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IPV6 conflict VM Ubuntu 20.04 - Netplan
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I have a problem, I've two virtual machines, but the problem is that when I turn on the second VM I lost the connection on the first one and vice versa.

Here is the bridge netplan configuration on the host server :

  version: 2
  renderer: networkd
      dhcp4: no
      dhcp6: no
        - 2001:xxx ...
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Why can't I reach ng by the interface IP address?
cn flag

I'm trying to use VirtualBox to set up an Ubuntu Linux VM to emulate the server I'm developing for. The server has three network interfaces.

On the server, there is a web page hosted by ng and an instance of Mosquitto. We want these to be available from one interface, the management interface, but not the other two. We use a VRF to isolate the management interface.

The VirtualBox adapters are  ...

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Deb package trigger loops
it flag

I'm having a recurrent issue with custom .deb packages and their triggers. We have made some "meta packets" for our deploys to force & check some configurations. The idea is to keep many servers with the "same" config without needing to check manually on each update. Let's call them as an example: grafana-conf and elasticsearch-conf.

In order to execute the reconfiguration scripts when the "child p ...

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Can't persist default ip route on Ubuntu 20 (Hetzner cloud)
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I am using Hetzner cloud where I created 2 servers in a subnet ( - one only with local ip, another one has public IP and is used as a NAT gateway for the first server.

On private server I configured an ip route

ip route add default via dev enp7s0 onlink

Here is a resulting list of routes

root:~# ip route show

default via dev enp7s0 onlink via dev  ...
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How to place resolvectl commands in ovpn profile?
lv flag

I've got an ovpn config to connect to private network from Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. But every time after starting the vpn I have to run those commands

resolvectl dns tun0
resolvectl domain tun0 ""
resolvectl domain tun0 ""

to make dns work with private subdomains. Is it possible to include those commands into ovpn config and execute them automatically, when I connect to thi ...

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Keep MySQL strict mode disabled after server restart (Hostinger VPS with Ubuntu 18.04)
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So I have a site hosted on VPS Hosting Plan 2 of Hostinger, and it uses MySQL for the database, with the OS of my Virtual Machine being Ubuntu 18.04.

I have to keep MySQL's strict mode disabled globally the entire time for some parts of the site to work. For context, I am only managing the server end at the moment, so I cannot fix the parts of this site that require me to disable strict mode. Those f ...

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Nginx not working with domain/url that points to server IP
rw flag

The configuration I have set (below) works for localhost but not for my domain. The goal is to access port 3000 externally with basic auth so only I can access it. When I go to localhost, it is upgraded to https, I have to complete the authentication, and then port 3000 is shown, just as it's meant to. However, going to does not prompt authentication, does not upgrade the connection, and  ...

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OpenLDAP and Kerberos servers on Ubuntu Server 22.04; Krb5 isn't creating /var/lib/krb5kdc/principal
cn flag

I have an existing openldap server on Ubuntu Server 22.04 and am trying to set up a kerberos server with it, following this guide:

The accounts are created and tested, they work fine (I reference them by cn, but they have a uid; I just created them in apache directory studio first). I've done "dpkg-reconfigure krb5-config" and edi ...

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Iptables Traffic forward
tv flag

Would you please help me . I have a 2 vps (Ubuntu) I want to forward all traffic from one vps( to another ( vps except ssh port on A vps( A server is B server is

1st try:

sysctl net.ipv4.ip_forward=1
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -d -j DNAT --to
iptables -A FORWARD -i eth0 -d -p tcp  --dport 22 -j REJECT
iptables -A FORWARD  -i et ...
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How to get the kernel not to treat a packet injected through tun/tap as a 'martian'
US flag

I have a new test case for here . It is for filtering flows; the idea is to send the first packet of a flow to userspace, have the userspace determine (by looking at the fivetuple of the packet) whether the flow is acceptable or not, and setting an entry in an eBPF map accordingly. ...

