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Trying to resurrect 10 year old software - can't activate Windows Server 2008 R2 and problems with Activate by Phone
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I wrote a workshop database application for a client in Romania that had a Land Rover dealership a long long time ago in Access 2.0. Haven't heard from him in years, then last week he calls. He is still using the program ! and want me to "update" it.

Thank goodness for old MSDN library CD folders in back of file cabinets. So, I have installed an old copy of Win Server 2008 R2 Enterprise and load ...

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AD account for monitoring services across servers
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We have some Windows servers that run various services and we have a situation where sometimes those services just stop. To monitor these services I have written a Windows service that uses the ServiceController to look at the suspect services and check their current status. This works fine when I configure the new service to run under an account which has local admin permissions to the servers in quest ...

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Find which GPO matches a Folder ID in administrative templates
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I am trying to trace back where a certain policy value was set. So I can change it. For example, when I run in the user session

 GPResult /v /r 

I get this output:

Administrative Templates
 GPO: MyCompany - RDS User Policy
Folder Id: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoDrives
            Value:       1, 0, 0, 0
            State:    ...
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Using a BlockOutbound default policy in Win10 to fully Tunnel all WAN traffic through the TUN/TAP interface
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So I got a little "advanced firewall usage" question in Win10.

I have a VPN running in a VPS with openvpn , running like a charm , and I wanted to filter all the networking of my endhost (in this case Win10) What I mean by filtering is to apply an strict policy of "BlockInbound,BlockOutbound" , so I can just add rules to allow the communication with my VPS to establish the VPN Tunnel , (so it will creat ...

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Do I need Active Directory Certificate Services
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I have an AD setup that apparently has a vulnerability related to the Certificate Services feature. Thinking back through the MS Server courses I've sat, I don't remember anything on it, so I dug about online and I'm leaning towards "no".

I do not generate certs in-house for anything - workstations are allowed to Self-Sign, and my parent org has steps to follow for generating cert requests local ...

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scp from Windows Server to Unix server works but not the other way around
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I installed OpenSSH on my Windows Server machine to use SSH. To test this out, I ran this command from my windows server.

scp test.txt

Which worked, I can see the file on unix via putty. However, if I run this command on the unix server:

scp index.txt

It doesn't work. It hangs for a long time and eventually I get:

ssh: connec ...
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Effective access doesn't reflect the actual NTFS permissions
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I came across a weird issue when practicing permissions in Windows Server 2016. I gave read permission only to a shared directory for a group called "Human", but the effective access tap shows that the user "luke.skywalker" who's a member of the Human group has the following access

Here's the actual permissions

Here's the effective access

This of course led to the ability of Human group members to  ...

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Net User Command: Searching for list of users?
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I am using this command

net user joe.blogs /domain

what syntax do I use to search 20 users? How to separate the names to make it search for the users?

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Updated VirtIO SCSI driver on my Windows 2012 R2, and now only boots into recovery. How to recover?
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I have a Hetzner W2012 R2 Cloud VM, and I updated the VirtIO vioscsi driver on it. Now it only boots into recovery mode and I cannot access the C-drive even from command prompt.

Is there any way to save this VM or is it a goner?
I have no (recent) snapshot of it :(

I can mount the old previous VirtIO ISO, but how can I reinstall the old driver when I have no access to the C-drive?

Update 1:
Am able to ge ...

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Jenkins Linux Master + Windows Build agent?
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Will a Jenkins Linux master work with a Windows build agent? Does anyone know if this set up can be achieved and is supported? Just looking for a proof of concept and that this can work so I can proceed with getting this set up. Thanks.

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Is it possible to set a Default App on Server 2016 being used for RDS that isn't installed on the server?
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I have an RDS server setup to run a single LOB app remotely.

This LOB app has links to documents like .msg files and .pdf files. When a user running the remote app tries to open a file via the remote LOB app, it's looking to the server to see what the default program is to open that with.

For PDF's this isn't a big deal. I have Adobe Reader installed on the RDS server and on the local machine, and ...

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Windows installer package throwing error when I try running it from file server
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Right now I am trying to use PDQ deploy to push out an update (20.2.40) for a software called Bluebeam, if you haven't heard of it, it's essentially a PDF editor.

I have also tried running this MSI installer without PDQ, when I run it on my computer from my C drive it works perfect and opens up a prompt to start the installation but when I run it from our shared server it throws me an error sayin ...

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How to create global company policy that will set user photos from folder in WS AD
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I want to set user profile pictures on logon screen via policy. How can something like that be made? I have all photos in one folder, for each employee. Is there an easy way to do that? I'm using Windows Server 2008 Active Directory. Thanks in advance.

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Is it possible to remove my domain controller and switch to a simpler Windows network?
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I have a small network (about five client PCs running Windows 7 or 10 and a server running a stripped-down version of Small Business Server 2011).

The only relevant things our SBS server does is host a couple of shared folders and being a Domain Controller. I've disabled Exchange and all(?) the other server functions. (It still runs DNS and DHCP, but that could easily be switched over to our in ...

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DNS suffix not being used with windows server hostnames over VPN
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Our internal network is a windows domain, Internally, if a user needs to get to a file server share, they can navigate to \\fileserver\share or \\\share and both resolve without issue.

We recently stood up an external VPN (Azure P2S) using IKEv2 that is configured to use our internal DNS servers, DNS suffix and is configured for split tunneling.

