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VMWare ESXi is an installable/embeddable virtualization platform based around the ESXi Hypervisor.
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ESX hosts crash within same vcenter cluster
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I have a vcenter cluster of 12 ESX hosts (ClusterA) and another cluster of 3 ESX hosts (ClusterB). All of these are a mix of poweredge r620s and r630s.

Some of the hosts have hardware errors that can be seen in the iDRAC logs and front LCD screen such as:

  • CPU machine check error
  • Correctable memory error rate exceeded As expected, this is causing those hosts to be unavailable (Not responding) in the clus ...
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How to configure ISP IP address to esxi host?
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I just bought a server for my organisation and installed vsphere esxi and i have installed windows server inside esxi host , and also i got an IP address for Internet from ISP, now i want to configure ISP IP address to esxi host to shere internet to client computer through esxi host and i don't know how to do that.

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How to clone ESXi USB boot pendrive without shutting down the host
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I have few ESXi (vSphere) servers running from USB sticks. As USB sticks are not very reliable I would like to prepare myself for those USB devices failure. Sure I could just made configuration backup with vicfg-cfgbackup and in case of any USB failure just reinstall ESXi on new USB stick and restore configuration. A much better option (in term of restoration time) is preparing in advance spare USB stic ...

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VMware vSphere 7.0 U3 + TrueNAS Core 13.0: can't create VMFS6 datastore from TrueNAS iSCSI disk. Why?
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I have a bare metal server running vSphere/ESXi 7.0 U3d, and a bare metal NAS running TrueNAS Core 13.0. The NAS has a single pool shared via iSCSI; the pool is running all defaults (lz4 compression+SHA512, no dedup, 128kb record size). For setup purposes, the shares are wide open with no security restrictions. The machines are connected to the same switch and are on the same VLAN, and can communicate f ...

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Co-locate VM on a single/set of core(s)
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I'm trying to understand certain impacts of virtualisation on performance by running benchmarks on VMs. I'm considering ESXi and Hyper-V as the hypervisors. I wanted to know if I can pin a VM to a particular core or set of cores. If possible, I could then pin 2 VMs to the same core and try reading into the effects when there's a memory intensive job running in both

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What does a Memory Device 1 A 4 yellow health status in Vmware mean?
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I'm not exactly clear on what the above message means or how to troubleshoot it. My first instinct is a memory stick has errors / going bad and I need to run memtest to check this. This would mean bringing down our main server so before I do this I'd like to hear from you guys if this is the correct path. At this point there has been no noticeable degradation of server performance.

Thanks for he ...

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Can I map multiple AD groups to multiple roles on ESXi?
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I have an AD joined ESXi server (v7.0) without a vCenter server. I can map an AD group to the "Administrator" role by configuring the advanced setting Config.HostAgent.Plugins.Hostsvc.EsxAdminsGroup. But is that all? Can I not map an AD group to the "Read only" role, for example?

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ESXi 7.0 mounting NFSv4 datastore unable to provision OVAs, NFSv3 works fine
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We have an Ubuntu 20.04 host using ZFS and the sharenfs option:

root@host:~# zfs get sharenfs pool/enc/esxi
NAME         PROPERTY  VALUE                                                                              SOURCE
pool/enc/esxi  sharenfs  rw=x.x.x.x,no_subtree_check,async,anonuid=0,anongid=0,all_squash  local

root@host:~# exportfs -v | grep esxi
/pool/enc/esxi    x.x.x.x(rw,async,wdelay,root_squas ...
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What is VMWare Cloud on AWS?
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If AWS is powered by Amazon's own hypervisor layer then What is VMWare Cloud on AWS

As I basically understand VMWare provides virtualization products such as VMWare ESXi, NSX etc. They sit in between Hardware and Guest OS (User's OS). If I see AWS services, they are powered by Amazon's own virtualization layer. Basically, what I could get as an EC2 instance is nothing but a Virtual Machine runnin ...

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CloudStack and GPU support
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Is there any document for GPU and VGPU support in cloudstack version 4.14 and later? For example how I find out CloudStack support Nvidia Quadro RTX series or not?

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emacs on Vmware Esxi
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how can I install a static version of emacs (without GUI) on Vmware Esxi ?

