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SaltStack is an open source configuration management and remote execution application.
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Salt: connection refused to proxy
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I have troubles with Salt, installed on an HPC cluster. All maintenance commands (i.e. salt commands) are made from master0. The minions to be managed are named node0, node1, ..., node4. When I try to install a package on a minion (let's say python's numpy on node0), I get the following error:

[root@master0 ~]# salt 'node0' pkg.install python3-numpy
  *duplicate lines removed* ...
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Prevent duplication of physical Salt Stack minions
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Recently I've implemented Salt on physical minions in our enterprise environment as a "backup" solution in case our current management system takes a nose dive and we need to restore configurations on nearly a thousand clients without having to get hands on with each computer, as well as an easy way to manage certain local files/scripts through git. The biggest challenge I'm facing is how to prevent du ...

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Find Salt statck Job Status by jid using rest_cherrypy API
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I have enabled the rest_cherrypy in the salt master

Currently trying to call the jobs API ( to find the job status.

Although i am able to authenticate and submit that job using these APIs, but i am not able to get the job details. Please help me with this.

PAM config :

external_auth: ...

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Salt state file doesn't load info from pillar
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I'm getting this error when I'm trying to apply my statefile to my minion: Data failed to compile:

Rendering SLS 'base:nextcloud2' failed: Jinja variable 'list object' has no attribute 'db_name'

I'm trying to enter the data required to create a mysql database and user. The data is the file mysql.sls in the directory /srv/pillar

  - user: dbuser
  - password: Password91!
  - d ...
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Calling an externally stored pillar from inside a pillar_root or sls file (top.sls or pillar_file_name.sls)
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I'm working on storing some sensitive data stored in my salt pillar files away, into an external DB (possibly Redis).

I could not help wondering if it is possible to request the externally stored data from within the pillar files, so that I can use the benefits of globbing in pillars.

Example, in my Redis DB, I store a key_value pair: mysql_pass: superSecretPassword

And inside my salt master, under pil ...