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Synology is a company best known for its Network Attached Storage (NAS) product line.
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Establishing SSL with MariaDB10 on Synology
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Can anyone please point me to a solution for enabling SSL connections for MariaDB10 on a Synology device?

The device is a Synology NAS running DSM 7.0.1 (Update 2).

I have:

  1. Created the recommended certificates (ca-key.pem / server-key.pem / server-cert.pem) via:
openssl genrsa -out ca-key.pem 2048
openssl req -new -x509 -nodes -days 365000 -key ca-key.pem -out ca-cert.pem
openssl req -newke ...
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Transferring data between a QNAP and Synology NAS over distance
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I have two NAS devices, one from Qnap, one from Synology, each in a different city and need to transfer tens of GB between them. The Synology is accessible through QuickConnect and the Qnap through myQNAPcloud and has their DDNS turned on.

I know it is possible to use rsync to transfer data between NASes of different brands, for example as discussed here. However, I do not know how to proceed when the dev ...

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How do I set up an nginx reverse proxy for Synology drive?
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I tried setting up nginx to forward a TCP connection over 6690 to Synology Drive. But when using listen 6690 ssl; the Synology Drive Client cannot find the NAS, and when using listen 6690; (without SSL) the NAS is found, but its unsigned certificate is used instead of the certificate stored with nginx. Any idea how to enable SSL and use an nginx reverse proxy with Synology Drive?


I already  ...

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Interactive Messages Crash Ubuntu Docker Container
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Please keep in mind, I'm still learning Docker. I've only been at it for a few days. However, I'm trying to work with an Ubuntu:Latest Docker container. In the CMD line I have a shell script that runs some commands then an expect file.

Shell file:

/mnt/scprime/spd /data -M gctwh &
sleep 45
expect /mnt/scprime/wallet.exp
Expect file:

set my_password mypass
spawn /mnt/s ...
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How to make one volume with maximal capacity out of the two disks in a 2-bay NAS without striping
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I have a Synology NAS with two disks which I want to combine to one large volume for backing up an other system.

I don't need redundancy, so something like RAID 0 would do. However I don't need the speed benefit of striping the data, but rather use the disks somehow one after the other, so that when one disks fails the data on the other is still readable. How can I do this?

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Rsync from MacOS to Synology NAS: "@ERROR: host is denied to login"
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I'm using a Synology S420j (running DSM 6.2.4-25556) to backup files from my Mac (Monterey v12.1) using the following command:

rsync -avz --backup rsync-user@nas.local::backups/

This has previously worked, but I've been changing a few things recently and now I'm getting this error:

@ERROR: host is denied to login
rsync error: error starting client-server protocol (code 5) at /System/Volumes/Data/ ...
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Slow File Transfer Macbook to Synology/Proxmox Server using AFP
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Noticed slow transfer speeds of ~35 MB/s when sending a single 5 GB file from my Macbook Pro to my NAS running on Xpenology/Synology in a Proxmox VM.

The NAS is first mounted onto the Macbook Pro using AFP over TCP , then the file is dragged and dropped into the mounted drive.

The Proxmox server is connected to a 1G network switch port, and the Macbook Pro is tested over both Wifi 802.11ac and a wir ...

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User directory does not exist when logging in via ssh to a Synology NAS
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On a Synology NAS with DSM 7.0 I have created through the Graphical UI a dedicated admin user (as recommended in Synology's setup procedure), then I have enabled ssh login and now I can ssh into the Synology. So far so good. However when logging in via ssh I get a strange message before the prompt appears:

Could not chdir to home directory /var/services/homes/<my-admin-user>: No such file or  ...
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NAS rsync - delete files from destination which are not on source and are 1 week old
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I have hyperbackup running from source NAS to destination NAS with the below settings

  1. Backup type - Rsync
  2. Options - reserve backup file at destination
  3. With this i have a backup method that results in a file/fodler structure in the 2nd NAS, withut the hyperbackup proprietary format or tools

I have the below cronjob on source NAS via task schedule which deletes files on the destination NAS which are  ...

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How do I backup my Synology NAS to an an expansion unit to carry offsite?
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My intent is to use an expansion unit (DX517) to backup my DS920+ NAS, say every week, and then carry it offsite. I hope I bought the right equipment!

