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VPS is the acronym for `Virtual Private Server`. Hosting companies provide customers the ability to rent computing resources, which are used to create and run virtual machines that are controlled by the customer, but run on the hosting company's hardware. Such a VM is known as a VPS.
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Is CD polling from "SeaBIOS" after GRUB coming from VPS host (Vultr) or OS (Debian 10)?
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I'm new to the VPS hosting scene and it's been a while since I installed Debian, 7-Wheezy was my last.

I'm seeing polling for a CD rom drive after GRUB from SeaBIOS (see first screenshot).

By "after GRUB" I mean, after the screen asking for you to select which OS to boot (see second screenshot).

Is this being done by Debian (10) or by the VPS hosting company (Vultr)?

The thing confusing me most is that it ...

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VPS performance apparently low - how can I verify?
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top outputI apologize wholeheartedly but this is probably as unspecified as it can get as for a question.

I run a linux VPS and...I think it has an important performance problem, but I can't pin point what it is or could be. I contacted support but they say they don't see any problems. For further support I have to pay.

I am an experienced software engineer with some devops insights. I'd like to first find out m ...

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I need to have my 2 websites to have an individual rDNS record but they both are running on the shared web hosting servers
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I'm a server noob and want to get some solution or some advice from the gurus of the ServerFault. I currently have two different live websites running and they both are using the shared web hosting servers. But I need to have those two websites to have an individual rDNS record set up for each and to work that out, it seems like I need to have those two websites migrate to two different dedicated server ...

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Need advises on VPS security - maybe some automated tools
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I create application that will be served on Ubuntu 20.04 VPS server. Nginx, Python, Postgresql, nodejs, nothing special.

Unfortunately, all my knowledge about server security ends after ufw enable and fail2ban. (Because most tutorials ends after it too.)

Can you please recommend me some good modern manual on securing server in Internet? If there is some automated security-test service or anything th ...

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are there popular vps orchestration tools similar to kubernetes but for non-container environments?
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I'm in the process of learning kubernetes and docker swarm. I really appreciate how you can create several servers as work nodes and cluster/swarm them together. Then use commands like kubectl get pods or docker ps -a to see all pods/containers across all services connected to the same cluster/swarm.

This got me wondering if:

  1. Is it a popular to run database and node js apps across VPS instances ...
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I need more space but i cant add space to /dev/mapper
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Sorry my english, but I'm italian, today on my vps with ubuntu I restarted emby server, but it didn't start and doing service emby-server status, it gives me the error: Unhandled exception. System.IO.IOException: No space left on device

but the space is there, the same error gives me apt upgrade ... then I went to see with df, and I found that / dev / mapper / vg00-lv02 is 100% full

then i tried to  ...

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VPN without port forwarding using raspberry pi and a VPS
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I'm trying to setup a simple VPN without port forwarding.

I have:

  • raspberry pi connected to a LAN (eth0 -
  • internet accessible vps server
  • laptop & android device that needs access to the LAN using a VPN

I read that I can use tinc to establish a peer to peer connection between the raspberry pi and VPS server. This worked great so now I have created a network between vps and raspberry ...

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How to make a VPS with multiple IPs to proxy with more than 1 IP?
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I have a Ubuntu VPS with four different public IP addresses.

I want to use this VPS as a socks5 proxy in firefox browser, curl and other software with the possibility to use all public IPs of that machine using a socks5 proxy like Dante or any other.

What do you think that it is the best approach to make this config? Maybe a github script, using net rules on VPS?

I need to have four different socks5 pr ...

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Hosting Multiple Django Websites on a VPS
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I'm moving away from WordPress and into bespoke Django websites.

I've settled on Django as my Python framework, my only problems at the moment are concerning hosting. My current shared hosting environment is great for WordPress (WHM on CloudLinux), but serving Django on Apache/cPanel appears to be hit and miss, although I haven't tried it as yet with my new hosting company. - who have Python enab ...

