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WiFi is a layer 1 and 2 networking protocol for wireless communication between devices. It is typically used in local networks for client access, but can also be used in point-to-point network links. WPA is used to encrypt traffic.
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Route53 Issues on Wifi
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I'm having issues accessing my route53 domains on wifi

I have records pointing to my internal ips which work while plugged into my network but unable to access them on wifi, i can get to them via IP but not when i try to use the domain

Example: is pointed to

I can't get to any of my sites via but i can get to

I've tried using google dns but ...

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Can't connect ssh via wireless interface but t works using eth0
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Suddenly I can't connect via ssh to a server using my wireless interface but I can do it using the eth0 interface with a cable connected directly to my router.

From my wireless interface I got:

$ ssh -vvv my_server
OpenSSH_8.9p1 Ubuntu-3, OpenSSL 3.0.2 15 Mar 2022
debug1: Reading configuration data /home/user/.ssh/config
debug1: /home/user/.ssh/config line 38: Applying options for my_server
debug1: ...
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Two different sites with one domain
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This the scenario I have two sites

The sites are connected together by a P2P wireless connection

Windows Servers 2012 on both sites acts as a domain controller. We have one domain for both

DHCP service is enabled in both servers with a failover setting

Users in each site are browsing the internet via two TMG Proxy

The TMG settings are pushed to the users when they login in via GPO setting so the us ...

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Raspberry Pi 1 WiFi adapter receives 2 dhcp addresses
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I have a raspberry pi 1 with a USB WiFi adapter. The wlan0 interface has 2 IP Addresses and i dont know why:

pi@smart-meter:~ $ ip a
1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN group default qlen 1000
    link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:00
    inet scope host lo
       valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever
2: eth0: <NO-CARRIER,BROADC ...
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Setting up an Access Point, Raspberry Pi, and Laptop to serve a website in a classroom. "The internet in a suitcase"
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Our trainers experience bad internet connections at some schools. I would like to provide them with a "mobile" (as in take it on the train) version of our platform running on a laptop, which the students can connect to directly via a private WiFi network. "The internet in a suitcase".


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Tplink router on wisp mode with zte 4g lte modem
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Which is better for 8 users doing voip , watching youtube videos, browsing and playing multiplayer online games at a time ?

Beacon interval 100/dtim interval 1

B.i. 200 / dtim 1

B.i. 50/dtim 4

B.i. 50/ dtim 2..

My tplink router is on wisp mode and is connected with zte lte modem which has max. 1500 mtu..

What about rts threshold setting in router's setting which is more than 1500 against mtu 1500 max. ...

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Error code 0x90090331 - Explicit EAP Failure
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Can anyone direct me to a reason for an Explicit EAP Failure with Error Code 0x90090331?

Evidently, the error code is not on the internet.

I have been troubleshooting some enterprise wireless issues with Intel Wifi cards and Meru Virtual Cell APs (AMA!). Either by changing some Intel Driver settings, or by resetting DNS/WINS stacks (prompted by "Configuration Change" events on wifi driver causing dro ...

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Ways to log exact wifi connection establishment issues
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I have recently started working with a museum (UK) who's 1-year-old Cisco wifi setup has been experiencing connectivity issues from day 1.

Essentially a significant proportion of devices (both in-house and personal) are unable to connect to wifi - user selects an SSID, enters correct password, authenticates and instantly the connection is dropped. This effects some laptops, phones and tablets, bu ...

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Ubuntu server can be accessed only after ping
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and tank you in andvantage for any suggestion, I hve ubuntu server (20.04) on lan, but I can access to it (ssh or web-server apache) from other pc (windows 10) only if I do a ping from server to client (ubuntu must ping windows).

I read this post, and I tried suggested solutions:

  • tried changing ip
  • tiend to clear ARP cache on router
  • tried to add static ip with /24 netmask.

My netplan configuration ...