In the same spirit that this question shows how to install rsync !

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Migrating Ubuntu 18.04 LTS from hyper-v to ESXi
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I'm trying to migrate a Ubuntu server 18.04 from hyper-v to VMWare VCenter 7.0.2. I found out after the fact that 18.04 is not supported by the VCenter converter 6.2. Is there anyway to successfully migrate this over from hyper-v? I tried running a repair of GRUB since that is the issue by the looks of it, but it does not work.

EDIT: Starwinds logs

4/7 8:51:12.819 43f4 Facility ???INFO: CV2V_Converter ...
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Cannot redirect Yubikey into VMWare Horizon VDI with Ubuntu OS
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I am not able to redirect to Yubikey into the VMWare Horizon VDI. the guest OS is Ubuntu 20.04 I have install the vmware client & the required driver with the following command:

sudo ./ -m yes -U yes -A yes
sudo apt install yubico-piv-tool yubikey-manager yubikey-personalization-gui libpam-yubico libpam-u2f

I am able to show the Yubikey is inserted with command, but the Yubikey ...

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Can't see a device listed when creating a vmware datastore
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So I am new to vmware and used vmware workstation to install ESXI 7 on my windows 10 pc. I am trying to create a test enviornment where I can have two vm's connect to the internet from my pc.

I did not use an external HD or CD/DVD when installing vmware.. is this why I am not seeing any device listed for my vmware devices.

How do I add a device to then create a datastore?

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Alternatives to vMotion for moving virtual machines to a different Datastore
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The company i work for is running a small virtual environment and has several virtual servers on 2 different ESXi hosts managed by a vCenter, for reasons relating to backup verification i need to make room on one of the ESXi hosts datastores. The host has a NAS Datastore mounted that still has plenty of room left on it, so i figured it would be a good idea to move a few of the larger VMs there, the Prob ...

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Can't Access Vmware Esxi from GUI and CLI after polling from OpenNMS
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I added Vmware Esxi ip in OpenNMS and configured SNMP for the same. After successful addition of node, I also added Configuration in /usr/share/opennms/etc/vmware-config.xml ( I am running OpenNMS in Ubuntu 20.04 ) for monitoring of Vmware Esxi using Vmware Monitor. Below is the configuration of vmware-config.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<vmware-server hostname="<ip_ ...
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Cannot connect to OPNsense web console from LAN
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I'm facing a strange issue with a new install of OPNsense on ESXi 6.7 that I hope someone can help me figure out. I'm thinking the problem is on ESXi not OPNsense, since I had a working setup using pfSense on ESXi 6.0 prior to upgrading to ESXi 6.7.

  • I have a single VMware ESXi 6.7 host server (Dell T630) with two VMs, one running OPNsense and one running Windows 10.
  • There are two port groups (WAN and  ...
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Add secondary IP to ESXi host from different subnets
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I have to add a secondary IP to an ESXi host running ESXi 6.5. My objective is to allow communication between some machines running on a different local network and the VMs present inside ESXi through a secondary interface. Here is a map depicting my intention: enter image description here

As you can see, I have a primary router connected through the primary interface with and I need to connect to the other netw ...

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A non-zero CPU ready (but host underutilized)
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I'm having an issue with performance on a Red Hat VM, seemingly related to a Java process that seems to be quite heavy on processing and data. I'm been working through different things, but nothing has improved the performance so far.

I currently have this VM on a host, and have confirmed that I have leftover virtual processors once I calculate the core/socket/threads.

I don't understand how/why th ...

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Can't make Vmware ESXi 6.7 LAG on top of Dell VLTi port-channel
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I've configured dell 5212F switches with 2x100G ports into VLTi domain. For some reason - when I run show vlt 10 mismatch it show that both of switches have no roles. But they appear as should in show vlt 10 and they able to ping each other mgmt IP

In addition - i've created a port-channel 1 with vlt-channel 1 and connected 2 25G uplinks to one of vmware servers.

I've created a distributed switch w ...

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How to disable LLDP agent on a NIC?
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After two days of troubleshooting, I have figured out why my ESXi NIC teaming is failing.