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My Nginx Server is not running my App on my domain name?? Please give me solution
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When I open the IP Address

I see the default Nginx Page and not my app I have successfully proxied my node.js app which is running on port 5000 to run or port 80 but still my app is not running in browser

enter image description here

enter image description here

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How many KVM make sense to run ? (Proxmox)
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The company i work from are actually using a bunch of "commercial VPS" which actually, in my point of views, are really overpriced for what they have.

Having some basic and limited knowledge in virtualization, i was wondering if just taking 6-7 of dedicated server, install Proxmox on it and then, create a bunch of VM (which is, correct me if i'm wrong, a VPS) will be better, and for the financial ...

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Clear cache on nginx server
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I have a server, when I'm developing a website on my local machine I want to upload it to test it on the production server, however I'm facing a problem from the mobile phone I still get the old version of the server, on the PC I can do a hard refresh however on mobile phone I keep wait until the website refresh is there any solution for this problem? can I clear cache on the server or any other solutio ...

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Install SSL with Nginx on Unbuntu (VPS server) - SSL: error: 0B080074: x509
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I've been blocking my site for HTTPS for 2 days now (VPS Server, Node.js, Nginx, Unbuntu). I ordered a certificate from an organization, so I received 4 certificates.

From what I understood, I had to create a .key and .csr (which include my personal data) with this command:

openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout domainname_com.key -out domainname_com.csr

After that I had to bring together the 4 ...

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Why doesn't throughput improve from adding additional web servers?
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I have a load balancer with a dedicated cpu that distributes traffic to two linodes with shared cpus. I'm testing a template website with 9 lazy loaded images, no database queries, that's been optimized to score 100 on pagespeed, A on gtmetrix, and loads in under 1 second.

While testing the website with the shared cpu, it performs as expected, around 1k rps with or without ssl, using nginx.

However, ...

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Reverse proxy and domain forwarding
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I'm trying to set up a VPS with a single IP address to run my static homepage and some additional services such as NextCloud. I already have a domain that points to the VPS's IP address. Reading through a number of tutorials on self-hosting, a common solution for this type of scenario is to set up a reverse proxy that forwards to different subdomains, e.g. However, here's my ques ...

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Iptables hitcount instantly blocks ssh
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Need some help with iptables. I always use to have vps with public ipv4 ip and used these rules in iptables to block ssh connections that tried to connect too many times.
-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 22 -m state --state NEW -m recent --update --seconds 180 --hitcount 3 --name DEFAULT --mask --rsource -j DROP
-A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 22 -m state --state NEW -m recent --set  ...
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Do email providers junk all email from certain IP address ranges?
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TLDR: appear to be junking all our emails from new VPS - nothing has an effect so questioning if IP address range reputation is the issue.

We used to host all our websites (five) and email on a single VPS. Due to email problems that we were unable to resolve we obtained another server from a different company (Hostinger) to host our email.

Everything has been set up ok as far as we know - S ...

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Unable to deploy simple flask app on ubuntu vps
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I am trying to deploy a simple flask app on an VPS running Ubuntu 20 and LAMP

The app runs fine when I execute it with flask run from inside the app folder

However the server log has errors:

[Sun Oct 24 14:55:03.464311 2021] [wsgi:error] [pid 5655] [client]     from FlaskApp import app as application
[Sun Oct 24 14:55:03.464323 2021] [wsgi:error] [pid 5655] [client ...
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Setup VPS mail server and import to Gmail
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  • There is a dedicated Ubuntu 18.04 VPS.
  • There is a domain "" bought via GoDaddy.
  • There is a Gmail account "".


The goal is to send a receive emails using company domain via Gmail. For example "".

Gmail allows importing and using IMAP profiles:

Import IMAP profile

I would like to do the same thing as described in ...