PPP ada ...
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GP and RDP not working after Domain Rename
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I recently carried out a domain rename on our domain controller. We switched from a .local to our domain name as we are planning to implement 365 very soon. Mostly everything went well with the switchover. I followed instructions to use rendom/netdom/gpfixup. What didn't work was gpfixup. When I ran these commands, they completed without errors and outputted "successful", however, it did not make any ch ...

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PuTTY Option: Remote command = is sending a "preset" command that makes connexions to fail
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Every time I open PuTTY it has the preset

Remote command 
env DISPLAY=`echo $SSH_CLIENT | awk '{print $1":0"}'` $SHELL

forcing me to every time I openPuTTY, go to Remote command and delete the entry.

How can I delete that command?

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P420i controller / 2 disks failed in RAID5 / RAW FS after parity initilization
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We woke up this morning with 2 failed disks on RAID5 with a single hot-spare configuration.

Hot-spare disk didn't replace any damaged disk maybe because there are 2 disks failed at the same time.

However, I added two new disks and the parity is initializing now but the partition filesystem changed to RAW. shall I wait to finish the initialization? or I lost all data on the logical volume... Do you r ...

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Connecting To…Could not open connection to the host, on port 8123: Connect failed
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enter image description here

Well aware this has been asked, but I have scoured Google/StackOverflow and tried every single suggested solution, without being able to connect to port 8123 on my local (which is running Windows 10). It is worth noting that I CAN connect when I use port 8080. But I need 8123 to run a legacy application that has the port hardcoded in many (random) places...I have done the following:

  • Created and Inb ...
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windows static routes location when created using netsh
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On older windows systems persistent routes that were created with "route add" seems like this location is where they are stored in the registry.


When a persistent route on Win2016/Win10 is created using netsh is there a new location where the persistence happens? I tried to isolate it with procmon but didn't find ...

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Where to put it on (Nignix)
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I am new to nginx. I am doing a public photo server but my colleagues have noticed pictures can be seen there at Just enter the IP address and path.

I made a script that will secure it in nginx but I don't know where to paste it, please help.

Here is the script.

if ($http_useragent !~* "") {

I don't want t ...

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AD keeps locking my account every 5 minutes, but without reason?
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I know there are many threads who are similar like mine, but may I'm to stupid to get all these informations.

My problem is I changed my password and since them i get locked every ~5 minutes, I don't have any scripts who uses my creds, and also no known service who will use this.

Our PDC DC is DC02 and this is from his netlogon.log:

07/21 07:42:13 [LOGON] [5932] DOMAIN: SamLogon: Network logon of DOMAIN\ ...
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How can I create an upload-only SFTP Server on Windows?
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I need to create an upload-only SFTP Server on Windows. I have installed OpenSSH SFTP Server according to, but I can't set the folder permissions in a way that would allow the user to list folders, but not read data.

It was very easy to do for FTPS using Filezilla Server - you can set the permissions in  ...

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Disable RDP for a local administrator with powershell
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I've gone through a ton of online threads to no avail. I'd like to disable RDP for a local admin on multiple Windows Servers with powershell. I've found ways to disable it on gpedit's GUI and to disable it completely for all users with Powershell but not for one single administrator.

Thank you in advance.

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Assign a specific machine SID to a new Windows system
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Windows Setup assigns a unique machine SID to a Windows system at install time. The machine SID is not exposed over the network, and as such it usually does not matter what it is, but local users' security identifiers are based on the machine SID, and this can create problems when sharing user profiles and user-created files on NTFS volumes. Even if the files and folders have ACLs with only predefined,  ...

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Windows Server - how to shrink partition on GPT disk from the front?
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I'm looking for a way to shrink a partition on a GPT disk from the front on production servers. With diskpart it's only possible to shrink the space from the end. Ideally while running

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How to strictly serialize replication of one folder using Windows DFS replication?
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I have two locations A+B and need to process one special directory between those branches using Windows DFS replication in the following way: All writes into that directory of A need to be pulled by B. All deletions in that directory of B need to be pushed to A again. In the end, it's simply pulling all contents from A by B with emptying at A and B at some point.

The important thing is that the d ...

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Cannot assign a previously used static IP address to an OpenVPN client
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We have an OpenVPN server with the following server.conf:

local x.x.x.x
port 1194
proto tcp
dev tap
ca ca.crt
cert server.crt
key server.key
dh dh.pem
auth SHA512
tls-crypt tc.key
topology subnet
ifconfig-pool-persist ipp.txt
client-config-dir /etc/openvpn/ccd
keepalive 10 120
cipher AES-256-CBC
user nobody
group nogroup
status op ...
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Query Windows Update via MDM Update CSP
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I'm trying to query accurate Windows Update information on Windows 10

Using the old "Microsoft.Update.Session" method, the data doesn't match what's in the Windows Update UI ("Settings" -> "Updates").

I get the same results with PSWindowsUpdate, i.e. it still doesn't match the UI.

As an example of this, the UI shows:

Windows Update UI

And PSWindowsUpdate shows (which matches my app):

PS C:\Windows\system32>  ...
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Taking ownership of ROAMING folder from another computer by connecting the HDD to an external hard drive
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Taking ownership of ROAMING folder from another computer by connecting the HDD to an external hard drive.

My old computer blew up, so I connected the HDD to my laptop. Now, the issue is that I don't have access to ROAMING and I can't get the password of some of my accounts. I thought it would be easy, but it seems almost impossible, which is dumb.

C:\Windows\system32>TAKEOWN /F E:\ /R /D Y
ERROR: T ...