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Can you use a proxy server to retrieve a kickstart file?
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I would like to access a kickstart file through a proxy. The kickstart file is hosted on the public internet but the server doing the install can only access the internet through a proxy.

The following works when the kickstart file is available locally:

The sample grub.cfg in tftp that works:

menuentry 'Install CentOS Stream 8' {
    linuxefi centos-st8/vmlinuz ip=dhcp inst.ks="http://localhost/cen ...
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treatments of /var/log/messages with rsyslog
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I having problems with my /var/log/messages file. Indeed, I collect logs from different network switches on my server and their logs go in a special file + the messages file. I would like the switch logs to go only to the specific file and not to the /var/log/messages file. Do you know how to please? I am on RedHat 7.

Here is my configuration on /etc/rsyslog.d/test.conf

$template syslog,"/var/log/clie ...
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HDFS + how to disable the "du -sk" verifcation on data node disks
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We are using HDP cluster with 182 data node machines:

HDP version - 2.6.4 Ambari version 2.6.1

We note the following behavior on the data nodes machines (its happens on all data-node machines and on all disks).

When we perform the command as above example:

ps -eo s,user,cmd | grep ^[RD]
D hdfs     du -sk /grid/sdj/hadoop/hdfs/data/current/BP-1018134753-
D hdfs     du -sk /grid ...
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I am trying to stand up a minimal RHEL 8 server on VMware Fusion with RHEL Developer creds. When I attempt to run the command:

subscription-manager register --username my_username --password my_password

I receive the following error:

Unable to verify server's identity: [SSL: UNSAFE_LEGACY_RENEGOTIATION_DISABLED] unsafe legace renegotiation disabled (_ssl.c:897)

I am assuming this is because my organ ...

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Curl error (56) while trying to install Zabbix packages on RHEL 8
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I followed the instructions here to install Zabbix 5.4 Mysql/Apache on my RHEL 8 server.

When i tried to install the package with sudo dnf install zabbix-server-mysql (or with yum) , i got this error :

Errors during downloading metadata for repository 'zabbix':
  - Curl  ...
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Crontab - day of month seems to override day of week?
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I have five servers running an eventstore cluster. I want to run a crontab command on each one on separate days.

  1. Run on Monday
  2. Run on Tuesday etc

But I also want to run a different command on the fourth week of every month.

I set them up like this, thinking it should work - and checking confirmed what I thought should happen;

Machines 1-5:

  1. 30 6 1-21 * Mon /first-command-to-run
  2. 30 6 1-21 * ...
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yum not updating dependency during install
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I have a situation where my-software requires my-common via:

Requires: my-common >= 1.2.0

During yum update my-software, my-common is not upgraded, and is left at version 0.0.1.

Why is yum not updating my-common -- and the install of my-software completes without error, even though the dependency for my-common is not resolved?


# yum deplist my-software
package: my-software.noarch 1.1.0-163725536 ...
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How to automatically install different operating systems based on server specifics?
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I have a lab of servers that need to be rebuilt frequently. I currently have a PXE server on a special vlan that can automatically install a single OS without human interaction.

How would I expand this to allow specific servers to get a specific OS installed automatically. Ie server A, B, C would get CentOS 7, server D, E gets RHEL 8, and server F gets CentOS Stream.

I can add OS versions to a boot  ...

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RewriteMap not working as expected
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I am trying to block access to certain url :

I have a blacklist.txt file that contains the following :

questions/topic deny

and then I have the following in the configuration :

 RewriteMap access txt:path_to_blacklist.txt
 RewriteCond ${access:%{REQUEST_URI}} deny [NC]
 RewriteRule .* - [F,L]

but I found that I still can open ...

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rsyslog is not logging any messages
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I am currently trying to test out a syslog server running on an RHEL AWS instance. The only edits I have made to the config file are uncommenting these sections for TCP/UDP port 514 as well as template for where to save the log files at the end of the config

# Provides UDP syslog reception
# for parameters see
module(load="imudp") # needs to be done just once
i ...
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Microsoft AD/Kerberos and non-Windows clients (RHEL and Cisco)
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I currently manage a small network with mostly Win Server 2016 hosts in a standard Active Directory domain, plus a couple RHEL 7 boxes. We will be going to Win Server 2019 and RHEL 8 in the medium future. Switches and routers are Cisco.