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Networking - LLC XID flood between two devices
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I have multiple devices that working with this system:

Linux Variscite imx6 Linux 4.9.88-10180-gaaecf09-dirty #2 SMP PREEMPT Wed Dec 26 14:04:36 IST 2018 armv7l armv7l armv7l GNU/Linux

with WL1837 wifi module : chip.fw_ver_str = Rev chip.phy_fw_ver_str = Rev wpa_supplicant v2.6

I see that we have latency sometimes 10 sec and I need to improve that. When I installed tcpdump on thi ...

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Configuring IP and network address for Windows Mobile Hotspot
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I'm using Windows Mobile Hotspot on my laptop to share its Internet connection with other devices.

It sets up a DHCP service, using as the gateway address, and leasing out addresses on network.

How can I change these settings? Suppose I want my gateway address to be, and the users of the Mobile Hotspot to be assigned addresses.

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WIFI : distinguishing client by OS
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We have differents wifi clients Some of them on Android/Apple phones, others on PC Windows. Wifi is authenticated by NPS and we have a DHCP in wwindows server.

We do not trust phone. We want to put Windows PCs on a network and Phones on other network. Is it possible to distinguish each others? with NPS or with a DHCP options? Thanks.

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Laptop asking for "action needed" on NPS Computer auth WiFi connect, despite valid Server Thumbprint
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I have configured computer authentication on WiFi connect to company network, using the microsoft nps server, group policy certificate auto-enrollment and group-policy wifi config. Has been working just fine for several years.

Recently my laptop started showing this prompt upon each reboot/reconnect: "Continue connecting? If you expect to find X in this location, go ahead and connect" Connct prompt

So I checked t ...

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Which wifi adapters can create/host 802.11ac?
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I'm trying to find the keyword which proves/states that an USB wifi adapter can act as an 802.11ac access-point.

So far I have tried 3x 802.11ac usb adapters and the internal card on a Pi4. All have only been able to create 802.11n networks. At this stage I do not believe it is a configuration/driver issue as all USB adapters have been tested using ubuntu (Pi4) and Win10 on an x86_64 device with  ...

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Tracking Down Source of Network Instability
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If the issue happens, it happens at 10am, for about 1minute between onset and return to stability. It does not happen every day. During the minute, pings go through the roof and packets start to drop, then the pings settle down and packets stop dropping, everything is fine again. This occurs on our wifi to the point that wifi users effectively loose internet, signs of the issue are visible on the wired ...

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Bridge wifi to vmbr
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Here is my networking setup:

The system is running Proxmox (Debian-based) so it has a bunch of VMs.

The default bridge of the system is vmbr0, connected via ethernet to a network with the IP range

I wanted to create a new bridge (vmbr1) that bridges the current VM to another network with the IP range, via wifi

below is my /etc/network/interfaces

auto lo
iface lo inet lo ...
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TCDump Missing packets
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We use TCPDump on an RPI to capture WiFi signals from nearby devices as a means to get an estimate of number of people.

We have notice the on "normal" days the numbers are reasonably accurate but for a couple of times where we had much larger numbers of people the counted devices are no where close to what should be counted.

I have read a couple of articles saying the default buffer size may be to l ...

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multiple issues after joining domain over remote site to site tunnel to another corporate envirement
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I'm facing issues with multiple users after joining them to domain over site to site tunnel, the company i'm joining its users has an Active directory which has their accounts to connect to corporate wifi, also as their DNS server which holds all their applications, on my part, we need to join the team we work with to our domain, in the process of joining some of them here's the issues:

1- We man ...

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Rename a Windows network Adapter based on Description of the adapter
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We need to rename the network adapter for a number of devices, however the adapter name can be different on different devices. The identifier is the description of the adapter so wondering if anyone has renamed an adapter name based on the description of the apapter.

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Linux/Android devices connected by WiFi require iptables to add NEW state in FORWARD chain for external interface to connect to internet
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Iptables rule for external interface (ens33 has a public IP):

iptables -A FORWARD -i ens33 -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT

allows access to internet for all computers connected to wired LAN and Windows laptops connected by a wireless Access Point. But Android smartphones and Linux laptops connected by the same WiFi AP have a problem "connected, but no internet" - they have access to all ...