I'm an absolute novice at this. All I've done so far is create a new storage pool on the expansion unit and I don't know what to do next. Further, when creating the storage pool I was warned that I can't turn off the expansion unit using the power  ...

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How to properly setup Mullvad VPN with a Synology Diskstation
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There's lots of howtos out there for this, and I've even (successfully!) followed them in the past to get my VPN setup on my Synology but for some reason, since I reset the box and wiped everything (currently running DSM 6.2.4-25556 Update 2) VPN setup just does not work.

What I do

  1. Via the web UI, on a freshly installed Synology, go to Control Panel → Network → Network Interface → Create → Crea ...
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Using NGINX to Access Synology services without port numbers?
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First, I apologize if this isn't the right forum as this is somewhat of a networking question.

To give a brief explanation of what I want to achieve is basically have the services or apps provided by Synology be accessible via a simple URL without port numbers. I have a dedicated IP address, so I don't have to worry about setting up DDNS.

I thought all I would need to do is setup a very small NGINX s ...

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Cannot reach Synology NAS with Windows Explorer
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I cannot access the office Synology NAS from one of the clients on the network, using Windows Explorer. When I click its icon in the Network section, I get an error:

"Couldn't access \\SynologyNAS" "Error 0x80070035. Network path not found"

Windows problem diagnosis actually doesn't find any problems.

However, all other applications can locate the SMB shares:

  • This NAS is accessible through Win Explo ...

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Recover BTRFS? bad magic on superblock on /dev/md2
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so after a recent power outage my DS718+ RAID crashed.

After investigation with Syno Support we also identified that my RAM was broken (already removed) and as it was not a officially supported RAM module they now will no longer help me with recovering my RAID (thx for that) because they suspect the broken file system came from that and not from the power outage.

I do have a backup but it's quiet ol ...

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Active Backup for Business external VM
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I am currently playing around with "Active Backup for Business" and an esxi Hypervisor hosted EXTERNALLY by "Hetzner", a Cloud provider. My goal is that when one of my servers fail I want to be able to immediately restore the server to the esxi host. there is a function in active backup for business called "immediate restore" which basically streams the vmdk file to the esxi h ost. However when trying t ...

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ssh-copy-id does not update authorized_keys file
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I can't configure ssh key on my Synology NAS. File ~/.ssh/authorized_keys is not created or not updated.

On remote machine (NAS):

$ cd
$ chmod 700 .
$ chmod 700 .ssh
$ touch .ssh/authorized_keys
$ chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys

I updated /etc/ssh/sshd_config to uncomment lines:

PubkeyAuthentication yes
AuthorizedKeysFile .ssh/authorized_keys

I restarted sshd:

$ sudo synoservicectl --reload sshd ...
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Mount NFS error on Centos8
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Mount shared folder via NFS into Synology but showing error. What did i missing here?

[root@localhost ~]# mount -t nfs

mount: can't find in /etc/fstab.

As per their site said

Preview of synology manual

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Synology - BTRFS volume crashed & recovered. Why did it crash?
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This is a post mortem, I'm putting the info out there for people who may have this issue in the future.

This happened on a Synology RS2818RP+ running Synology DSM 6.2-25556. The system contains a Xeon CPU and ECC memory. It has 8 x HUH721010ALE604 (HGST WD Ultrastar DC HC510 10TB 7200 RPM SATA) comprisign a RAID6 md array. The file system is BTRFS.

(NOTE this is NOT BTRFS RAID but rather "plain" RA ...

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Restore AWS glacier data created with synology hyper backup
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I'm using Synology Hyper backup to backup my NAS to AWS S3. To reduce cost I added a lifecycle to the S3 bucket, that moves the data to AWS glacier after a couple of days.

Now I want to restore the data. Therefore I need to revert the step and bring all data back to S3 such that Synology's hyperbackup can retrieve them.

I already clicked on the respective bucket -> initiate restore

It says that the  ...

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Recovering a file by mounting a Synology RAID1 disk in Ubuntu (mount, mdadm, and losetup issues)
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I'm working with a Synology RAID1 system and deleted a file that wasn't yet backed up. To recover the file, and since an undelete approach seems to be impossible, my idea is to mount a single RAID1 disk in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and search for it, but I'm having some trouble with it. An internet search brought me to two related Q&A's here; they are of older date though and didn't work in my case.