Someone up the chain of command really wants the RHEL and Cisco boxes to be authenticating via Kerberos. My initial internet survey is pulling up various third-pa ...

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Can not install pgAdmin 4 on RHEL 7.7
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I am trying to install pgAdmin 4 on RHEL 7.7. (PostgreSQL 13 is already successfully installed)

Following the official guide at pgAdmin 4 (RPM)

sudo rpm -e pgadmin4-redhat-repo    
sudo rpm -i

which gives a warning:

warning: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.dlinTR: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID 210976f2: NOKEY

After th ...

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what are the kernel messages about "Disabling DIF Type 2 protection" means
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On our RHEL 7.2 server we saw a strange kernel messages with lines as:

Disabling DIF Type 2 protection
***10DIGITS*** 512-byte logical blocks: (2.00 TB/1.81 TiB)

Above messages are relevant for all disks in the server ( DELL HW MACHINE )

Example of dmesg

[    4.637635] sd 0:2:0:0: [sdm] ***10DIGITS*** 512-byte logical blocks: (599 GB/558 GiB)
[    4.637668] sd 0:2:0:0: [sdm] Write Protect is off
[   ...
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Can't add rhel-7-fast-datapath-rpms repo on RHEL 7.9
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I'm trying to get an OpenShift installation going, but I'm running into issues pretty much right away when trying to add the 'rhel-7-fast-datapath-rpms' repo to RHEL.

Of course, the systems are fully and correctly registered, subscribed, etc. And I've tried all troubleshooting step I can find but nothing's worked so far. I've even asked Red Hat Support for a manual account refresh, per some of th ...

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RHEL 8 manage server boot order
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We run RHEL 8 servers we need to ensure NFS share is available or service running before start another service that depend on NFS share because that service need R/W into/from NFS share. what our options to achieve this request ? can we control which service will run on which order? I understand there is an option to add 'Required' entry into service. please assist.

BR Shlco

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Properly Boot a Software-Based RAID1 with a Missing or Improperly Failed Drive
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tl;dr. Is there a way to properly boot a software-based RAID1 with a missing or failed drive (that wasn't failed by the user first)?

To be clear, booting a software-based RAID1 without a hard drive is possible IF you properly fail the drive before rebooting. I know this is subjective, but this doesn’t seem like a plausible solution nor an acceptable answer. For example; A facility takes a power hit ...

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Not able to upgrade OpenSSL version from 1.1.1g to 1.1.1l in RHEL 8.4
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I have Linux machine RHEL 8.4 with OpenSSL 1.1.1g. After running the vulnerability and penetration testing, It was found that this version of OpenSSL is not secured and recommended to upgrade OpenSSL 1.1.1g --> 1.1.1l

When I'm giving the command:

sudo yum update openssl

It's showing that version is already up to date.

1.Is this the correct way to update the version? 2.Is it like RHEL 8 has backporte ...

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Stratis filesystem will not mount after a reboot because the disk is full
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It concerns a rhel8 server that has two disks (sda and sdb), and only on the sdb disk a Stratis filesystem has been created. After a restart of the server, no more mount point appears on the sdb disk. When I try to mount it I get the following error.

# mount -a                                                                          
mount: /var/www/html/nextcloud/data: mount(2) system call failed: ...
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how can i check if java 1.4 installed in redhat is 32 or 64 bits?
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i have a redhat with this

[develop@xxxxxxxxxx ~]$ uname -a Linux xxxxxxxxxx 2.6.18-238.el5 #1 SMP Sun Dec 19 14:22:44 EST 2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

and i also have a java installed, with this information

[develop1@xxxxxxxxxx ~]$ java -version java version "1.4.2" gij (GNU libgcj) version 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-50)

Copyright (C) 2006 Free Software Foundation, Inc. This is free software; se ...

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Grant access to the Internet only for certain requests from Grafana with reverse proxy
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I have two machines:

Machine A: Grafana installed / No access to the Internet / Need to send notifications to Telegram

Machine B Nginx installed / Access to the Internet

I would like to send those Telegram notifications, but the machine A does not have Internet, so I have to use the B to do that.

