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vSphere is an enterprise level virtualization solution. It acts as the cloud computing OS managing a set of VMware ESXi-based hosts.
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ESX hosts crash within same vcenter cluster
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I have a vcenter cluster of 12 ESX hosts (ClusterA) and another cluster of 3 ESX hosts (ClusterB). All of these are a mix of poweredge r620s and r630s.

Some of the hosts have hardware errors that can be seen in the iDRAC logs and front LCD screen such as:

  • CPU machine check error
  • Correctable memory error rate exceeded As expected, this is causing those hosts to be unavailable (Not responding) in the clus ...
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How to configure ISP IP address to esxi host?
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I just bought a server for my organisation and installed vsphere esxi and i have installed windows server inside esxi host , and also i got an IP address for Internet from ISP, now i want to configure ISP IP address to esxi host to shere internet to client computer through esxi host and i don't know how to do that.

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VMware vSphere 7.0 U3 + TrueNAS Core 13.0: can't create VMFS6 datastore from TrueNAS iSCSI disk. Why?
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I have a bare metal server running vSphere/ESXi 7.0 U3d, and a bare metal NAS running TrueNAS Core 13.0. The NAS has a single pool shared via iSCSI; the pool is running all defaults (lz4 compression+SHA512, no dedup, 128kb record size). For setup purposes, the shares are wide open with no security restrictions. The machines are connected to the same switch and are on the same VLAN, and can communicate f ...

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ACL to block certain vcloud pages unless from certain IPs
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I have a need to block a tenant URL in vcloud and have managed to do this for the direct attempts, ie, but I can't seem to block the


I need to wildcard, it but how do I do that in HAProxy-speak?

This is what I have at present:

acl trusted_ip src IP1

acl trusted_ip src IP2

acl trusted_ip src IP3

acl truste ...

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set-vm(guest customisation) : The operation for the entity "x" failed with the following message: "A specified parameter was not correct: hostname
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(powercli newbie here)

I am using guest customisationscript that needs hostname when creating vm. Using that in powercli fails

$New_vm=get-vm "ies-jtmpl-t005"
$OSSpecs = Get-OSCustomizationSpec -Name 'jayan_debug'
Set-VM -VM $New_vm -OSCustomizationSpec $OSSpecs -Confirm:$false

The jayan_debug is set to take hostname when creating vm

The operation for the entity "ies-jtmpl-t005" failed with the f ...
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ovftool import succeeds but VM is not able to be found
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So I am importing a VM using the following command:

ovftool.exe --name="test_VM2" --datastore="vsanDatastore" C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\VM_Exports\test_server.ova " Cluster"
Opening OVA source: C:\Users\testuser\Desktop\VM_Exports\test_server.ova
The manifest validates
Opening VMX target: Cluster
Writing VMX file: admini ...
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http error 403 for vsphere login page
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I am running a vcenter server, and created a desktop shortcut for the vsphere webclient login, it works well, but after a certain time, around 2 weeks the desktop shortcut will no longer work, and instead display a http error 403, if i mnually enter the FQDN of my vCenter Server i can connect to the vSphere webclient no problem, is there a way to fix this, so i don't have to create a new desktop shortcu ...

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Adding a machine to a domain fails with internal error
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I've enabled winrm, disabled firewall, enable remoting, GPOs for winrm, enabled SMBv1 and completed updates first as troubleshooting but I still get the error. I can ping the DC as well.

The error I get is:

Add-Computer: Computer "server2019' failed to join domain '' from its current workgroup 'WORKGROUP' with following error message: An internal error occurred.
At line:1 char:1
Add-Comp ...
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"resize the virtual machine and the window" not working
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The VMware Remote Console is not resizing the virtual machine to fit the window, even though I have that setting set. Does anyone have any suggestions to make this work?

  • VMware Remote Console version 12
  • vCenter 6.5
  • VM version 10
  • VMware Tools is of course installed: v.10.0.9
  • launched from Chrome
  • guest OS that is having a problem: Windows Server 2019
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Migrate Kubernetes storage from vSphere to NFS with StatefulSets
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I'm trying to move all my persistent volumes from vSphere to NFS, I managed to do it for many applications that use Deployment kind. All I have to do is:

  • Mount the NFS volume to a different path (/tmp for example)
  • Copy the data from vSphere volume to NFS volume (using cp command in the pod)
  • Swap the volumes names in the Deployment definition and finally get rid of the vSphere volume

Now, I have S ...

