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Group of hosts with a common set of requirements connected as if on the same broadcast domain despite physical location
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How can I MASQUERADE between vlan bridges
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I have created two VLAN bridges in openwrt based system which has single physical interface.

*) eth0->lan->br-lan
*) br-lan->br-lan.2(VLAN INTF)->br-vlan2(BRIDGE INTF)
*) br-lan->br-lan.20(VLAN INTF)->br-vlan20(BRIDGE INTF)

I am running an DHCP server in by ubuntu machine.

I am trying to route between the vlan to open up the intervlan communication. But i couldn't succeed.

what i ...

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Issues with VLANs on Linux. Can ping hosts in other VLAN
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When I configure an ip address on a vlan interface from another vlan subnet, I can reach that other vlan subnet. But it should not be reachable.

For example:

  • On the switch, the port is configured as tagged with vlan id 500 only
  • On the Linux box the interface eth0.500 with ip address can ping hosts in subnet, but those hosts are in vlan 3000

I can't figure out what I'm ...

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vconfig rem disturbs adding VLAN IP to UBUNTU
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after removing a VLAN IP by using "vconfig rem ...", adding a VLAN IP and related sub-VLAN IPs is not working correctly. in other words, intended VLAN is added but after a while it is not shown in ifconfig command and it does not exist. this situation occurs when I have an interface with the IPs of type VLAN or sub-VLAN only. Does any one know that why this problem occurs?


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Pfsense : using the server to resolve hostnames as ip in local vlans
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I made a network with 3 machines, one is a pfsense server that manage a captive portal, a dns, dhcp server and firewall rules, it is in a trunk network. The second pc is a server hosting some services and a virtual machine hosting a website it is in a vlan2. the last one is a client computer that want to access internet, the service server and the website server it is located in vlan1. all is done on a  ...

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Unable to access webserver on internal network either via domain or ip address
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I am currently trying to set up a FortiGate 40F firewall. But somehow I am unable to get access to the server from the same network going via the external IP or domain.

I got a VLAN set as 10.0.4.x for the webserver. So the IP internally for the webserver is and externally its IP is and I have set an A-record to go to that IP for However when I am on the sam ...

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Mix Switch Managed and Unmanaged. What happen?
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I would like to ask your opinion on this scenario.

There is a switch "A" is of the Managed type, on its ports the TAG VLAN # 100 is assigned. Switch "B" is connected to one of these ports; this switch "B" is unmanaged.

On switch "B" there are connected PCs with their own network card identified by TAG # 100 and TAG # 200.

I would expect all PCs on switch "B" with TAG # 100 to be visible to PCs connecte ...

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802.1q vlan naming in Debian 10
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Upgrading router and facing problem VLAN interfaces does not go up (error "Unknown interface" if perform 'ifup vlanxxx') if vlans are defined in following manner:

auto vlanxxx
iface vlanxxx inet static
vlan-raw-device eno1

but it does load if I change VLAN names definition in following manner:

iface inet static
n ...
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PFsense High-Availability - issues with sync of VLAN interface
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So I am trying to build a firewall with a primary and secondary, High-Availability structure. I have configured each of these 2 VirtualBox VMs in GNS3 to connect to each other (for a SYNC) interface, as well as connection to other switches in their topology. These PFsense VMs have about 6 network interfaces in use. I took the configuration file of a single node firewall and am testing with a secondary V ...

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Windows Server 2016 DHCP Issue (Reserved IPs, Static & DHCP)
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I've got a problem thats driving me nuts now.

I've got my DHCP server set up to provide addresses over a number of different VLANs.

On the main Processing VLAN the lease time is set to 15 mins, after which all devices keep dropping off for a few seconds and reconnecting. I was under the impression that if a device was still active on the network it would skip the drop out and continue using its assi ...

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DHCPv6 with ISC
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I am building a network and I got stuck while setting up the DHCPv6 Server with isc. I was looking in internet for any documentations, but wasn't able to find anything. I created 2 test vlans - Vlan5 and Vlan6. The client is in vlan5 and the DHCP is in Vlan6. I wanted to create some pools for different vlans but I don't know where to start. Do you have any tips? The only documentations I find are about  ...

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When using port monitoring for packet capture, capture machine gets messed up IPv6 addresses
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I'm using the "port monitoring" aka "port mirroring" feature of a managed switch to do Wireshark packet captures of network traffic. The traffic I'm monitoring is on a separate sub-net (a separate VLAN configured on the switch).

I have discovered, in this configuration, the Wireshark machine picks up new IPv6 addresses that are on the monitored sub-net. It makes sense how it's happening—the Wir ...

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VLAN Inner Talking
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I kinda forgot about CISCO in general, it had been quite a while since I last touched packet tracer. Now I'm on the PRE-deployment phase of a network at work. Long story short.

-I made 2 VLAN on CISCO Router and Switch, trunking, encapsulation, all good and working

Vlan 5 Student

Vlan 76 Office

At first, with just the Switch there was no talking beetwen VLAN, but i had to add a router so VLAN could talk t ...

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I Setup A VLAN. Now what?
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I have setup a VLAN (I think), and can't figure out how to use it. A basic description of my setup is:

EdgeRouter PoE5:

  • eth0 is PPPoE WAN interface to DSL modem in bridge mode
  • eth1 is unused with its own DNS and DHCP on its own subnet
  • eth2, eth3, eth4 are combined into switch0 using hardware offload
    • eth2 is connected to wireless AP
    • eth3 is connected to a switch
    • eth4 is connected to DHCP ...
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Having one ESXI VM serve DHCP addresses for two VLANs?
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In our office, I want to create two different networks. Depending on which LAN socket a cable is plugged in, I want the device to receive an IP in a different subnet.