I created this configuration in the machine B (in /etc/nginx/sites-available):

server {

listen 443;

locati ...
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Cpu utilization and Cpu load average very high in spite all applications are shutdown
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we have a RHEL 7.6 VM machine , server with 16 GIGA RAM and 8 CPU's

we notices that CPU utilization is high on this server , and also the CPU load average

load average is around - 50 - 60 , and the behavior is like machine most of the time cant access VIA SSH ( like machine is freezes )

therefore we decided to stop all applications on this server , but seems that application isn't part of the proble ...

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Integrating a Linux Machine Into Windows Active Directory Domain
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I am working in a enterprise company and had to make a project to connect some linux servers (Red Hat versions 6-8) to ActiveDirectory.

After some tests I got to a point where I can connect correctly with AD credentials to the servers. My testing servers where brand new and I haven't connected a production machine.

Now I am wondering what may happen to the local users (and their credentials) when I  ...

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SCTP not usable even after installing lksctp-tools
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I am running Red hat version 8. I installed lksctp-tools and checksctp returns "Protocol not supported"

I tried installing kernel-modules-extra as well. No luck. Restarted the server every time I installed these and checked.

Found these documents which say SCTP should be blocked and disabled in linux unless needed. Says must disable SCTP Says must block SCTP even if its installed.

I un-blocked it  ...

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Issues getting sssd, PAM, and faillock to play along on RHEL7
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I am having an issue that I'm almost certainly is tied to how I have faillock configured in my PAM system-auth and password-auth on some RHEL7 servers. We are required to use STIGs, so I have to use faillock with specific options associated with it. For general user access via SSH, everything is fine. The issue only presents itself when running a Nessus/vulnerability scan via username and password fo ...

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Puppet/Augeas -- ins command worked on RH6, fails on RH7
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I have this construct in my puppet module to add a line in /etc/sudoers after the last "Defaults" line:

  augeas { "sudoers.ssh_auth_sock" :
    lens => "Sudoers.lns",
    incl => "/etc/sudoers",
    onlyif  => "match Defaults/env_keep/var[. = 'SSH_AUTH_SOCK'] size==0",
    changes => [
       # Create a new Defaults line for the two variables
       "ins Defaults after Defaults[last()]",
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Hostname is still resolving even after removing entry from zone file of BIND DNS server
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I have deleted a RHEL server recently . I need to remove the server hostname record entry from bind dns server so I did remove A record entry from zone file also I removed reverse entry from reverse zone file and I have removed entry from slave server too and after removing entry I have change the serial number and then I ran few command like

rndc reload

systemctl restart

service nscd res ...

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Files permission missing after upgrade
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I'm having the next issue.

I have a shared directory "/home/shared/users" with more users (let's say like an example user1 user2 )

Here in /home/shared/users an script generate files (let's say file1 and files 2

drwx-xr-x admin administrator /home/shared/user - have this permission and is owned by user admin and group administrator

User1 and user 2 aren't included in administrator group

In cront ...

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application establishes LDAP bind with version 2, when its hardcoded in code to only call version 3
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we have a java based application that connects to customer´s LDAP lookup server. Customer wants to get rid of any bind requests to version 2. So our R&D updated the option in the code as per documentation from Oracle (java.naming.ldap.version The value of this property is a string that specifies the protocol version for the provider.) However when this is deployed in tcpdump traces  ...

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iptables flushed on firewalld reload
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I’m running on Rocky Linux (RHEL8 based) and am kind of struggling with firewalld and iptables. Well, not really iptables anyway… Let me explain.

I setup a K8S cluster on VMWare ESXi with six virtual machines, all the same. I need to have firewalld running, given this environment. I’m using Weave CNI, which is using iptables in order to create its networking rules.

Here are my initial findings: ...

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$ xclock PuTTY X11 proxy: unable to connect to forwarded X server: Network error: Connection refused Error: Can't open display: XX.XX.XXX.XX:10.0
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I getting below error when running xclock command to one RHEL 7 server

$ xclock 
PuTTY X11 proxy: unable to connect to forwarded X server: Network error: Connection refused Error: Can't open display: XX.XX.XXX.XX:10.0

I did set below setting in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

X11Forwarding yes
X11DisplayOffset 10
X11UseLocalhost no

I have tried with X11UseLocalhost Yes or even with commented it out but no luck