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Can't see a device listed when creating a vmware datastore
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So I am new to vmware and used vmware workstation to install ESXI 7 on my windows 10 pc. I am trying to create a test enviornment where I can have two vm's connect to the internet from my pc.

I did not use an external HD or CD/DVD when installing vmware.. is this why I am not seeing any device listed for my vmware devices.

How do I add a device to then create a datastore?

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vSphere Enhanced Authentication Plugin for SSO
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I have recently configured a vCenter Server to monitor our companies virtual machines, and would like to use the Windows Sessionauthentication. The vCenter is already joined to the AD Domain, and i can log in with my domain credentials no problem, but in order to use the Windows Session Authentication feature i need to download the "Enhanced Authentication Plugin", whenever i try to do so i get a certif ...

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Is there a way to automatically install vmware tools on new Windows server VMs upon VM Creation in vCenter7?
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We are running vCenter7 to manage our virtual machine infrastructure, i am trying to set up backup verification with nakivos screenshot verification feature, however when the flash VM boot job recovers the VM i want to verify, the verification process always fails because the newly recovered vm doesn't automatically install/start vmware tools when being created. Is there a way to automate installation o ...

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Copying large file with robocopy during VMWare storage vmotion
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if I copy massive files via robocopy during storage vmotion then is there any negative impact ?


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How to set VMWare VM screen resolution on Windows using Ansible
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I'm trying to deploy a vSphere Windows VM via Ansible and need to set a specific screen resolution (1024x768). Running VMWareResolutionSet.exe works locally in PowerShell with the following command (the , needs to be escaped with a ` in Powershell to avoid making the arguments a list, and the & is needed to run commands with spaces in their paths):

& "C:\Program Files\VMWare\VMware Tools\VMwareR ...
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auto start vm on login and shutdown on logout
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I have been looking for this all day but can not find an answer anywhere. We have vmware 7 with vmware horizon 7.

We have over 100 vm's running all the time. For 40 of those the users are not assigned but 40 users are assigned to a pool of vm's. So when they login they get assigned a random vm.

I was wondering if there is a way to shut down the vm's, and let them auto start when a user logs into hor ...

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Why should I enable promiscuous mode?
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I'm currently using an environment lab for testing ESXi so I run nested ESX(two ESX are installed on ESX)

The problem is I was trying to install vCenter on both of my lab ESX and at the end of stage 1 of deploying vCenter, I got an error that says :

The installer is unable to connect to vcenter server management interface

After this, although it says I can start stage 2 with the port 5480 of the ...

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VMWAre OVFtool export fails with error "Failed to create directory"
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I am trying to export a VM using OVFtool running on a windows server

ovftool.exe --allowExtraConfig  --noImageFiles --noSSLVerify "vi://xx.xx.xx.xx/myVM"    "c:\myPath"
Enter login information for source vi://xx.xx.xx.xx/
Username: myid
Password: ************
Opening VI source: vi://myid@xx.xx.xx.xx:443/myVM
Opening OVF target: "C:\mypath"
Error: Failed to create directory: "c:\myPath"
- E ...
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Creating new datastore and VMFS
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I was currently working on the ESXi lab and trying to do some work with it. So I have an ESXi that is running on a server and I installed 2 ESXi on it (two ESXi are running on the primary ESXi). The problem is after finishing installing 2 ESXi, none of them had a datastore. So I had to create a new VMFS. But I faced this problem: There is no device in the list so I can create anything! enter image description here enter image description here

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pfSense - expose LAN to the WAN network
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I am at the point I really need some help to configure pfSense. I am getting no support from the IT and half of the time I am not sure things are not working because of me and my limited experience, or because the IT is not allowing them.

I have a server running ESXi 7. The server is connected to a switch (managed by the IT), via two NICs, however the IT is allowing me to have only one IP address ...

