want to forward https://sub. ...

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Proxy/Route requests to subdomains to different local/wireguard IP addresses?
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We have a virtual machine with a public IPv4 address, to which our and * domain points.

We have several distributed low-tech computers establishing a wireguard connection/tunnel with the publicly reachable virtual machine.

We want the virtual machine to serve a website on ports 80/443, accept ssh connections via port 22, and more.

We want the low-tech computers to be public ...

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Proxy a website from Docker through Nginx without acting as localhost
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How can I proxy a website from Docker through Nginx without it acting as localhost?

My current setup consists of an Ubuntu host with a couple of Docker containers with exposed ports. The Docker containers are only exposed locally. The exposure on the Internet consists of an Nginx server that proxies the Docker containers to certain subdomains.

In one Docker container I run Wordpress. I pulled it fro ...

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setting sub domain variable in apache
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I have an issue trying to get the subdomain as a variable and use it somewhere in another part

what I'm trying to do is a proxy configuration that allow me to connect between will show me

and will show me

my code :

 <IfModule mod_ssl.c>
<VirtualHost *:443>
    ServerAlias *.exa ...
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Proxy server between "black box" and internet
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I have one STB box to where i don't have any access. Sometimes the IPTV signal is lost. I wonder, is there some good proxy software that passes everything and logs everything so that i can catch when there is some remote timeouts etc. I don't care what data is sent to server and what data is recived, but i need to know if data is asked and not received. I would put some linux machine between router and  ...

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SQUID Transparent Proxy: Error INVALID_URL and ACCESS_DENIED
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I configure squid proxy on Centos 7. I am using Squid version 3.5.20. I also try squid 4.10 on Ubuntu 20.04, but I got the same problem. Maybe my ACL was wrong.

I configure DSTNAT on Router to intercept HTTP traffic from to Squid Proxy


This is /etc/squid/squid.conf file:

acl localnet src     # RFC1918 possible internal network
acl localnet src   ...