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Can't add existing Virtual Network to Virtual network gateway in Azure
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While creating the Virtual network gateway and selecting the vnet, it says the VNet is "in use".

VNET address space is

Any idea why I'm getting this error?

enter image description here

I created a new subnet and it has no devices connected to it.

enter image description here

The connected devices are not on GatewaySubnet.

enter image description here

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Connecting two VMs running in KVM
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Short: Get two VM's to talk to each other running on same hypervisor.

I have two VMs running under KVM and I am trying to manage them via Cockpit.

The hypervisor, and the vm's are running Ubuntu 20.04.

VM's are configured using br0 ( which points to enp2s0.

They get their own local lan IPs such as:

These can been seen and pinged on the local lan. They howev ...

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Setting up a virtual environment for STP testing
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I'm looking to create a test environment for STP / RSTP. I eventually came by this post that suggested using namespaces. It seemed like that was exactly what I'd wanted to create the simplest STP environment. I ended up writing a script like this:

if [ "$EUID" -ne 0 ]
then echo "Please run as root"
# First case: Try a single veth pair
ip netns add blue
ip link add ve ...
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How would I make a network topology on KVM analogous to the internal network configuration on virtualbox?
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The differences in documentation between KVM docs and virtualbox docs make it difficult to find what I'm looking for

My goal is to do something like where all guests have IPs assigned by the pfSense guest, which also acts like a firewall between them and can itself be accessed by the host network. In this way I can practi ...