I have a server running VMWare ESXI. On the server, Windows Server is running in a VM. I also have a HPE 1820 switch. It is my understanding that I can achive what I want with VLANs and DHCP relay, however the HPE 1820 does not supp ...

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How do i translate the same configuration from this TPLINK router config to OPNsense
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So I'm trying to connect to PPPOE but they had this config to do which i don't know how to translate to OPNsense The initial configuration:(click on the link to see it)

This is my current config (click on the link to see it) ...

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Can I segment my network based on two different criteria?
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I work at a school with several campuses and I would like to segment my network with VLANs. So, phones on one vlan, printers on another, etc. I was thinking it would be nice to segment by campus, as well. That seems like it would be some sort of nested vlan where there is a vlan for the High School, and then for the phones in the HS, and so on.

Other than nested vlans, I thought about making the  ...

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Cisco Access point. Freeradius. Dynamic VLAN assignment. DHCP fail to obtain address
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I have a configuration from topic.

Two VLAN 102 and 110.

dot11 ssid test1
   vlan 110
   authentication open eap wifi_login
   authentication network-eap wifi_login
   authentication key-management wpa version 2
   accounting WiFi_New
   dot1x eap profile Main

dot11 ssid test2
   vlan 102
   authentication open eap wifi_login
   authentication network-eap wifi_login
   authentication key-management w ...
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iSCSI separation from Ethernet via VLAN
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I've set up a small cluster of a few servers along with a SAN. The servers are running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

Using instructions provided by the vendor (I can't find where I read it before), they suggested that the iSCSI connections between the SAN and the servers should be (or maybe it was "must be"?) separated from any ethernet traffic. Because of this, I've configured two VLANs on our switch -- o ...

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How to configure a hypervisor such that a KVM/QEMU virtual machine can reach hosts connected to the same trunk bridge?
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1 Problem

My goal is that all LAN traffic is routed through a virtual machine (VM) acting as a router and firewall. Other VMs on the same hypervisor should also be routed through the firewall VM. See the following network sketch. Physical hosts connected to the trunk bridge can ping each other successfully, but VMs could not be reached yet.

2 Details

Network configuration on the hypervisor:

# =======
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Why does the order of network connections in my client machine's /etc/network/interfaces matter to my router?
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I have a virtual machine running Debian 11, and it needs to connect to two VLANs. From within the building on the local network, I can access it fine through both IPs, but when I'm outside the network using either the router's VPN or the 1:1 NAT on the router, I can only connect to the first network listed in /etc/network/interfaces (from the VPN I can't even ping the second one). Not sure if this is ...

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VLAN QEMU Hypervisor bridge without host ip
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I'm using debian 10 with kvm/qemu as hypervisor. You can ignore the bond...

I created X VLAN Tagged and created a bridge on that tagged vlan.

auto bond0
iface bond0 inet manual
        slaves eno1 eno2
        bond-mode 4

auto bond0.10
iface bond0.10 inet manual
        vlan-raw-device bond0

auto br10
iface br10 inet static
        netmask 255. ...
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Native VLAN (EVE-NG) Lab doesn't work like I wait for
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I am studying native vlans. I created this lab (see the picture). I waited for I could from VPC3 pings to VPC. But I can't. And I can see there is a ID VLAN (100) after a SW2.

My reasoning were so. Ping from VPC4 is not tagging. Next this ping is not tagging by SW1 trunk. Next the ping go to VLAN 700 and doesn't tagging too. So, I waited for I got replay from VPC. But no.

Now I can

  • ping from VPC3 ...
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Can a VoIP or an L2 switch prevent a PC from accessing a network printer under 2 VLAN circumstances?
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My organization's network topology goes like this:

PC -- VoIP -- L2 switch (no IP address, only performs L2 switching)--Network Printer

Also, the same L2 switch is connected to an L3 switch for access to the outside network.

Furthermore, the VoIP is set such that VoIPs share a separate VLAN, while PCs and other devices use 'untagged' VLAN 1.

The problem is that with this topology, the PC cannot even find  ...

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Configuring 3 VLAN with different IP ranges?
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I bought TP-Link T2500G-10TS L2 switch. My intention is to establish 3 VLANs.

Company A - IP range starts from to 255

Company B - IP range starts from to 255

Guest - IP range starts from to 255 (for Wi-Fi)

This is an 8 port switch. Port assignments;

Internet cable will be plugged into 1st port so all VLAN can access to the Internet.

2nd port can remain same for accessi ...

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Linux host routing VLAN traffic cannot receive or make network connections
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I have a CentOS 7 system that has three interfaces. I recently converted one on those interfaces to using VLANs. This system servers as a firewall and router between the various networks. Everything seemed to be working as expected, except one item. I cannot connect into or out of the CentOS system from/to any hosts on the VLANs.

For example, if I ssh from (a host on VLAN 32) to ...

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How to connect VMs on hosts behind a gateway to public IPs?
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I have a Linux gateway with two NICs and several VM hosts (also running Linux, with two NICs each) behind it.

The gateway is connected directly to WAN on one of it's NICs and receives several public IPs. I would like to assign the public IPs on the WAN to individual VMs so that they can be accessed from the outside network. In addition I would like to establish a private local network to be used  ...

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Separating networks with limited access between
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I am trying to understand networks better and to help me learn I am working on a home project where I want to setup two networks, let's call them Client and Server, on the same geographic location. (Both networks get Internet from one single WAN, since I was not able to acquire multiple IPs from my ISP.) The two networks should be separated from each other, meaning I want to prevent malware or other thr ...