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Application Pool set to AlwaysRunning does not Auto Start The Hosted Service
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I have configured an pool to auto-start and never sleep. I am having problems with the auto-start. My understanding is that a thread pool worker will be started after a recycle when that happens I would assume the application entry point would be called, however, that does not seem to be working.

When the application is deployed, I see the following log entries under the "IIS AspNetCore Modeule"  ...

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Abdusalam Ben Haj avatar web api jwt token expiry on plesk server
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I'm having an issue with my web api where the jwt token expires with no valid reason after few api requests.

this issue only occurs on production environment, it doesn't happen in my dev env nor in my local IIS. The hosting company tried increasing application pool working process to the max but the issue is still there. any ideas would be appreciated.

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Sed issue!! i tried to trigger this command cat test.txt | gf xss | sed ‘s/=.*/=/’ | sed ‘s/URL: //’ | tee testxss.txt
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i tried to trigger this command

cat test.txt | gf xss | sed ‘s/=.*/=/’ | sed ‘s/URL: //’ | tee testxss.txt 

but getting error as sed: -e expression #1, char 1: unknown command: ' sed: -e expression #1, char 1: unknown command: '

please help resolve this issue

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Host Header Redirect to another domin when Host is changed to another domina in HTTP Request
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Click for the image of issue for HOST Header Redirect

Please Refer to the image

The issue arise only on 302 and 301 Redirect request On Apache Server. What i did is selected one 302 and 301 redirect request and then change the Host to another domain, and after forwarding the request the application redirect the user to the listed domain mention in HOST Header, I want the application to give either an ...

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Setup a second Tomcat8 instance as a service in Windows
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I'm working with a Windows machine that is used for many production applications. There's already a Tomcat8 instance running as a service and located at C:\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat8.5 . I can't by any means edit anything (scripts, configuration parameters etc.) in this folder because it is not my application and I don't want to mess up what is already up and running. This Tomcat instance is run ...

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Apache web server: Kill process/thread automatically that consumes too much RAM
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We're running an Apache web server (version 2.4.51 on Debian 11) which delivers a huge website with lots of scripts, all written in Perl. The problem is that no one can can really figure out how the code works and the functionality is being continuously replaced by new software written in PHP. Sometimes though the old Perl code runs into a loop, starts consuming too much RAM and the Apache web server ...

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What is a secure and user-friendly way to provide only a few users access to web app on Amazon EC2?
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We have a web app hosted on Amazon EC2. It's intended to be used only by a few users in a company.

How we're dealing with this

  • We share the (Elastic) IP address of the instance with the users.
  • We add each user's IP address to the security group of the instance as and when needed.

When I say as and when needed, I mean emails from the users complaining that the web portal is showing an error  ...

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Network Configuration WebInterface
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I'm search a simple webinterface for manage the network configuration of an ubuntu server. On default our machines are on dhcp. But i want the option to change to an fix ipaddress. Is there nothing available for this task? I have only found this project for ubuntu core

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Is it okay to use core ruleset v3.3 on modsecurity v2.9
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I am just a beginner in the field of security. I have installed ModSecurity v2.9 on my server using this link. But GitHub repository for the core rule set in the link was outdated, so later I removed the ruleset with the official ruleset. Is it okay to update core rules v3.3 with mod security v2.9? Will it break my site?