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Disable read/write workqueue for Ubuntu Full-Disk-Encryption
gp flag

I am currently trying to set up multiple devices with Ubuntu (20.04.5 LTS) and the drive must be encrypted, so I used LUKS during the installation. (I checked "Use LVM with the new Ubuntu installation" + "Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for Security" in the process)

However, the encrypted drive is much slower (as expected), but I read this article about the possibility to speed up dm-crypt I/O ...

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Php mail transmission error using postfix
gn flag

I need your help

I am using AWS and ubuntu os 20.04. The web server uses nginx and uses php mail I installed php 7.3 pfm.

I used postfix for mail function and connected to SMTP. It's not Google, it's an e-mail called NAVER Works used in Korea.

On the server

server code

"This is Test" | mail -s "This is the subject" -

I checked that the mail was s ...

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Ubuntu/netplan/iproute: route everything except specific /24 across interface
kr flag


  • on ens160 -> * (assume multiple non-merging subnets)
  • on ens192 -> management

Through ens160 I can hit other networks via routing. Through ens192 is my management interface which isn't routeable via ens160.

ping -I ens160
PING ( from ens160: 56(84) bytes of data.
--- ping statistics ---
2 ...
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index.php displays as listing on Apache2 server
ca flag

My OS is Ubuntu 22.04

I started out by installing php 8.1

I then installed Apache/2.4.52 (Ubuntu) Server

Then I added the following:

sudo apt-get install -y php php-cli php-common php-mysql php-zip php-gd php-mbstring php-curl php-xml php-bcmath libapache2-mod-php

The command: php -v, produces:

PHP 8.1.2-1ubuntu2.8 (cli) (built: Nov  2 2022 13:35:25) (NTS)

Then I modified:

/etc/apache2/mods-enabled/dir. ...
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postfix logs showing ??? as command from client
us flag

I am running an Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS server with the postfix 3.1.0-3ubuntu0.4 package.

Both the Apple Mail client and the Postbox client experience a weird delay when first sending an email to the smtp service. Eventually Apple Mail retries and works but Postbox gives up.

In the initial exchange, the email client appears to send a '???' as a command after the server greeting, or at least it is logged  ...

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KVM/QEMU Virtualization on server with multiple nics to WAN - full split?
no flag

long time reader, first time's been over a decade, crazy.

Today, I've set up a left over server from my old job in a local data center for a friend of mine and myself.

As by my contract, the data center colocation includes 2 separate switch ports and a /29 net of public ips.

To split my friend's server stuff from mine entirely and to be able to use the distro of choice, I have set up the se ...

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Can't send email on ubuntu with mail command
mp flag

on my ubuntu server (DigitalOcean droplet) I'm trying to send an email for first time.

I downloaded mailutils and mailx with following command:

sudo apt install mailutils -y

On configuration screen I chose default options: Internet site and then name sender as my droplet name.

To send email I do the following (replacing

echo "Hello world" | mail -s "Test"
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No permission to access web site
ca flag

My setup:

ubuntu 22.04
Apache/2.4.52 (Ubuntu) Server 

I created /etc/apache2/sites-available/test.mysite.conf:

<VirtualHost *:80>
   DocumentRoot /home/test/deploy/current
   <Directory /home/test/deploy/current>
      AllowOverride all
      Options -MultiViews
      Require all granted
   ErrorLo ...
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How to configure/disable policykit in Ubuntu?
in flag

Here is the problem: I have integrated Ubuntu Desktop with Active Directory authentication. Adding domain user or group to /etc/sudoers.d wasn't so difficult. But with graphical interface and the sorry piece of software called polkit there is a problem:

  • Every "elevated" action requires the password. And not any sudoers' user password but first local user password.
  • Depending on environment many set ...
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Pacemaker fence_drac5 agent ... cannot see where to specify password
nl flag

I am setting up a pacemaker cluster with two nodes on Ubuntu Server 22.04.

Both are Dell servers with a fully licensed idrac module, so I would like to use the drac5 stonith agent to make the cluster happy without a third node. The problem is that I cannot seem to figure out how to specify a password for the agent. Password is simply not a config option in either the pcsd GUI or with "pcs resou ...

