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VPN is the acronym for Virtual Private Network - a network type that uses a the Internet to provide remote networks or single machines with secure access to their organization's network avoiding expensive leased lines.
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Connecting though WireGuard to VPN connected server
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I'm trying to connect to a VPN connected server, right now it only accepts LAN connections but not from outside the network.

My ultimate goal is that the server is always connected to PIA VPN (WireGuard protocol) and I'll be able to connect to this server via WireGuard hosted on this server. I know I'll need to do some routing but I don't know where to start.


It's a Debian 10.10 server LAN inte ...

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Connecte to VPN server via VPN client which is a NAT instance
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Main question is how to connect to a vpn server via a vpn client which is a NAT instance, let me describe about it.

Scenes 1:

I have a group of service instance(ubuntu 18.04) named A

One instances which i use for NAT instance named B

both group A and instance B are in same vpc, A has no public ip ,B has one pulibc ip, and which i did is use B as a NAT and set SNAT in vpc so group A can access internet  ...

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Routing : route through vpn while allowing incoming traffic on local interface
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I'm setting up a server that connects to an ovpn server through which it's able to access some remote devices. Some of these devices have private IPs (no problems here), however the ones that have a public IP have a strict rule that allows access only from the ovpn server's public IP .

My server therefore needs to redirect all internet traffic through this vpn. The trouble is that once i configur ...

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Synology Open VPN Server to Client connection
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I have a 2 sites:

  • Synology A ( - running VPN Server (
  • Synology B ( - running VPN Client (connecting with

I'm trying to setup Hyper Backup from Synology A (source) to Synology B (destination).

I was able to connect using Open VPN from Synology A to Synology B but I'm not able to setup Hyper Backup from Synology A specifying as destination IP. ...

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Can a VPN service be used like a reverse VPN allowing inbound traffic for serving a website?
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I’ve done quite a bit of searching, and it seems this can be done, but the answers I seem to find are either vague or responses are something along the lines of “but why would you want to do that?”

I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction to accomplish the following:


Visitor - > Cloudflare Proxy -> Web Server

Cloudflare DNS proxy sits in front of my web ser ...

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How to setup strongSwan server for Cisco RV130 VPN Gateway?
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I'm trying to setup this scenario with goal of full subnet-to-subnet connectivity:

.--------------.            .--------------.                .--------------.
| linux        |--- LAN1 ---|  NATing      |--- INTERNET ---|  Cisco       |--- LAN2
| strongSwan   |  172.x.x.x |  ROUTER      |                |  RV130       | 192.168.a.a
| VPN gateway  |            |              |                |       ...
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Packets from xfrm interface won't route, but opposite works
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I'm working on a site-to-site vpn, where one end us a UDM and the other is Strongswan. The goal is to provide bi-directional routing into a cloud environment. I'm completely baffled why this isn't working.

The good news is Strongswan connects and will pass traffic. But I have some routing issues on the Strongswan side. My Strongswan host has two interfaces, eth0 which has the public internet IP o ...

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VPN for specific addresses
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Right now I have to connect to 2 separate corporate VPNs using different, proprietary VPN software for ssh/http/smb services. I can't use them at the same time and they take over my whole computer (slowing down downloads, etc). Is there a way I can set up an individual computer (Mac/Ubuntu) or a LAN so that I don't have to do this? I would like to be able to do "ssh" and it ...

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Internal website over SSL VPN (F5 Network) session issue
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We have F5 Networks SSL VPN setup and added some internal websites in F5 portal. One website works good, but the other one has session problem.

When I sign in to F5 portal, from there I go to internal website (which F5 redirects) [see the image here]1, then I can sign in into that website with X user, but then when I want to sign in with other user, it stills signs me in with X user not matter what user you write. Eve ...

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WireGuard: Limiting download & upload bandwidth
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I'm trying to limit download and upload speed of each wireguard peer to 512kbit.

The problem is that my following commands, only limits download bandwidth of peer and doesn't limit upload bandwidth. Any help would be appreciated.

tc rules for example peer with ip and iptables mark 12:

tc qdisc add dev eth0 root handle 1: htb
tc qdisc add dev wg0 root handle 1: htb

tc class add dev eth0 pare ...
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DNS suffix not being used with windows server hostnames over VPN
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Our internal network is a windows domain, Internally, if a user needs to get to a file server share, they can navigate to \\fileserver\share or \\\share and both resolve without issue.

