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Virtualization is a group of software technologies that allow abstraction between layers of a system. This allows separation between the logical layers of the system, providing isolation, flexibility, and/or the ability to run more than one at a time. This differs from most traditional systems where the various layers are inherently tied.
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Can VMs run on raw HW or do they neeed an OS?
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I have a general question about Virtual Machines.
It is not clear to me if I need an operating system at the lower level and then install the VM and on top of that the rest or I can install a VM without any OS present.
Could someone clarify?

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SR-IOV slow on new Hyper-V 2019 host
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I've got a PowerEdge R6525 with a quad Intel x710 10 gig NIC.

All firmware up to date, enabled SR-IOV in the NIC firmware, BIOS/Lifecycle controller, created the vSwitch with it enabled and have enabled on the VM's but I'm only getting 2-4Gbps using iperf3 between the VM's or the VM and host. Just have 2 2012 R2 VM's on the host until I get it tuned. I followed the I tell documentation as well an ...

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Can I host ONE VM from two servers?
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looked around for a bit and I could not find a definitive answer. My setup is for educational purposes as I am in a CCNA/Cybersecurity program thru my college.

Anywho lets get down to it~ PC A is upstairs, directly above my main router/modem. It has Windows 2022 Datacenter on it, thanks to my College for making such tools available. This server is connected to a separate router via a WiFi repe ...

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How to determine disk image file format: VMDK, VHD or raw file format?
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Is there any shell command using which I can determine the format of a disk image file? I want to check that disk image file is in which of these formats: vmdk, vhd of raw file.

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Is it possible to run a virtual machine with the combined processing power of multiple physical machines?
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I have two physical servers, can I launch an instance using all the resources from my servers ? Or are the ressources of my VM limited to one physical machine ? And if this is possible, how can it be achieved ?

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ovn-sbctl show returns empty output
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I have ovn architecture running on the same node, just to be clear northbound DB and southbound DB, controller everything is running on the same node, now I think the problem can be

  1. In my Architecture
  2. or southbound DB configurations

Can you guys validate this architecture and Why I am getting output from northdb, but now southdb. attaching the outputs below



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Why virtualization still used instead of containers?
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In 2021 era of containers, cloud providers still use hypervisor to make it possible to use more of a system's available resources and provide greater IT mobility since the guest VMs are independent of the host hardware.

Hypervisor, allows a physical server to operate multiple VMs as guests running alongside each other.

Containers are a form of operating system virtualisation.

Both system can achiev ...

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Proxmox CTs and VMs lost network connectivity
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I have a a Proxmox setup on my home network which was working fine up until yesterday when the network connections in all virtual machines and containers stopped working. I believe this was after updating the kernel but I can't be sure. Could also be due to installing docker on the host.

I've tried rebooting server + router, creating fresh containers and disabled firewall at all levels (DC, serve ...

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Firecracker vs ACRN?
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What is the main difference between the ACRN and the firecracker hypervisors ?

As I understand, ACRN

The ACRN Hypervisor is a Type 1 reference hypervisor stack, running directly on the bare-metal hardware, and is suitable for a variety of IoT and embedded device solutions.

Only on the embedded devices, why ?

As I understand, Firecracker

Firecracker runs workloads in lightweight virtual machines, c ...

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Can I achieve this VirtualBox network configuration using libvirt?
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I asked a similar question here but I messed up logging in with my SE account and so I can't edit it.

Here is what I would specifically like to achieve with libvirt under the "Internal Network" heading.

A comment in the previous question mentioned Isolated mode, but according to the libvirt wiki:

In this mode, guests connected to the virtual switch can communicate with each other, and with the host

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my bridging configuration on freebsd 13 ins't properly configured because any bhyve VM based on Ubuntu 21.04 and Windows 10 can't connect to internet
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I've configured the bridging and the tap interface on freebsd 13 because I want to boot and use a bhyve VM based on Ubuntu 21.04 and Windows 10,but unfortunately,after several readings and help requests on :

reddit :

the freebsd forums :

  1. ...

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linux page-cache size (host) performance impact to Virtualbox VMs
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i have a small Virtualisation host that runs 7 Windows 10 and CentOS VMS. The host has only 32GB RAM and that RAM is nearly used by the VMs memory and the linux host OS. There are about 2,5GB RAM left that are used by the linux host page cache.

I#m now asking myself if i can upgrade performance of the VMs by adding additional RAM that more RAM can be used by the page.cache to buffer read/write HD ...

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How to set machine state: poweron with community.vmware.vmware_guest_powerstate task?
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I'm pretty new with Ansible so I might configured things wrong
[I have a Docker container running Ansible service in CentOS8
I have an Ansible repository that include the Ansible files (this is a .Git repository]

My will was to automatically revert each lab (the lab is composed of 8 vms, 5 windows server 2016 and 3 windows 10. The DC include policy to enable winrm in those machines) in vCenter server t ...

