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This tag is about outgoing email being tagged as spam. Please read the canonical questions given in the full tag wiki before using it.
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Jean avatar is blocking our IP because we use multiple unrelated HELO values
jp flag is blocking our IP because we send mail using multiples domain names from a single IP.

The message is

A device (computer, server, mobile phone, etc), or an app on a device that is using aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd is infected, badly misconfigured, or compromised. It is making SMTP connections with multiple unrelated HELO values on port 25.

The most recent detection was on: May 18 2022, 10:20:00 UTC (+ ...

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send email from another server than FROM domain without being marked as spam
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I want to send a mail from a website. The mail server from this domain is not publicly reachable, so I can't use that to send the mail.

The webserver that hosts the website has another email server that I can/have to use. But I want the FROM to be the website domain.

How can I set this up without my mails being marked as spam for claiming to be from the website domain when the mail server that sent  ...

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How to prevent email forwarded by exim from being seen as spam
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I have recently started to look after a mail system where users can host their email with a web mail front end. One of the features provided is a function to set up forwarding.

The problem I am facing, and which people before me have faced, is that when users forward mail to another mailbox, such as their own gmail address, Google sees the email as coming from an unauthorized IP address.

I understa ...