We recently stood up an external VPN (Azure P2S) using IKEv2 that is configured to use our internal DNS servers, DNS suffix and is configured for split tunneling.

PPP ada ...
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Changing Mikrotik PPP Address pool
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Trying to change address pool given by L2TP connection on Mikrotik. What I have now: - local network - l2tp address pool, added to IP-Addresses, IP-Pool, Firewall-NAT connection accept.
CMAK-created connection on a Windows 10 machine with routes.txt inside. At this point everything works well.

Now I'm trying to change the 250 pool to 230, so I'm changing it in IP-Address ...

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PPTP mschapv2 no response
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Using NetworkManager PPTP VPN plugin I am trying to connect to VPN. Still get timeouts, logs:

July 24 00:26:50 abraham NetworkManager[5654]: Plugin /usr/lib/pppd/2.4.9/ loaded.
July 24 00:26:50 abraham pppd[5654]: pppd 2.4.9 started by root, uid 0
July 24 00:26:50 abraham pppd[5654]: Using interface ppp0
July 24 00:26:50 abraham NetworkManager[5654]: Using interface ppp0
July  ...
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Connect to AWS private subnet without static IP address
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My ISP user CGNAT and I don't have a static IP address but I want to connect to my AWS subnet. I tried creating a VM for an OpenVPN server but that way I can only connect to the server VM unless I setup the on all the other VMs. How can I connect to my subnet without a static IP address?

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WireGuard Chain Tunnel
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I'm trying to build a chain WireGuard Tunnel. Right now testing, but I'm stuck.

I have two WireGuard servers, 1st one is in India 2nd one is in Singapore. Here is what I'm trying.

Client < > India < > Singapore

IN Tunnel Peer: SG Tunnel Peer:

I was able to deploy the WireGuard on both servers. And now I'm trying to establish a c ...

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How to use two or more openvpn clients at the same time?
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I want to connect to several ip at the same time, for this I use the VPN Gate service and I have, for example, two configs.

dev tun0
;dev tap0
proto tcp
remote 1603
;http-proxy [proxy server] [proxy port]
cipher AES-128-CBC
auth SHA1
resolv-retry infinite
verb 3


dev tun1
;dev tap1
proto tcp
remote 443
;http-p ...
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ARP Proxy second IP of VPS to route it over Wireguard
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I have set up an ARP Proxy on my VPS. With this Setup, I can route incoming traffic on the second IP of my VPS over WireGuard. This should allow my Raspberry Pi at home to use the second Public IP.

I got this kind of working. Incoming Pings are forwarded over the WireGuard Tunnel to the Pi. But the Pi then tries to answer the Ping via eth0. Is there a way to fix this, so it sends the reply Packet ...

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Can't establish s2s VPN connection between AWS EC2 and OVH Public Cloud using WireGuard
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I can't establish VPN connection between AWS EC2 instance and OVH Public Cloud. In /var/log/syslog there's no errors - just some info about wg-quick operations like adding routing etc.

AWS EC2 instance:

  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS

  • Internal IP Address: ex. ens4

  • Public IP Address: ex. aws public interface

  • Port 12345/udp and 12345/tcp opened via Security group

  • Config ...

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WireGuard Port-forwarding from Client in the Host
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i'm trying to connect a port from a wireguard client to the host network of the server.

I tried to do it with IPtables but I always get the reply of "unreachable"

It seems that my configuration could be the problem?


TEST Connection

root@wiretest3:~# curl -I
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Server: nginx/1.20.1
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2021 10:37:38 GMT
Content-Type: text/html
Content-Length: 988
Last-Mod ...
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Microsoft Remote Desktop File Share Fail (VPN)
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File sharing via Windows Remote Desktop over a certain F5 Networks VPN no longer works. I cannot see redirected folders on the remote Win Server when connecting with Mac or Windows 10 client (VM) over VPN.

The problem started about 11 months earlier. There is no error. Problem: the defined "Redirect" folders on the Mac client no longer show up on the Windows server and now I cannot transfer files ...

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Connecting Unifi UDM-Pro to a Windows VPN Server
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I need to connect our new UDM-Pro to a Windows VPN server.