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Run Multiple Commands on Docker Container Startup on Synology NAS
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Due to the way the existing folder permissions are structured via ACL I need to assign additional groups to the user inside several Docker containers I'm running. Unfortunately the containers by default do not allow this via environment variables so I think the simplest way will be to run a few commands on container startup. I know this might be a bit hacky but I'm ok with that. Just to complicate thing ...

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Synology NAS Volume Crashed - SHR RAID
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I have synalogy DS414j with 4 WD disk ( each of size 3726 GB ). I have 1 volume with Synology Hybrid RAID with capacity of 10.82 TB ( 10.67 TB Used)

One of the disks (Disk 1) was not being detected hence I shut down the device and reinserted it. The Disk is now in Initialized state

I looked into Synology doc ...

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Synology Open VPN Server to Client connection
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I have a 2 sites:

  • Synology A ( - running VPN Server (
  • Synology B ( - running VPN Client (connecting with

I'm trying to setup Hyper Backup from Synology A (source) to Synology B (destination).

I was able to connect using Open VPN from Synology A to Synology B but I'm not able to setup Hyper Backup from Synology A specifying as destination IP. ...

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Join windows 10 professional to a domain NetpDoDomainJoin: status: 0x52e
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I am using ethernet cable and I have a Synology Nas acting as Active Directory Domain controller. My computer has the Nas inserted in the Dns records and can resolve the Nas, for example I can ping the Fqdn of the domain and the Nas respond. Every time I join my computer to the domain windows 10 professional says that I am using bad credentials (and I can prove I am not) and when I check this file: %win ...

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Docker with Traefik reverse proxy under Synology DSM 7 // free port 80 and 443
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To run docker with the reverse proxy Traefik v2 on a Synology NAS, I need to be able to use port 80 and 443 on the host system. The Operation System of the NAS DSM uses its own reverse proxy, nginx, which thries to occupy the ports on its own. Under DSM 6.2 I could change the port 80 and 443 by using a boot script (, like described here, so that the ports went free and could be used by d ...

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What GUI file explorers exist (Mac or Windows) to browse folders with wildcards?
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I use a synology NAS, and have snapshots enabled. This creates a bunch of timestamped copies of folders in a #snapshots directory for each share. For instance, if I have the folder homes/alex/my/folder/structure/ (where "homes" is a default share in DSM), I also have the folders homes/#snapshots/<timestamp1, timestamp2, timestamp3, etc>/alex/my/folder/structure/ containing snapshots of the

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Mount a HDD from a RAID to recover some data
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I'm struggling to mount a HDD from a Synology DS214 RAID1 on my computer to backup some data from it.

I can't mount directly because this HDD come from a raid

mount /dev/sda1 /mnt
mount: unknown filesystem type 'linux_raid_member'

So i installed mdadm on my computer (Debian Buster) and --force assemblage

mdadm --assemble --run --force /dev/md/2 /dev/sda1
mdadm: failed to add /dev/sda1 to /dev/md/2:  ...
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Rsync : Preserve date after copying
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I have an issue with files attributes since I changed my company's file system from an old ubuntu 12 to a Synology NAS.

I initially mounted NFS shares on my old file system, then with cp I copied everything, everything was ok But i forgot to preserve the attributes, and we lost especially the date, the dates became the copy date, and not the real date.

I found the rsync command rsync -vrt --size-onl ...

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How to make an 8TB protected SHR from a 4TB unprotected SHR (Synology Hybrid RAID)?
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I have a 2-bay Synology Disk Station (DS220j) with a single 4TB Drive in it. There is a SHR Volume 1 on the system. It's currently without protection but it was prepared for another 4TB drive to be added.

As time passed, 4TB is not sufficient anymore and I'm wondering if I can upgrade the DS this way:

  1. Add a 8TB drive into the SHR and let it sync. The capacity will be still 4TB but now protected.
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How can 2TB drive give protection for 12TB of data in a SHR (Synology Hybrid RAID)?
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I used the Synology RAID calculator to model a scenario of a mix of a bunch of 1TB and 2TB drives.

Could someone explain to me how is it possible that 2TBs of redundant space give protection for 12TBs of data?

Synology RAID calculator screensohot