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A virtual machine (VM) is a completely isolated guest operating system installation within a normal host operating system. It is a software implementation of a machine (i.e. a computer) that executes programs like a physical machine.
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UDP Broadcast not being masqueraded
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I have a VM in Proxmox with an IP ( coming from a bridge. I have masquerading on to enable it to communicate with my network:

-A POSTROUTING -s -o host_inteface -j MASQUERADE

It works great except with this kind of packet:

WOL packets (UDP port 9) on

When using termshark I don't see those packets on the host interface, they seem to have disappeared. I see ...

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Connection Refused between 2 VM containers
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On my host Ubuntu 18.04 I am running two lxc containers using default setups. Containers use Ubuntu 18.04 as well. I have an app running on container1 that offers an https based service on https://localhost:3000/. Container2 is not able to even establish a connection with container1.

Container2 can ping container1 and read the html of the default Apache2 server running on localhost (for container ...

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Google Cloud Virtual Machine SSH Terminal Could not connect
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I have a machine installed in Google Cloud VM, I was making the SSH connection here without any problems, but when I wanted to log out and connect again, I started to get no results here.

I stay on the Could not connect, trying screen and when I look at the logs, the output of Updating keys for user and then [UFW BLOCK] catches my attention. Can you help me with this?

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Alma Linux - Not able to ping out
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So I have my first VM in Proxmox and I know the network works as I have used CT in the past without any issues, however I have set up a VM and now I am having network issues.

Seems while it says the network is connected, I can't ping out to

I am wondering how do I know if the network connection is valid in Alma Linux.

basically these are the settings I need.

Net ...
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Redirect, and to an Hyper-V virtual machine
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Alright so the title may be a little misleading but that's the best I could find.

Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

I am on Windows 11 Pro. I have a virtual machine running Debian 11 on Hyper-V. This machine is running a Docker environment using Traefik as a reverse proxy.

I am developer working on various web projects. I have been trying for some time to set up Traefik as a reverse proxy so I ca ...

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How to give each WSL distro a distinct IP address?
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How to give each WSL distro a distinct IP address, and then connect to those IP addresses via Windows?

I was curious if its possible to setup two different ubuntu distributions using WSL and somehow assign a unique IP address to each one of them, and then finally to write a winsock program under windows that can commute with each running WSL virtual machine using the IP address assigned to them.

Is  ...

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Using a standalone licence for SOLIDWORKS is not supported on this virtual environment. You must use a SolidNetwork License (SNL)
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I'm using Linux Mint 20.1, kernel 5.4.0 on a Ryzen 5600x with 16gb of ram.

Using VitualBox 6.1 and trying to install SolidWorks 2021 and found the message in the title when adding my license and not being able to proceed.

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Disk errors on SDS
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My database (mysql) server, wich is a VPS, is experimenting disk errors every couple of days. It automatically mounts /dev/sda2 in read-only mode.

I have to connect vía ssh and run fsck /dev/sda2 to correct the errors and then reboot.

The errors that apper are like this:

Inodes that were part of a corrupted orphan linked list found.

Deleted inode 788641 has zero dtime.

Block bitmap differences:  -3 ...
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Stop/Start Azure VMs Using Hybrid Runbook
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I currently have runbooks that stop/start VMs on a schedule but recently the runbook to start vms is stopped because it takes too long to complete. The following message is thrown -

"The job has been stopped because it reached the fair share limit of job execution more than 3 hours. For long-running jobs, it's recommended to use a Hybrid Runbook Worker. Hybrid Runbook Workers don't have a limitation on ho ...

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Why do you need serial port connection between QEMU quest and host?
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I am new to qemu. I was exploring some commans to setup qemu VM. Can someone please explain why serail ports are required/desired between guest and the host? Also, what does '-serial pty' and -'serial mon:studio' mean?

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DockerDesktopVM can't start due to Hyper-V
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For some reason I keep getting the error that "DockerDesktopVM" can't be started because a Hyper-V component isn't running, but how do I change that?

I found people adding commands like hypervisor.cpuid.v0 into their vmx files, but I dont have access to that, but is this really the problem here?

Error message

Hyper-V is enabled?

Hyper-V  Enabled already

I've tried to follow this guide, but might have missed somthing? https://docs.docker. ...

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Is there any NATIVE disk monitoring solution for storage in Azure VMs?
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I have done plenty of digging, but it looks like this may be a shortcoming in Azure. I cannot find a native solution in the Azure portal to tell me when VMs are running low on disk space. What if I want to simply run inventory on my VMs to see how much space is being used on any attached drives? Nope.

For now I am piggy-backing on my 3rd party server monitoring agent for this, but in my situatio ...

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Enablement of MIG feature in A100 attached to a VM
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I have a VM with single A100 attached. VM created with GCP 'çreate instance' method (Singapore region). The instance was not created with gpu-partition-size=1g.5gb

  • NVidia driver v470.57.02
  • OS RHEL7.9
  • CUDA v11.4.1.

The driver is working because nvidia-smi command gives expected output showing a single GPU ID 0 with 40G memory. I want to now enable MIG feature but executing the command gives error ' ...

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Use cmd when "Run only specified Windows applications" policy is in effect
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I am trying to restrict the applications usage on the VM Windows Server 2019. In Local Group Policy editor (gpedit.msc), i modified the policy, on the left pane, click/tap on to expand User Configuration, Administrative Templates, and System, double click/tap on Run only specified Windows applications to edit it.

We added chrome.exe and firefox.exe here.

After that, on the VM Windows Server 2019, i  ...

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Unable to join Azure Windows Server VM to local domain
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I'm trying to get my Azure Windows Server VM to connect to my local AD.