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How to connect device with no web browser to RADIUS WPA2 Enterprise wifi network
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I am trying to connect a Bresser 5-in-1 Weather Station to a workplace's wifi network, which uses RADIUS WPA2 Enterprise security. From a laptop or smartphone I can connect to the network and then enter my credentials (user name and password) to get on the Internet, but this won't work with the Weather Station since it lacks a web browser. The only configuration that I can perform on it is through a ded ...

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Is it possible to implement a TCP/IP network over DECT?
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I am working at a site where DECT is implemented on Mobile Devices, and I am wondering if it is possible to setup a TCP/IP network using DECT as the data transmission layer.

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Communication between network interfaces in different subnets LEDE openWRT
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i'm using TP-Link MR3220v2 with its Openwrt firmware. what I would like to do should be simple, but I am not succeeding. i have 3 devices in two different subnets and i would enable communication through each devices (i don't know if i can say that i would like "bridge" the 2 subnets). this is the devices list:

my pc (IP my openwrt modem (LAN interface IP a third device ...

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Is there a configuration to cache wifi passwords only for logged in users?
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I am currently setting up new laptops in our system. All users have a specific group in AD with different credentials for WiFi and login.

The issue is that in order to connect to the domain controller the users have to connect to wifi before logging in (on the lockscreen), unless their credentials are cached.

My goal now is, that every user has to use their own WiFi credentials to access the WiFi. I ...

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How to prevent DHCP IP starvation attack on a wireless interface?
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It's probably possible to go to any restaurant/cafe/bus with public Wi-Fi Hotspot and flood it with DHCP DISCOVER / REQUEST packets. If this network is created by a router that works as a DHCP server, than such attack should lead to IP starvation, right?

Is there a way to prevent such attacks?

I'm talking about the wireless networks only. The place where every client use the same shared medium and i ...

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Mikrotik Wifi on Android keep on disconnecting
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My company recently purchased a few Mikrotik hAP Mini. These units are used for Site to Site VPN. The first unit I setup manually worked flawlessly. I then exported the configuration to the second, third and fourth units.

On these 3 units, when my Pixel 3a is connected, it receive an IP address, proclaming "no internet connection" and after one second it disconnect and reconnect to the WiFi over  ...

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Fortigate and RADIUS Wifi authentication for domain and non-domain devices
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We're setting up RADIUS authentication for wireless network connections through a Windows Server 2012 R2 (NPS).

We have to allow both domain computers (registered in Active directory) and non-domain devices, typically Android smartphones.

Following this official documentation, the behaviour is as excepted and working fine for domain computers.

Now, we would like to set up mac address authentication for A ...

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Is there exist in a market some usb->ethernet->wifi combo dongle?
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I have a USB-ended device which I want to connect to Enterprise Wireless network (EAP/TLS via FreeRadius). Is there any device in a market which can act as a WiFi client with EAP/TLS possibility?

Now this device connected to the network via USB-to-Ethernet adapter in a wall-mounted RJ45. Furthermore, is there any combo device in a market which can act as USB-to-Ethernet from one side and in the s ...

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Wireless EAP / Freeradius, is there a way to check Mac Address in LDAP?
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So we have EAP-PEAP over MSCHAP working. What I'd like to do is have a MAC Address check, for the purpose of making sure people aren't putting their credentials into random devices. I know SCEP would be the better option here, but this is where we're at right now.

So I noticed that the mac address is passed to FreeRadius under Calling-Station-Id

(9) Received Access-Request Id 39 from ...
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SSH Connection loss when roaming to an AP with a different OUI
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I have major issues with a device (Ubuntu 20.04 installed) in a warehouse with multiple access points. I am frequently losing the SSH connection. Investigating the matter, I found out that I lose connection whenever the device roams to a different AP (same SSID). Digging deeper, I found out that the SSH connection is only killed when the device roams to an AP with a different OUI (lets say YY:YY:YY indi ...