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Red Hat Enterprise Linux version 7 is a Linux distribution sold by Red Hat, Inc. for the enterprise market. It is used for both servers and desktops. Although the binaries are not freely available, the sources are, and so there are numerous projects which provide compatible rebuilds of RHEL, such as CentOS and Scientific Linux.
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yum not updating dependency during install
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I have a situation where my-software requires my-common via:

Requires: my-common >= 1.2.0

During yum update my-software, my-common is not upgraded, and is left at version 0.0.1.

Why is yum not updating my-common -- and the install of my-software completes without error, even though the dependency for my-common is not resolved?


# yum deplist my-software
package: my-software.noarch 1.1.0-163725536 ...
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NFS mounted XFS file systems not visible using xfs_quota
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With CentOS7, I made the leap to XFS (from ext4) and since then I have been unable to query quotas on NFS Clients via the quota or xfs_quota commands. The xfs_quota command also does not report any information relating to the NFS mounted XFS file systems. The CentOS7 NFS Server does enforce those quotas over NFS, which is nice, but that can be even more frustrating when NFS Client users bump up aga ...

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Can not install pgAdmin 4 on RHEL 7.7
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I am trying to install pgAdmin 4 on RHEL 7.7. (PostgreSQL 13 is already successfully installed)

Following the official guide at pgAdmin 4 (RPM)

sudo rpm -e pgadmin4-redhat-repo    
sudo rpm -i

which gives a warning:

warning: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.dlinTR: Header V3 RSA/SHA256 Signature, key ID 210976f2: NOKEY

After th ...

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Trying to partition aws linux server using shell script
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When I created Amazon linux server(similar to Centos 7). I had these partitions I am trying to create partitions using shell script lsblk gives me following information

nvme0n1       259:0    0  80G  0 disk
├─nvme0n1p1   259:1    0  80G  0 part /

I have tried directly modifying fstab file and rebooting, that didnt help. Maybe I was doing something w ...

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Can't add rhel-7-fast-datapath-rpms repo on RHEL 7.9
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I'm trying to get an OpenShift installation going, but I'm running into issues pretty much right away when trying to add the 'rhel-7-fast-datapath-rpms' repo to RHEL.

Of course, the systems are fully and correctly registered, subscribed, etc. And I've tried all troubleshooting step I can find but nothing's worked so far. I've even asked Red Hat Support for a manual account refresh, per some of th ...

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$ xclock PuTTY X11 proxy: unable to connect to forwarded X server: Network error: Connection refused Error: Can't open display: XX.XX.XXX.XX:10.0
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I getting below error when running xclock command to one RHEL 7 server

$ xclock 
PuTTY X11 proxy: unable to connect to forwarded X server: Network error: Connection refused Error: Can't open display: XX.XX.XXX.XX:10.0

I did set below setting in /etc/ssh/sshd_config

X11Forwarding yes
X11DisplayOffset 10
X11UseLocalhost no

I have tried with X11UseLocalhost Yes or even with commented it out but no luck

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Oracle's sqlcl ORA-01005: null password given; logon denied on new RHEL8 install, but not nearly identically configured old RHEL7
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$ sql bagsbx1/

SQLcl: Release 20.3 Production on Thu Sep 30 07:06:15 2021

Copyright (c) 1982, 2021, Oracle.  All rights reserved.

Last Successful login time: Thu Sep 30 2021 07:06:16 -07:00

Connected to:
Oracle Database 19c Enterprise Edition Release - Production

SQL> quit
Discon ...
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How to use -proxy option explicitly with OpenSSL in RHEL 7
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unable to use -proxy option in openssl command on RHEL7 server, same is working fine on RHEL8 is there any other way to use proxy with Openssl.

Below is the command used.

[root@testvm01 ~]# openssl s_client -proxy -connect unknown option -proxy usage: s_client args

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Tenable su+sudo and selinux
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My Not-A-Sysadmin-Boss wants me to explain this but I can't really find an answer? When using TENABLE SC to scan a RHEL7 system the account used to do the scan connects via ssh then uses sudo to perform its checks. But when selinux is enforcing some checks cannot be performed, one such check does a cat of /etc/passwd but is denied when selinux is enforcing. The work around is to configure SC to use s ...

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What defines the "interval" when playing back Performance Co-Pilot data in pcp-atop?
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I have PCP (Performance Co-Pilot) recording performance metrics on a RHEL 7 host. The recording cadence is set to Y seconds here:


When I copy the performance metrics logs to another machine I'm able to analyze the files using:

pcp atop --interval=Zs -r /path/to/archive/files/

(where Z is a value that may or may not be the same as Y)

When I jump around in the archive usi ...

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How to fix these vulnerability "" (CVE-2020-2781) ** Upgrade IBM Java to version "" in rhel 7 server
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I got this type of vulnerabilities on a rhel server after scan "(CVE-2020-2781) ** Upgrade IBM Java to version Download and apply the upgrade from:""

Can I fix this vulnerability by install or upgrade the openjdk from repository or this need separate RPM to upgrade

current java version is below -

java -version java version "1.8.0_231" Java(TM) SE R ...

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I am getting anacron error alert "0 processes running with arguments: "/usr/sbin/anacron -s"
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I am getting an alert from a linux server and alert is "0 processes running with arguments: "/usr/sbin/anacron -s", with command: "anacron", as regex" . What could be the reason of this and what could be the possible diagnose steps and solution

I can see crond is running and anacron is installed .

out put of >> # journalctl | grep anacron

Aug 19 03:51:02 anacron[16012]: Job `cron.daily' terminate ...

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Linux - User name with a "$" cannot sudo
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We are beginning to add our RHEL 7.9 Linux machines to AD. As a part of that we would like to restrict the use of sudo to the administrators. The admin group we will call ServerAdmins and we added it to the sudoers file. The issue we have is the individual administrator ID has a "$" in the name. EXAMPLE: admin$user. When we add this line to the sudoers file it fails.

%DOMAIN\\ServerAdmins  ALL=(ALL)  ALL
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Switching from self-signed certificates to commerical TLS/SSL cert: will it work the way I expect?
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New to the world of commercial certs, thanks in advance for any advice/guidance.

Our only outbound service is email, hosted on MS Exchange 2016 (2019 in medium-term future). Internally we have several services with browser interfaces. Most of these are hosted on MS Server 2016 boxes (also 2019 in medium-term future) but one is on RHEL 7.

I am trying to solve two problems: externally, many email reci ...

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CentOS 7 (dracut) is finding inconsistent network device names causing problems for kickstart
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I use the boot options biosdevname=1 net.ifnames=1 in order to get consistent, predictable device names. I'm starting to notice a problem where in some cases, the network device names are not consistent. For example, if I drop to a dracut debug shell and look at the output of rdsosreport.txt, I see this:

+ ip addr
1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN group default qlen ...
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RHEL 7.9: rpm --eval "%dist" is now .el7_9 instead of just .el7
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Here, we've recently upgraded some of our systems from RHEL 7.8 to RHEL 7.9, and I'm facing an issue related to the "dist" returned by the rpm tool.

In some scripts, we share between RHEL7 and RHEL8 systems, we use the command: rpm --eval "%dist" to determine the local RHEL flavor: ".el7" or ".el8"

Starting with RHEL 7.9, the command now return: ".el7_9" instead of just ".el7".

This new behavior break ...