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Hosting setup whereby a server is shared among many different customers. When compared to VPS or a dedicated server, this generally means that each customer has less resources available and more restrictions are in effect as to what a customer can do on the server (install software or not, ...).
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I need to have my 2 websites to have an individual rDNS record but they both are running on the shared web hosting servers
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I'm a server noob and want to get some solution or some advice from the gurus of the ServerFault. I currently have two different live websites running and they both are using the shared web hosting servers. But I need to have those two websites to have an individual rDNS record set up for each and to work that out, it seems like I need to have those two websites migrate to two different dedicated server ...

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Do I need to set a MX record with both my domain registrar & hosting?
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I have a GoDaddy registered domain and am using the GoDaddy O365 email.

I am moving to a different host for my website, so I have changed the A record in GoDaddy's settings to point to my shared hosting IP. The nameservers are still set to GoDaddys, with all the original settings for e-mail still there too (SPF, MX records, etc)

E-mail still works, as well as the website, but whenever I try to send  ...