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Systems Center Configuration Manager is a product by Microsoft that is used to manage the Configuration of multiple Windows-based systems.
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Windows Defender 2019 - Configuring
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I've been tasked with getting Windows Defender configured to get it's updates via MECM. Some context, we have around 40 servers in our Azure tenant running Windows Server 2019, Defender is enabled, and it's currently getting its definition updates from an M$ source (I assume) We have an on-premise MECM/SCCM infrastructure, and currently, the Windows10 fleet defender updates is managed via SCCM/MECM; we  ...

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Would SCCM require a second SubCA when using HTTPS with 2 domains?
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I have a domain called one.local. It already has it's own Windows Root CA and SubCA.

There is a second domain called two.local that is using SSCM. The team that is managing two.local wants to manage select machines located on one.local using SCCM. Two.local has it's own Root CA and SubCA. The two.local team is requesting I build a new SubCA on one.local so that they can manage the machines with S ...

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SCCM collection evaluates major version numbers in unexpected way
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Why do SCCM collections based upon the logic Installed Applications (64).Version is less than "100.0" not evaluate to true for applications of version 99.* and below?

The full WQL query statement is as follows, (linebreaks for legibility)

select SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceID,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceType,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name,SMS_R_SYSTEM.SMSUniqueIdentifier,SMS_R_SYSTEM.ResourceDomainORWorkgroup,SMS_R_SYSTEM.Client 
f ...
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Installing O365 via powershell inside an ISO
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I created an Office 365 installer where it does the local installation and dynamically changes the SourcePath, and I need to run it from an ISO file (I normally use USB's, but in VM's I use ISO)

Running locally in any directory or USB it works perfectly, but from an ISO it doesn't, the error appears:

Set-Content : Access to path 'C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Temp\tmpoffice\configuration.xml' w ...
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Allow only specific people use IP printer
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In-office we have several printers, which are installed to users, now when we bought another one, there is a task from manager to restrict access for that printer to only 6 people. I have checked GPO, also tried to change security properties, but without success. Also, I know, that there is the possibility to block access on the network, but it is kinda hard because I am not managing the network. Maybe ...

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SCCM: Where can I find the ccmsetup.exe or .msi installer for download?
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I'm trying to setup SCCM on a remote machine running Windows 10 and I need to know where to download the SCCM setup from, other than extracting it from a server ISO or something like that.

Context: The machine in question is a regular PC that has been installed by my company in another firm's organization to run our proprietary software and act as a server, and we have full remote access to it vi ...

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SCCM Application Update Paradigm
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I am a developing an application that is being utilized by sysadmins with SCCM. I am curious what the best way to release updates to my application would be. I am planning on having my application auto-update -- requiring no manual intervention from the sysadmin. What would be best practice of auto-updating my application knowing it will be in SCCM pipelines?

Thanks in advance,

Matt L.

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Best way to allow non-admin users to run MDT LiteTouch?
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We are using Microsoft Deployment Toolkit + WDS for computer imaging in our organization. One problem we are trying to solve is how to allow users to install software, preapproved by the IT department, without granting users admin rights. We would like to use freely available (included) software to do this. We have AD, WDS, and MDT, but not SCCM.

One solution we have been using to a limited extent ...

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My downloads are at 0% need help interpreting error in logs
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Successfully queued event on HTTP/HTTPS failure for server ''.
Error sending DAV request. HTTP code 0, status ''
Download timeout has met. DTS job {95D7ABBA-59BD-46B1-BD33-6C1661A8FEDF} will quit.
GetDirectoryList_HTTP('$/Content_cb286a91-80a3-41fd-8a61-81ca0a50fdd5.1') failed with cod ...
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Mystery Package when adding a new SCCM Distribution Point
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My SCCM hierarchy has three Distribution Points and I am adding a fourth.

The new Distribution Point is added successfully, and when I check Content Status I see that all of my content items are now properly targeting all four Distribution Points, with the exception of one package:

  • Microsoft Corporation Configuration Manager Client Piloting Upgrade Package

This package still only targets the origina ...

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SCCM - Feature Update 20H1 not visible in Software Center
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Good morning fellow SCCM admins and enthusiasts!

I have deployed the Windows 10 20H1 Feature Update via SCCM to a collections of computers running Windows 10 1903 and Windows 10 1909. It is a required deployment.

FeatureUpdate Deployment

The deployments are visible in SCCM Configuration Console on the computer object:

enter image description here

However nothing is visible in Software Center on the target computer itself.

enter image description here

I am a bit lost at this  ...

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SCEP Configuration Manager Client failing to install. Detailed troubleshooting below
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We have a new SCEP 2002 installation on a new AD domain, and we're having no luck at all deploying clients. Whether we deploy them from the Configuration Console (right-click, Install Client) or manually (copy the files, then run ccmsetup.exe), the ccmsetup.log gives multiple errors.

Boundary Group Troubleshooting The boundaries and boundary groups are set correctly. We have an AD site named "Site01" ...