I've tried using Site-to-site VPNs with both IPSEC and OpenVPN modes, but failed in both cases.

Did anyone have any success with it? Is it even possible?

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How to configure VPN to work with an API on ubuntu server
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I have deployed a Nodejs API on the Ubuntu server and I am using NordVPN on the server but after enabling the VPN I am not able to connect to my API from browser and also SSH for remote access is not working.

When i try to ssh:

C:\Users\mvsrs>ssh root@

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection timed out

I tried these commands on server terminal:

ip route add 122.XXX.XXX.XXX ...

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How to setup a VPN Gateway + normal host with 2 interfaces same server
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Is it possible and how I should do it to setup a VPN gateway using openvpn on interface eth1 and also have other interface eht0 as normal host user without VPN?

I want to setup VPN gateway on eth1. some guides that I found: OpenVPN and gateway on linux,

And leave eth0 as normal user host.

Currently on my RPI I have docker servers runn ...

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OpenVPN client - session-start: ** ERROR ** Failed to start new session: Failed calling D-Bus method Connect: Timeout was reached
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First I run: $ openvpn3 config-import --config jethro-cao.ovpn, and get the expected output of: Configuration imported. Configuration path: /net/openvpn/v3/configuration/339401a6xf41ex483ex8ea4x60cfa3e2a844

Now I try to connect like shown below:

$ openvpn3 session-start --config-path /net/openvpn/v3/configuration/339401a6xf41ex483ex8ea4x60cfa3e2a844
Session path: /net/openvpn/v3/sessions/c398f1cesbd60s4a ...
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Wireguard + Split Tunnel + Two Peers -- Handshake failure with second peer because of private key
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I've setup two wireguard peer servers and can connect sucessfully to each one independetly.

But when I try to connect to two peers at same time and split tunnels, It does fails to hand shake with second server. I think thats because two peers private keys are different, and In multi peer client I can only enter one server's private key.

I don't know how can these two peers work together with one private k ...

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Cisco RV345 SSLVPN Switch on the network cant connect to my TFTP server over VPN
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I am trying to upgrade a Cisco SG200-50 switch boot code via TFTP over a VPN connection.

My computer/TFTP Server is which is the SSL VPN subnet of the Cisco RV345 router I am using.

The RV345 Router is at

The SG200-50 is at

The VPN is a split tunnel affair that excludes local area network so I can use my printer and access my server. It works fine.

When in the SG ...

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How to Set up Site-To-Site VPN using a VPN client as a gateway
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I have a remote L2TP VPN which my synology diskstation connects to.

I would like to use my synology diskstation then as a gateway to get to hosts on this VPN.

The VPN assigns addresses in the space.

So I tried the following static route on my local router (

The address of my diskstation, which I assume will serve as the gateway to the VPN is, on my local network:


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Openvpn3 client failed calling D-Bus method Connect on Debian buster
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I had a healthy Openvpn3 client running on my laptop, and every day used to successfully connect to my company's vpn without any hurdle.

However today things went wrong, and I'm no longer able to connect. This is the message error:

session-start: ** ERROR ** Failed to start new session: Failed calling D-Bus method Connect: Timeout was reached

I know yesterday openvpn3 was updated from repos.

Go ...

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StrongSwan swanctl/xfrm: How to masquerade tunneled traffic?
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  • Ubuntu 20.04LTS
  • strongSwan swanctl 5.8.2
  • Linux 5.8.0-1035-gcp

I'm trying to setup an IKEv2 "roadwarrior" VPN that defers radius authentication to our upstream server. The good news is, I can get clients to connect and pass RADIUS auth. But, I've tried about a million things, but I cannot get packets to forward. I do see traffic arriving in the tunnel, but it will not NAT outbound. Notice my attemp ...

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DNS Server Search order in Windows 10 and VPNs
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DNS queries to hosts accessible through a VPN fail. How to fix?

On a Windows 10 host, DNS queries for hosts known only to the VPN-accessible DNS Server fail to resolve. The DNS queries are sent to my local DNS Server ( which returns no DNS Answers. DNS queries are not sent to the VPN-accessible DNS Server (

Powershell Get-DnsClientServerAddress shows:

PS> Get-DnsClientServerAdd ...