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Strongswan IPSec Configuration on a VPS
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Please assist. I'm trying to set up a site to Site IPSec tunnel with strongswan on my VPS but sadly my provider cannot enable the following kernel modules for me:

ah4 ah6 esp4 esp6 xfrm4_tunnel xfrm6_tunnel xfrm_user ip_tunnel tunnel tunnel6 xfrm4_mode_tunnel xfrm6_mode_tunnel

Is there a way to configure strongswan or any other platform in an alternative manner that doesn't rely on enabling addition ...

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Block all traffic to/from VPS when OpenVPN client isn't connected
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So i have managed to setup an OpenVPN VPS. My public clientside IP is static.

For an abundance of security I'd like to automate a firewall blocking all traffic when the VPN client isn't connected. When client connects, traffic can flow so open up firewall.... Almost like a soft shutdown except purely a drop all unless from clientside static IP.

Any ideas how to implement this? I understand that I ca ...

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Clarification regarding server requirements for Linux and Kubernetes on LKE
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I want to Dockerize my applications(stack: react, nginx, node, mongodb, redis etc) and deploy them on VPS/s on Linode, but I never done anything like that before and have some fundamental questions regards it and hope you can help me clarify them.

  1. For a 1 vCPU and 1gb RAM server, what linux distro should I choose in terms of low RAM usage, security and ease of use(as I'm very new and all tutorials ...

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setup VPN with static ip on a server
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I have a cent os server that is hosting some of my websites. Is there any way that I use my server also as VPN? Is there a way to keep my website traffic from being affected by VPN? Can I use server Ip as static ip for my vpn? any link or suggestion would be appreciated

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How to forward my localhost to my VPS's ip address?
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I am running a localhost service on my VPS.

When i start the service, this is what i get:

Navigate to in a browser

The problem with this is that i can't open it in my browser because it's a VPS.

I have tried running ngrok, but it says connection to localhost failed.

Is there a way i can forward it to the IP address of the same VPS the localhost is running? For example i open th ...

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Different routes in VPN
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I have the following setup:

  • 1 VPS with public IP 222 running Wordpress
  • 1 VPS with public IP 444 running OpenVPN server

The login pages of the Webserver are restricted to requests from 444 using ufw to prevent any bruteforce attempts. To setup the VPN server I used the following script: It forwards all VPN traffic to its public IP 444. So far, so good.

Now  ...

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Cannot Use Whole Disk after Disk Upgrade on my VPS
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I upgraded the disk size of my VPS from 20GB to 40GB. I cannot use this newly added 20GB. fdisk -l shows 40GB but du -h shows 20GB!

root@ubuntu:~# df -h
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
udev            1.9G     0  1.9G   0% /dev
tmpfs           385M  656K  385M   1% /run
/dev/sda1        19G   16G  2.5G  87% /
tmpfs           1.9G     0  1.9G   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs           5.0M     0  5. ...
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Self-hosted DDNS as part of a consumer product offering (potentially >>1000 sub-subdomains), how?
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I'm developing a product that enables users to run a service at home which is part of a larger network. This service needs to be contacted regularly by a coordination service running in the cloud (on a VPS). The mechanism implemented for this relies on a normal port-forward on the user's internet-facing router, but also needs a reliable way to be found: enter DDNS.

What I'd like to implement is a ...

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Replace VPS rDNS FQDN with a mail subdomain
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I have a VPS with a single IP address and multiple domain names.

I used to check the spam rate of my email. And my results are:

    Your IP address is associated with the domain
    Nevertheless your message appears to be sent from
    You may want to change your pointer (PTR type) DNS record and the host name of your server to the same ...
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Websites getting down every day on VPS Server
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I have a VPS server using 4 CPU and 4GB RAM shared across 10 PHP websites of which 2 website(website and set cron jobs) are using sometime more than 6 CPU core of 4 CPU core available. And because of that all websites getting down and show this error "508 Resource Limit Is Reached".

The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

What shou ...