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How to interpret the Memory (Top 10) performance chart in vCenter?
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Performance Chart

I'm trying to interpret the above performance chart from vCenter. The thing is, each of these clusters each has four servers each with 64GB of RAM for a total of 256GB per cluster. What confounds me is that the chart seems to indicate the cluster in red has:

(red-blue)/(total red memory)

utilization. Except the units of measurement are millions of KBs and in this case that would be roughly 360 mill ...

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vCenter Server dbused Comsuming all the CPU Resources
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I have a vSphere 6.7 connected to an ESXi 6.5 server. Recently, I noticed the CPU utilization is always 100%. The process I am aware of "dbused" is consuming all of the CPU resources.

root@vcsa [ ~ ]# ps aux|grep dbused
root      15520  146  0.0 2437200 6908 ?        Ssl  15:09   0:55 dbused

What is that process? I tried to kill that but it resurrected again.

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What can I do with a custom TCP/IP stack in ESXi?
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With custom TCP/IP stack, you get following benefits:

  • Separate Memory Heap.
  • Personalized ARP Table.
  • Personalized Routing Table which helps avoiding routing table conflicts that might appear when many features are using a common TCP/IP stack.
  • Isolate traffic to improve network security.

Playing with the custom TCP/IP stacks and wanted to find out how I can benefit from it but all I can do with ...

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IPsec on ESXi - How to avoid inputting plaintext crypto keys in command line?
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The ESXi's IPsec commands require the encryption/integrity keys be inputted in plaintext from the command line. This is not recommended security practice. The command line history is even logged to /var/log/shell.log.

So how can I hide the keys?

$ esxcli network ip ipsec sa add --help
Usage: esxcli network ip ipsec sa add [cmd options]

  add                   Add a Security Association ...
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vSphere70u1 - How can the vCLS agent VMs provide Clustering Service?
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vSphere 7 Update 1 added a new "vSphere Clustering Service (vCLS)" and according to the doc:

  • Basic Architecture

    The basic architecture for the vCLS control plane consists of maximum 3 virtual machines (VM), also referred to as system or agent VMs which are placed on separate hosts in a cluster. These are lightweight agent VMs that form a cluster quorum. On smaller clusters with less than 3 hosts, th ...

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could not launch vCenter vSphere client
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I just installed vCenter on an ESXI host (v7.0 U3):

  • (my storage is only 256GB, so I choose "thin" mode)
  • It seems that "vSphere client service" is healthy. enter image description here
  • And I can see linking page for vSphere client enter image description here
  • But the vSphere client could never be launched enter image description here

Anybody knows why? Thanks!

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New Epyc vmware host slow for .net applications
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We have a EPYC Rome 7502 host running vSphere v7.0.3, and for .net applications we're seeing a performance hit of around 50%, compared to the old host which is Xeon E5-2630.

The performance hit in the .net app is all CPU based.

CPUZ suggests the host should be faster for both single and multithreaded tasks.

According to VMWare's white paper we shouldn't have to do anything. It doesn't explain how to con ...

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Using VMware ovftool to check existence of virtual machine (VM)?
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What is the canonical way to use VMware's ovftool to query to see if a VM exists or not?

If I run this command:

ovftool vi://username@password@myvsphere/mydatacenter/vm/myvm

I might get this response:

Error: Got fault from server: The attempted operation cannot be
performed in the current state (Powered on).
Error: Fault cause: vim.fault.InvalidState

I know I can do the following and then look for

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Cannot extend VMware HDD because of snapshots that I cannot delete
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There is a virtual machine located at a machine, which I access through VMware vSphere Client.

  • it has only 200 GB HDD which is quite a bit.
  • it's connected to a domain and a lot of users are using it with domain accounts.
  • it has old snapshots, because of licenses, which I cannot delete.

The issue is how do I extend that C: drive from 200 GB to something bigger by knowing that I cannot remove all the ...

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VMDK disk became read only & how to avoid such this cases on rhel machines
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we have Kafka cluster with RHEL 7.6 , all Kafka are VM machines

on one of the Kafka machines , we noticed that sdb disk became read only ( when sda is the OS disk )

 mount | grep sdb
/dev/sdb on /var/data/kafka_DB type ext4 (ro,noatime,data=ordered)

from my point of view its little strange that DISK VMDK became read only ( because its not mechanic disk )

from red-hat I find the following

https://access.r ...