I've already created a Site to Site VPN Gateway and connected both the DC ( and VM ( and I've confirmed that both can ping each other.

DNS of the VM is set to via Azure Control Panel > Virtual networks > vnet group > vm v-nic > DNS servers

enter image description here

I tried a tracert on the VM but it couldn't reso ...

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How can the SPICE password of a libvirt+kvm+qemu virtual machine be changed while the machine is running?
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I have a virtual machine that is running on a KVM+QEMU stack with libvirt. The VM is using a qxl or virtio display and has a spice graphics listening on a port.

I'd like to change the password (in SPICE they call it "ticket") used to access that machine from virt-manager or remote-viewer while the machine is running. The old password should be invalidated immediately and new SPICE connections sho ...

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Google Cloud Debian VM. Node Red stops working
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I am a Windows user trying to use Linux for my online server. I am testing a Debian VM running on the Google Cloud. There I installed Node-Red, Apache and mySQL. Every day when I am going to start my testing Node-red is down, the VM, Apache and mySQL are running but for Node-Red I have to open the terminal console and type node-red start.

Assistance welcome.

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VM Instance - Create CPU Usage alert for specific users
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I'm working on a project where alerts are received each time a VM Instance CPU usage surpasses a certain limit. However, all alerts are transmitted to the whole team. My goal is:

  • Manage alerts as for those same alerts to be sent only for the VM Instance's user/s, and not the whole organization.

Could you please tell me if it is possible to do so and, if so, tell me how? Thanks

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Cpu utilization and Cpu load average very high in spite all applications are shutdown
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we have a RHEL 7.6 VM machine , server with 16 GIGA RAM and 8 CPU's

we notices that CPU utilization is high on this server , and also the CPU load average

load average is around - 50 - 60 , and the behavior is like machine most of the time cant access VIA SSH ( like machine is freezes )

therefore we decided to stop all applications on this server , but seems that application isn't part of the proble ...

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Is my VM under attack or is this an automation gone wrong?
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I noticed that our Windows Server 2019 VMs, hosted on GCP were often hitting 100% CPU usage, which was odd and started to investigate. It seems that there is an array of PowerShell commands that are running repeatedly that are consuming all the CPU.

These commands seem to scan for user objects with certain names so it's either a GCP guard or some sort of worm/virus. I followed these instructions to  ...

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Reading a file stored on the storage bucket via my VM SSH
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I want to run a python script that starts by importing a large table of data. I've seen that instead of using the upload option form the SSH panel of the VM I can use the storage bucket and start by uploading the file into there, and then transfer it to my VM directory. However, I didn't get how to transfer (read) the file. What should I do to see the file on my VM when I type 'ls' for example? alternat ...

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How do you create two different subnets within VirtualBox?
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I have backend applications that I want to put on one subnet and a set of servers that must have access to the internet on the other subnet. The idea is to put the servers within a DMZ. Additionally, all these servers will be separate guest machines within VirtualBox. All the guest hosts are ubuntu as well.

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Using VMware ovftool to check existence of virtual machine (VM)?
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What is the canonical way to use VMware's ovftool to query to see if a VM exists or not?

If I run this command:

ovftool vi://username@password@myvsphere/mydatacenter/vm/myvm

I might get this response:

Error: Got fault from server: The attempted operation cannot be
performed in the current state (Powered on).
Error: Fault cause: vim.fault.InvalidState

I know I can do the following and then look for

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UDP port forwarding between virtual machines and docker composed network
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currently I'm deploying a virtualized system and having a problem with forwarding of an udp port. I tried many tutorials, but something must be wrong and I don't know why the connection is refused all the time. Firewall is disabled on all used machines.

My setup is the following:

I have a debian server with kvm, that hosts 2 VMs.

VM1 at enp1s0 (ubuntu 18.04) VM2 at ...

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Cannot Open Azure VM (Ubuntu 18.04) Port
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Running the jupyter notebook server on port 8888 on the virtual machine. Trying to use port forward to my desktop (running Linux Mint). The server is running on the VM alright, but the port is closed to my desktop. A network sweep gives the following results.

della@clevo-workstation:~$ sudo nmap -sT -O
[sudo] password for della:                
Starting Nmap 7.80 ( ) at ...
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I can'`t create VM instance in Zone:southamerica - Google Cloud
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Create VM instance "instance-1" and its boot disk "instance-1"

Permission denied on 'locations/southamerica-east1-a' (or it may not exist).

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Adding multiple virtual switches to New-VM?
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I'm working on a Powershell script to create new virtual machines as part of a migration between a Hyper-V server running Hyper-V Server 2012R2 and a new Hyper-V server running Hyper-V Server 2019.

For the virtual machines that have one single virtual switch assigned to them, this script works fine, however, I have some virtual machines that have two switches. For those VM's, I get this message:  ...

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Can't SSH from host to VM through static IP
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I'm setting a cluster of servers with ubuntu 16.4 VM's to learn about it. As suggested by some tutorials, I set a static ip for each machine besides DHCP one (2 network interfaces). To achieve that I edited /etc/network/interfaces and added the following config:

# The secondary network interface
auto enp0s8
iface enp0s8 inet static
bro ...
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GoogleVM - Remote Desktop Connection Error
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Can't connect to Google Server using Remote Desktop Connection in Windows 10. The error is "An internal error has occurred".

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How to prevent multiple users from simultaneously accessing an Azure VM?
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We created a VM as a replacement for physical machine with rarely used software on it.

When I tested it I noticed when a second user accesses the VM, the first user is kicked out and sees the message "You have been disconnected because another connection was made to the remote computer". However, on another VM that wasn't set up by me, I'm getting the warning "Another user is signed in. If you continu ...