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why ansible doesn't recognize the vcenter windows machines?
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I'm pretty new with Ansible so I might configured things wrong
[I have a Docker container running Ansible service in it
I have an Ansible repository that include the Ansible files (this is a .Git repository]

My will was to automatically revert each lab in vCenter server to a specific snapshot
So, I (with the help of ansible-roles-explained-with-examples guide):

  • Created a role with ansible-galaxy  ...
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ansible doesn't find the role mentioned in the playbook
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I'm pretty new with Ansible so I might configured things wrong
[I have a Docker container running Ansible service in it
I have an Ansible repository that include the Ansible files (this is a .Git repository]

My will was to automatically revert each lab in vCenter server to a specific snapshot
So, I (with the help of ansible-roles-explained-with-examples guide):

  • Created a role with ansible-galaxy  ...
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After having stopped virtual-manager, I can't use command line QEMU: "Failed to get shared "write" lock Is another process using the image"
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I've launched a virtual image through the software virtual-manager (it's a GUI allowing to launch your virtual images).

I've stopped normally the image and close the software virtual-manager.

But now, I can't use QEMU directly in commandline to start this virtual image (by doing qemu-system-x86_64 ....):

Failed to get shared "write" lock
Is another process using the image [./ubuntu.qcow2]?

I've tri ...

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Migrate a QEMU/KVM VM from qemu:///system to qemu:///session
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I have a created a Windows 10 VM using virt-manager as user (not root).

However, when try to list the VMs with virsh list --all, My VM is not listed? And, if I specify the system URI with by running virsh -c qemu:///system list --all, I see my VM listed.
I would like to migrate my VM from qemu:///system to qemu:///session to be able to list it with virsh list --all.

  • How can I achieve that?
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use ppp for Internet for netns
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Use of

ip r add via src


Error: Invalid prefsrc address

How to fix this?

Goal: netns (host) => ppp0 => Internet via ppp0

My config:

/home# ip netns
ns1 (id: 0)   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

/home# ip netns exec ns1 ip a
1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN group default  ...
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Linux server migration to Windows workstation
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I'm on a remote site where an incident took down most networking equipment. I have a basic background as a programmer, not in network engineering/virtualisation.

Situation About half of the network is up again, but the DHCP server is highly unreliable and needs replacing. The best our supplier could source is a Dell Workstation - Servers at the moment can't be found and timing is short. The workstat ...

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disk-image-builder create command fails with status 1
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Here is the command which is failing for disk-image-create command:

disk-image-create -a amd64 -o ./overcloud-full -t qcow2 -p python-psutil,python-debtcollector,sos,device-mapper-multipath,openstack-heat-agents,os-net-config,jq,dbus-python,yum-plugin-priorities --min-tmpfs=7 --mkfs-options -s size=4096 centos7 baremetal dhcp-all-interfaces openvswitch overcloud-agent overcloud-base overcloud-contr ...
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How to toubleshoot poor IO performance on Windows Server
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I am experiencing poor write performance on my Windows Server 20H2 machine (ESXI 7.02). Following symptoms are observed on a docker build: Each RUN command executes successfully, though takes ~10 hours to move to the next command (committing on disk is slow). The same is about 2 minutes on physical OS, on exact same hardware.

My hardware configurations are as follows:

8 CPUs x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-107 ...
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How to create docker containers for ibm netezza and teradata?
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When I check the docker hub, I am getting only client tools but not the database.

We need docker images to use them as test databases, but not able to find any.

If any install steps for linux, we could have used that for creating dockerfile and an image from that but I didn't find any.

In the official site of these products, they are providing direct ova files(virtual machines). Is there any process a ...

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How to run Docker on an Azure Virtual Windows 10 machine
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I am provided a Azure Virtual Machine with GPU support (Standard NV6_Promo (6 vcpus, 56 GiB memory)). I want to run AutoML on this machine, which only runs on Linux. Their installation documentation suggests installing this on a Linux VM or via Docker. I tried using Docker on Windows but I'm running into problems using both the WSL2 backend and the Hyper-V backend.

This raised the question if it  ...

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I want to build a virtual web server from python. Where do I start?
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I use Python, and I'm familiar with its capabilities and syntax. I want to create a web server that can receive and send JSON data packets. Sorry about the short question.

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How to connect to Qemu from ssh
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I run a Qemu file (debian 10 server) with network configuration in static in on my My, I can start my qemu everything works I can connect on my server.

But now I would like to coonect to my Qemu from my mac directly in ssh, I've tried many tutorials without succes. I've tried these options

-net user,hostfwd=tcp::10022-:22
-net nic

After that from my mac ssh vmuser@localhost -p10022 but ...

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Middle sized company server architecture
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I am designing server for middle sized company which should offer services as accountancy software, property record software, file server etc. My idea is using Hyper V server as type 1 hypervisor. As virtual OSes I need use Windows for one of the requested software (company has the license). For other software I am thinking about 1 virtual OS for 1 application + virtual server dedicated for database whi ...