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sql server logging general error as login issue
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I'm using SQL Server 2016 dev edition and have one question.

When I tried to "Object Explorer -> Management -> Maintenance Plans -> double click one full backup plan -> double click subplan -> trying to see list of database on selection box" => got an error message in some cases(system said it can't be shown, "This task requires the connection to be initialized").

It's not the prob ...

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Error when new publication on SQL Server 2019
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I tried to create a new local publication on SSMS. It errored out and I figured I could just try again. I think it said something like there were no databases setup for transactional publications?

Now when I right click Local Publications on SSMS, and click New Publication, I get this error: must be enabled as a Publisher before you can create a publication. In the following dialog box, ena ...
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SSL To SQL From Remote Computer
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I have a SQL Server 2019 instance installed on Server 2019. A CA Cert is in the server and the SQL server is forcing SSL using that Certificate. I am able to login to the SQL server with the Management Studio using the connection information SERVER.DOMAIN.COM\DATABASE. The certificate uses the FQDN to secure the connection.

I am trying to access the SQL Server database from a client on the same n ...

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Can you temporarily turn off database changes in Microsoft SQL Server?
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In a coming update, I will need to convert multiple tables in our server from UTF-16 to UTF-8. I expect this will take multiple hours.

Is there a good way to turn off INSERTS and UPDATES, but still allow SELECTS in the database?

Or do I need to block changes at the business level / turn off the database while the update is happening?

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Connect Link Server on SQL Server Linux using Windows Authentication
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I am running SQL Server on Windows and using Link Server to connect to a second SQL Server instance. The second SQL Server is managed by a different company and the instance requires me to use Windows Authentication to connect. I did this by adding the user in Windows Credential Manager and it connected without issue.

Recently I switched to SQL Server on Linux. I am trying to reconnect Link Serve ...

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Not able to install drivers for sql server on CENTOS
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I am new at Linux OS but successfully installed apache, PHPMyAdmin, and MariaDB.

All works fine, but I have an issue and am not able to resolve it. My issue is establishing a connection to the SQL Express server which runs on WIndows machine on the same network. My script to sql ex

I was working with Windows environment with XAMPP installed I had no issues drivers for SQL express server were working ...

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Data consistency in SQL AlwaysOn Availability Group
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I have an AlwaysOn cluster of SQL Server 2019, containing an Availability Group of 3 replicas in Synchronous mode. According to Microsoft documentation:

  1. The secondary replica hardens the log and returns an acknowledgement to the primary replica.
  2. On receiving the confirmation from the secondary replica, the primary replica finishes the commit processing and sends a confirmation message to the client.
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Aboubacar Traore avatar core To elastic beanstalk error 404 after deployment
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I have an core web api that run an 404 after it get's deployed to elastic beanstalk. Any version from 1.0 to 5.0 all show the same error 404.

The api works just fine on localhost but once it get uploded to elasticbeanstalk. It dosn't show anything.

Here is the full error.

This page can’t be foundNo webpage was found for the web add ...

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Considerations for Server OS Upgrade (Win2012R2 to 2019) hosting SQL Server?
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I am not a DBA so I am not well versed on the intricacies, considerations, potential issues with in-place upgrading just the OS of an existing SQL Server.

A client has several stand-alone SQL Server 2012 servers on Windows Server 2012 R2. Their current mandate is to upgrade their server OSes to Windows 2016 or 2019.

In place upgrades of the OS is straight forward enough but are there any special co ...

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Is it possible to set up the database connection if we are provided with ODBC registry file?
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One of the users already has all the OBDC connections configured on to the RDC user account. That machine is used to connect to all the databases.

A new user on boards into the organization, his log in account is created on the same machine. This time the new user is being provided with an ODBC reg file, the ODBC reg file is an export from the initial user.

The ODBC file contains connection details  ...

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Google Cloud SQL Server data to BigQuery
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I need to export the data that I have in a Google Cloud SQL Server database to BigQuery in order to make some data analysis and reporting. I found that the recommended way to do that is using BigQuery Cloud SQL federated query but this doesn't support SQL Server database, only MySql and Postgres in Google Cloud SQL service.

I'm looking for a way to do that with the Google Cloud resources, maybe a ...

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IIS basic auth against database TABLE
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I have a site on IIS where the auth is being done by having a header included in all (classic ) asp pages, if session variables is not set, user is redirected to login page, setting the session variables if user is in sql table. However, this does not protect ressources like images and javascripts which are without that header file.

So is it possible to use basic authentification to perform a sql ...

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Azure Serverless SQL will not pause due to Azure service queries keeping it online
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There is a database we use for archiving old data which I want to be 'serverless' so that it only fires up when we make a query.

I changed the size from standard to serverless without issues. I have not connected to this DB since making the change.

However it doesn't pause despite setting the auto-pause to 1 hour.

Looking in Query Performance Insight, I can see there is a query which regularly polls th ...

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SSMS connect server type is grayed out
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source: SQL Server 10.50.x
destination: SQL Server 11.x (Not SQL Express. It was installed with en_sql_server_2012_standard_edition_with_service_pack_4_x64_dvd_100075944.iso) I'm afraid I don't know much about modern MS SQL Server. I am trying to migrate from one machine to another and it looks like I need to import the maintenance plan. I found instructions that said to use SQL Server Management St ...

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?Does SQL Server 2016/2019 Web Edition supports encryption
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I trying to find out if SQL Server 2016 and 2019 Web Edition supports encryption (on AWS)?

any help will be appreciated.

Thank you, Moshe

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EC2 outbound static IP
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I'm having troubles with an EC2 server

I need to connect with an external SQL server that has whitelisted an elastic IP attached to the instance. All the security rules and routes are set in the most permissive way. However, the outbounding traffic from my EC2 seems to have another IP.

The output

sqlcmd -S <SQLServerIP> -U <User> -P 
Sqlcmd: Error: Microsoft ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server : Lo ...