I have the following network topology (simplified):

enter image description here

vmnic0 is currently set to unused on the ESXi virtual switch. Packet dumps (from the host) show NO outgoing packets on this physical interface.

However, my network connectivity to this host on SW1 is routinely knocked out (every several seconds). I found tha ...

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What is wrong with ESXi VMKernel Port in Active/Active configuration?
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I have the below, simplified configuration:

enter image description here

Essentially, I have an ESXi host with two physical network adapters. Each adapter plugs in to a different switch. Each switch is connected via a trunk port. A PC is connected to one of the switches. A vSwitch with a VMKernel port and VM ports is configured to use both physical NICs in an Active/Active configuration:

enter image description here

I have run esxtop and can see that the ESXi ...

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Does configuring BIOS really solve ESXi CPU Contention?
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There's alert coming up on our server saying CPU Contention even if we already isolate that VMguest from another high CPU consuming VMguest:

Alert Definition Name: Virtual Machine on a host with BIOS power management not set to OS controlled is facing CPU contention Alert

Definition Description: Virtual Machine running on a ESXi host with power management not set to OS Controlled in the BIOS is f ...

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Two bonded 10Gb nics on an ESXi guest OS not using full bandwidth
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On an ESXi guest machine, with Ubuntu 18.04 operating system, two nics connected from two difference vswitch, each of them has a separate 10Gb uplink.

I made a bonded nic from these two links with balance-rr and balance-alb modes. When testing the bandwidth, it doesn't exceed the 10Gb (around 9.7gbps) limit for the bonded interface.

 bwm-ng v0.6.1 (probing every 0.500s), press 'h' for help
  input: /proc/ ...
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Changing VM network without restart the virtual machine in ESXi 7
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I want to change my VM network from CLI. I managed to do this by editing the .vmx file, but I need to Restart my VM for the changes that will take place. I tried: vim-cmd vmsvc/ #id change vmx file vim-cmd vmsvc/power.on #id

I also tried to use vim-cmd vmsvc/reload #id to reload the vmx file, but it does not succeed. If I run the command: esxcli network vm list I get:

World ID Name Num Ports  ...

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Unable to grow Windows 2019 C: system partition
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I have a software vendor supplied 2019 Server virtual, with a very simple one partition setup. Unlike many of similar questions I've come across while searching, this one does not have recovery partition at the end. I grew the disk in VMWare by 100GiB, but Disk Management refuses to grow the C: -partition into the newly added space.

I have not previously encountered a situation where free adjacen ...

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extend volume of CentOS7 VM
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There is an issabel VM which I increased the VM hard drive from 20G to 1.07T through ESXi.

Next I add sda4 partition as new Linux LVM (following this path at step 22 ), seems I have to use vgextend [volume group] /dev/sda4 now but there is no Volume Group or at least vgdisplay,vgs,dh -f will show no VG. here is the outputs:

fdisk -l:

Disk /dev/sda: 1176.5 GB, 1176477441536 bytes, 2297807503 sector ...
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Disk read metrics not showing for postgres activity
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I've long noticed that ESXI wasn't showing disk READ activity for my Ubuntu Postgres database server. I figured maybe it was just a weird bug with ESXI, as it would show disk WRITE activity.

I decided to install Zabbix and see if I could monitor disk read activity with that but same thing, under a very heavy DB read activity, disk read rate is 0. not close to zero, or low. but absolutely 0.

I reali ...

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PfSense: VLAN configuation
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I have some problem in making VLAN working. My configuration is pretty simple: I have an esx host where I have created a port group for VLAN10. On that host I have pfsense and a windows VM . PfSense has two networks: one on the LAN and another on the VLAN10, while the windows VM as only one netwok card on the VLAN10. The switch has VLAN10 tagged on the ports where the esx host is connected to, and there ...

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Avahi-browse only showing ipv6 entries when in a different vlan
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Why are only IPv6 entries shown, what happened to the IPv4 entries? IPv6 Entries are the only ones being populated with the avahi-browse when run from a different vlan.

Setup IGMP, PIM on L3 switch with a vSphere ubuntu or VyOS vm todo mDNS reflection which is providing discoverability between vlans. However chromecast and tv have not been successful so far but figured if I could find out why only IPv6  ...