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Refers to the software or hardware that make up a webserver, delivering content on a private or public website.
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use external webserver in local Active Directory
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i have a local active directory domain (for example : ) and i have a website hosted with same domain name in a shared server . i can't access my website in local network. i have added a www A record for website but redirects to and there still unavailable in local network. what should i do in cPanel or my windows server ?

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traefik - BasicAuth
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Problem: I wan't to implement basic Auth on some entrypoints (e. g.: Traefik Dashboard, Prometheus), but i can't get it to work

Context: I've got a bunch of Docker Containers running between a Traefik Proxy. (GitLab, Grafana, HomeAssistant, Prometheus, Min.IO, influxdb, jaeger etc.) and i want to make sure some of the Services are secured using Traefik' BasicAuth Middleware


  do ...
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icingaweb2 not reachable on apache
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the icingaweb2 is not reachable, although it is running on the server with the apache and icinga2. I already have all the prerequisites, that are documented on the official site set up. However, when accessing the icingaweb2 site on apache (https://hostname/icingaweb2/setup) I get a 404 server error

the link (https://hostname/) works and shows the default site of apache

Ubuntu Version: Ubuntu 20.04.4 L ...

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Load balancing ISPs without double NAT
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I configures my TP-Links ER605 multi-wans router to load balance between my two ISPs (that is working). But since my Web/NAS server is behind my router on the network, any computers on and can't access the NAS or Web server directly. The ER605 won't let use the same subnet on the the lan and the two wan.

I look at these 4 questions but no luck.

load balancing isps on  ...

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Is it ok for a webserver to be a member of a domain?
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For security reasons, I'm moving my webserver to its own VLAN.

Is it safe to keep it as a domain member (with all the right firewall rules) or should it be a standalone server?

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Why does Nginx only respond on Port 80?
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I tried to change nginx' port 80 to 81 in nginx.conf file but my sample site is not responding despite listening to port 81. The sample website only responds on port 80. Also , sample site on http://localhost:81 is responding. But is not responding when Nginx is running on 81 Port.I am newbie so I'm having a hard time figuring out the best way to do this. Can somebody tell me how I ...

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What is wrong with this NGINX config that rewrites URLs is the user is not logged into WordPress?
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I have an NGINX config which is supposed to redirect a user to the WordPress login page if that user is not logged into WordPress, but it is not quite working correctly. Instead, it redirects all users to the login page, regardless of their logged in status...

set $bad_uri 0;
if ($request_uri ~* ((^/private-page-1/)|(^/private-page-2/)|(^/private-page-3/)|(^/private-page-4/))){
    set $bad_uri 1;
s ...
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Inventory of all vhosts across multiple webservers
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I was tasked to create an inventory of all websites/webapps hosted on our infrastructure (couple thousand sites hosted on around 120 Linux VMs). Most of the sites are served by Apache (httpd 2.4) but there are also Apache 2.2, Nginx, Tomcat and other webservers used. As this is a massive task, I don't want to spend on it more time on it than necessary. So I'm wondering if somebody can point me to existi ...

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Remotely IIS access using web management service (wmsvc)
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I was able to remotely connect and access an IIS web-server using the WMSVC service installed. However, whatever rules add/remove start/stop...etc I need to do is working just fine, but adding a new website blocks me on selecting a path folder. How should I enable this being able remotely to choose a folder path to the remote server? enter image description here

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Apache HTTP Header - Security and Understanding
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I have now read through the handbook of Apache and tips in online forums. But unfortunately I don't understand it at all.

The optional argument condition determines which internal table of response headers this directive works with: onsuccess (default, can be omitted) or always. The difference between the two lists is that the headers containe ...

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EC2 instance crashing randomly early morning
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I have a java application running on an ec2 instance. Nginx and mongodb is also running on the instance. The application is accessed through ELB which forwards requests to the instance. I have 2 versions of the exact same instance running with one receiving slightly more traffic than the other (as one serves the assets for both apps). However, only the main, asset-serving, instance falls over.

Mo ...

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Apache: <LimitExcept POST> not working (in .htaccess)
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I am trying to set some controls in Apache via the .htaccess. This works:

<LimitExcept GET>
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
    Deny from all

while this does not:

<LimitExcept POST>
    Order allow,deny
    Allow from all
    Deny from all

Please help me understand what is going on here.

Example test case:

I created a simple HTML form (f ...

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How to block .git Folder serverwide on NGINX?
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I have a question about blocking the .git folders server wide on a NGINX system. At the moment I'm playing around a little with NGINX, I actually use Apache. In Apache, it's actually no problem to block all requests to a .git folder server wide. Is there any setting for NGINX as well? If so, where do I need to put it, or do I have to do that with every site hosted on the server?

Thanks a lot guys ...

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Redirect to a different URL just for 1 share using NGINX as a file server
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I have a Nginx web server running on RHEL 7.8 server and is running NGINX as a file server.

I have a requirement as below

Whenever a user clicks on folder/google it should redirect as below, the only shares / folder should not redirect

From: to

All the shares should work as expected just for 1 share/folder Google it should redirect

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Auto sync folders on linux server
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My problem statement is how to auto sync /home/username/script folder to /var/www/html. So whenever files under script folder are updated then it will update them in destination folder, and also chown apache:apache & chmod 755. I tried using lsyncd and this is my conf file.

settings {
    logfile    = "/var/log/lsyncd/lsyncd.log",
    statusFile = "/var/log/lsyncd/lsyncd-status.log"

sync{def ...
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Apache2 change default page
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I've got a question regarding Apache2 web servers. I want to have a documentation server which needs to be available by domain.

