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How can I tell if an installed cert is wildcard or not
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I installed a cert for my server a while ago using certbot, and cant remember if I setup as a wildcard or not, What command can I run to see if it is or not?

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Do SSL Certs containing two wildcards work (esp. on Let's Encrypt)?
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I want to include two wildcards in an SSL cert (will be) signed by Let's Encrypt: *.* Will this cert match any hostnames matching that rule (e.g.,, and can Let's Encrypt accept such wildcards exist in certs they signed?

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Wildcard in apache virtualhost sitename
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I want to use wildcards in Apache. What I actually want to do is:

  1. ServerName wiki-*, and the * must be accessible by further configurations.
  2. Provide the contents at /var/www/wiki/*, where * is the same as what * means on the first line.

How to do that?

Hmm... Actually, it's not limited to Apache configs, some external scripts could do the second step, but Apache config is the best when ...

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Remove discarded subdomains (wildcard) from subdomain scanners
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I have a server which I use with my own domain name, with a wildcard DNS record. On the server side, I use the nginxproxy docker image to autogenerate VHosts. This allows me to add new websites/pages/services on the fly with their own subdomain simply by starting a new docker container. I also use the nginxproxy/acme-companion docker image to manage letsencrypt certificates for all of these automaticall ...

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Proxy pass on apache (for a specific subdomain) with wildcard certificate
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I am using apache2 server for a domain which has several subdomains. Each subdomain needs to be on https. I have a wildcard certificate installed for this and it works fine. Now one specific subdomain domain ( needs to proxypass to a upstream node service on https. How do I achieve this in the vhost config below:

<VirtualHost *:443>
DocumentRoot /var/www/html
ServerName mydom ...
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How do I set up a Let's Encrypt wildcard certificate for Apache on an Amazon Linux 2 AMI EC2 instance?
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I have a domain (let's say, and I currently have a Let's Encrypt certificate set up and properly working for and for Apache on an Amazon Linux 2 AMI EC2 instance, and I'm trying to reconfigure the certificate to set it up for a wildcard domain (i.e., *

I SSH'ed into the EC2 instance and ran the following command in an attempt to do this (with the rea ...

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Serve new subdomains dynamically
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I have a service that needs to allow users to host a few files in their own subdomain, similarly as does Github with

I currently use Apache, and each time I want to configure a new domain or subdomain, I have to create manually a new <VirtualHost>, restart the Apache server, etc. This is not possible here.

Example: if a visitor crea ...

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How to create Cloud Run mapping to wildcard subdomain
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I host my app with cloud run and use domain from GoDaddy. It is work perfectly. Now I want to make possible have url address for every users account like, How can I do it with cloud run and GoDaddy?enter image description here

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How to configure wildcard subdomains together with some fixed names in NGINX?
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I have and the following use cases:

  • SSL only
  • www. will be redirected to (no www.)
  • will reverse proxy to :3000
  • will reverse proxy to :3001
  • will reverse proxy to :3002
  • ...
  • * will reverse proxy to :4000
  • * will reverse proxy to :5000
    •,,,... will not h ...
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How to use a wildcard subdomain with static subdomains with Google Cloud services?
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Let's assume we own the domain In Google Cloud, I would like to achieve the following setup.

There are two Cloud Run services available at and

There is a third backend service running in App Engine available at

There are is a dockerized Nginx container with a frontend deployed to App Engine at This is the  ...

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Handling all subdomains as the domain itself
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I'm forwarding all e-mails for a domain owned by a friend to his real e-mail address. This works fine for his itself (with the virtusertable entry):

% sendmail -C -bv deliverable: mailer relay, host [myrelay], user his@real.address

We'd like to expand the functionality to work for too, and are facing unexpected diff ...

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Front Door Standard/Premium (Preview) - Unable to Add Wildcard Custom Domain with SSL Certificate
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I've got an Azure FrontDoor (preveiw) Premium endpoint setup and I'm trying to add a custom wildcard domain (* so that I can use the Rule Set to direct traffic between server environments setup as origin groups.

I am using Azure DNS, and Azure KeyValut to hold the secret.

The problem I'm facing is that when adding the * custom domain, it will not let me select the wildcard c ...

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Wildcard CNAME record specified by libvirts dnsmasq:options namespace doesn't work, only specific subdomains works
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Since v5.6.0, libvirt added a dnsmasq namespace with the element, which allows to specify options directly to the underlying dnsmasq server. I'd like to create a wildcard DNS entry for my applications with that option. So I used virsh net-edit, changed <network> to <network xmlns:dnsmasq=''> and added the following options:

  <dnsmasq:o ...
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With DNS e.g. A record, can I add a regex for any subdomain?
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E.g. in my DNS providers UI, I have a A record for the main domain along the lines: <my server ip address>

This works fine. I'd like to obtain a wildcard SSL certificate to be able to add several subdomains.

Can I add a record of the form * <my server ip address> Is this normal or sound practice?