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Is it possible to use DPDK in a server with single NIC?
cn flag

I have a a server with single NIC which has 4 pci ports. I already tried DPDK binding so before binding " -s" returns this :

Network devices using kernel driver
0000:01:00.0 'OneConnect NIC (Skyhawk) 0720' if=eth0 drv=be2net unused=vfio-pci *Active*
0000:01:00.1 'OneConnect NIC (Skyhawk) 0720' if=eth1 drv=be2net unused=vfio-pci
0000:01:00.2 'OneConnect NIC (Skyhawk) 0720' if=eth2 drv ...
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Getting an iperf "connect failed: connection refused" error on ubuntu when running multiple threads
gw flag

I have 3 computers hooked up to a local network. I have written a python script to open a dedicated iperf server and an iperf client on separate threads. I want every computer to connect to the other 2 computers and at the same time, accept connections from the other 2 computers. For this, I am running 4 different threads (2 server threads that accept incoming client connections, 2 client threads that c ...

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Jaguards database configured incorrectly
in flag

After following the steps given in the README of the open source tool provided by Jaguards, I always get the "Database configured incorrectly" warning icon, and can't manage to login with the default credentials, or worse, a "checkDB error : 500 The call failed on the server; see server log for details" popup.

Steps followed :

  • Install a tomcat serve ...
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Installation of e2fsprogs under ubuntu breaks because of ./usr/bin/chattr
ma flag

I have been running into an issue with the package of e2fsprogs under ubuntu for weeks. It keeps me from installing updates to my system and to upgrade the system.

I am using Ubuntu 18.04 on my server. All updates are blocked because of the required installation of e2fsprogs that blocks e2fsprogs-l10n.

If I try to run the installation, if breaks with E: Sub-Process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code ...

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How to snapshot a local Ubuntu machine
in flag

I have an old laptop with an external HDD as a home server. The server runs Ubuntu 22.04. It is my DNS server (pi-hole), file server (smb), a web server for local sites, a bunch of python scripts on corn, and much more.

I have an additional identical laptop and external HDD. I would like to backup my entire server: my files, but also configs, cronjobs, python libraries, and stored web credentials ...

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Windows11, WSL2: Unable to uninstall ubuntu 20
bd flag

My ubuntu installation over WSL2 is a mess and I wish to start over. Per online instructions I uninstalled all 'Ubuntu' apps, and installed the latest one (22): enter image description here

But in Terminal, previous Ubuntu installations still appear (with all their disk contents): enter image description here

How do I actually uninstall them?

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How to redirect all HTTP traffic to a proxy server?
gp flag

I am looking to redirect all HTTP traffic to a proxy server and the these iptables commands doesn't work:

iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth1 -p tcp -m tcp –dport 80 -j DNAT –to-destination
iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp –dport 80 -j REDIRECT –to-ports 3128

Error message:

iptables v1.8.4 (legacy): unknown option "-m"
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Multiple interfaces and networks with Netplan: can't ping local network
ar flag

My netplan config, with multiple interfaces and networks, works perfectly apart from ping to (or from?) local network.

Here's my setup:

  version: 2
      dhcp4: no
          macaddress: 00:50:56:aa:00:1d
      mtu: 1500
        searc ...
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Unable to clear virtual mac address on Mellanox ConnectX3 HP 546FLR
br flag

I recently had some problems with setting up bond interfaces during deployment with canonical maas. Two server stuck with the same mac address as virtual mac address and I have no idea where I can set or clear this. Within Ubuntu the virtual mac is treated as the physical address.

I would appreciate any help.

Kind Regards

Here the info from the hp bios

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Can't configure unique IPs in Parallels VMs
bd flag

I have 4 VMs running Ubuntu within Parallels (host machine is OS X). I am trying to set up SSH so that I can SSH into them, but I can't connect to them individually. They are all reporting the same IP with ip -a. I've tried it with both the Shared and Bridged networking modes, and get the same thing both times. They all have unique hostnames, but if I try to connect via hostname from OS X, the hostna ...