Let's say my domain is, and I have a server with Apache2 with the IPv4 which then has its documentation server available on port 8000, so it is: How do I configure my Apache2 web server, so it shows my documentation, which runs on p ...

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Wildcard redirect https://www.* to * nginx
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I would like to redirect all traffic from

www.* to * without www prefix . i have 1000+ subdomains on the same application which use only one nginx virtual host file in sites enabled directory .

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Getting requests for suspicious php files
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I am getting weird GET requests on my (non php supporting) web server for some curious looking php files. Was just wondering whether these are harmless requests of certain browser tools or attempts from a crawler to find flaws / misconfigurations in php web servers. Got me a little worried. And in case it is an attempt to find vulnerabilities, what actions would you recommend I take.

A part of th ...

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Reach LAN Web Server from Amazon ec2 OpenVPN AS Instance. Possible?
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Here's my desired end state: From a WAN connection (my phone, a PC that I happen to be using outside my home, etc.), I want to be able to enter an URL (https://example/myapp) that my web server (nginx) serves up from my LAN. I'm currently trying to do this through an Amazon ec2 OpenVPN AS instance (because I'm out of other ideas). I believe I'm close to success (keep reading), but something is preven ...

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Hosting Google VM on web
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sorry for the rookie question, I'm just starting with Google Cloud and web developement. I have a Flask application, works perfectly locally, and also when deployed to a VM in GC. However I can only trigger the API now by using the external IP address, and I'd like to give it a friendly url.

So currently I have And I want to have: ...

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Can Application Experience service recyle an AppPool?
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I'm experiencing the mysterious recycling of an app pool once in a day or two. The event log says "An administrator has requested a recycle of all worker processes in application pool 'API'", but the only person logged in was me, and I'm pretty sure I didn't do it. Every time, just a few seconds before the recycle, the Application Experience service was started. Could it cause the recycling somehow, and ...

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Which HTTP Status Code is most appropriate for a non-cooperation response?
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I'd like to send an HTTP response that indicates my server is not willing to cooperate with the requester, as a sort of (voluntarily-imposed non-legal) sanction. For example, ACME Corp stole your stapler, so you're responding to requests from ACME's IP with an XXX status code (and a response body describing its crime)- until the stapler is returned.

Some ideas:

403 - Seems appropriate, but 403 doesn't s ...

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Serve new subdomains dynamically
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I have a service that needs to allow users to host a few files in their own subdomain, similarly as does Github with

I currently use Apache, and each time I want to configure a new domain or subdomain, I have to create manually a new <VirtualHost>, restart the Apache server, etc. This is not possible here.

Example: if a visitor crea ...

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Nginx wordpress rewrite rule
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I'm trying to move a website from apache2 to nginx, the old server with apache has a rewrite rule like this:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule .* - [E=HTTP_AUTHORIZATION:%{HTTP:Authorization}]
RewriteBase /
RewriteRule ^index\.php$ - [L]
RewriteRule ^^gallery/([^/]*)/([^/]*)/? /?post_type=gallery [QSA,L]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !- ...
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100% CPU usage from iowait caused by Nginx, not solved by turning sendfile on and directio off
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I run a webservice that performs some basic image processing operations.

The webserver first accepts image uploads from users and temporarily stores them. A backend server then downloads the image through a HTTP get request and performs the actual processing. It is then sent back to the webserver. The user then downloads the images. The processed image is typically significantly larger than the o ...

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How to configure a domain on Apache (using apache2.conf or .htaccess) to point to a file that must be downloaded?
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I have a domain (let's call it

I already configured the apache on my server, so when I open, the apache landing page appears. Fine.

I put a file (let's call it on my document root.

What I need is: When the user access, his browser prompt to download

I have more than one domain configured on this server, but this behaviour should work onl ...

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Rerouting requests from to in nginx
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I have a site deployed at I have routes at and I want to automatically redirect people to Ideally this would work as a wildcard to capture anything and not just article.

I'm not great at Nginx so any advice would be useful on best practices. I have seen a few people do it with location blocks with a mixture of return 301 woven in as well as ...

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Can a server offer more than one TLS certificate?
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Let's say I have a TLS certificate for a domain but I'm not sure if all user agents potentially connecting over HTTP would accept it. Can I obtain another certificate, signed by another certificate authority, and use it in such cases as a fallback, transparently to the user? If it's possible, how would the client-server communication to establish a secure connection proceed? And is this use case well kn ...

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Not found 404 with apache and bootstack
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the last two day I was trying to run bookstack with an apache webserver, which is hosted localy on my system. I'am not familiar with apache and bookstack. So this was my first try to host a local webserver und install bookstack on it.

The Apache server works fine so far and i can call localhost in the webbrowser to call specific index.php files from different directorys called by different ports  ...

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Server Layout for Web-, API-, Database-, VPN- and SIP Server
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i have the possibility to redo our Server Infrastructure - i need your advices and best practices to design a good foundation for future expansion. As we are a quite small company with a very limited customer base (<100) security and desaster recovery (even as an error by another employee) is the main concern. So as the suggested question is not really helpful as capacity planning is not the main ...