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How should I design my 'public' network of an project?
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I'm thinking about doing some online projects as a Developer/IT Technician, and I have some concerns regarding security.

I'm unable to host my servers locally for my project and I thought why not to host the servers in datacenters using hosters like Hetzner. My plans are also hosting an active directory server on one of these servers and join the others to that domain to have a better management  ...

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How to migrate Azure server including IIS sites with the same name, different DNS
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We currently have a Classic VM whose IP is directed by the DNS subdomains and The IIS server has configured the sites and Any user in the internet can visit both sites.

The goal is to migrate to another VM, basically creating a replica, creating two DNS subdomains and pointing to the new VM's I ...

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How to tell which versions of TLS MYSQL (windows) is using?
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I have another question about a pair of servers that I cannot turn off TLS 1.0/1.1. Even though IISCrypto showing them off and made right reg entries.

The servers run an IIS10/PHP7.4/MySQL8 stack. (I am not the person who set up the server builds - just trying to update it)

Anyway normally for mysql on apache I would add the following to make sure it wasn't using older TLS versions:

MinProtocol = TL ...
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Windows Update Cleanup - Disk Cleanup via script/command prompt
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We've noticed that when running Disk Cleanup utility manually on a windows server 2019 that 'Windows Update Cleanup' takes up a substantial amount of space. Is there away to clean this up via a command prompt/powershell

I've looked at a number of scripts which do not clear this down. Could anyone advise what is the best way to achieve this? enter image description here

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Windows Server 2022 join Azure AD Domain Services over VPN - How to do this?
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I have servers spread across multiple on-premises locations that I want to join to Azure AD DS, and I don't want to setup ADFS because it is too much work.

So here is what I am thinking:

  • Use VPN to connect each server to the AD DS network
  • Join the domain
  • Configure the VPN connection to only apply to traffic related to Active Directory

Has anyone done this? If so, how do you actually do it? Any advic ...

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I'm trying to get Windows explorer to show non Windows based computers in the Network folder
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For some reason my Windows machine has stopped showing non-Windows computers in the Network folder. It's Windows 10 22H2 19045. It does show other Windows computers. I can set up shares to folders in these linux based machines (and vice-versa). One of the machines is a Synology NAS and I haven't changed its networking configuration. The other is a Rpi. They are all on one subnet. I could include the sam ...

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How can I update IIS 10 v1607 to IIS 10 v1809 on Windows Server 2016?
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I am tasked with updating IIS 10 v1607 to IIS 10 v1809 on Windows Server 2016. I know v1809 comes installed with Windows Server 2019, but I can't upgrade to 2019.

How can I update IIS 10 v1607 to IIS 10 v1809 on Windows Server 2016? Can this be done?

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Unable to login via RDP into a VM from a domain joined Windows client to a VM that is joined to another domain
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The setup is the following:

  • Windows VM (Domain Joined to Domain A (Internal) - AD is under my control) [Windows Server 2022]
  • Windows Client (Domain Joined to Domain B (External) - AD is not under my control) [Windows 11 Enterprise]

I'm trying to RDP from a Windows Client to a Windows VM by using "Remote Desktop Connection" that comes with Windows. But it's not possible to login to the VM from this Clien ...

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Ansible trouble while launching an exe through win_command
cn flag

I'm currently writing a playbook about uninstalling Fusion Inventory Agent and then deploy GLPI agent 1.4 on Windows Server 2016-2022. For all the tests i detail below, i use my domain account which has admin rights on any servers.

(I run ansible core 2.12.10 + python 3.9.2 on a Debian 11 freshly upgraded)

  • The Fusion Inventory agent uninstaller registry path is located at "C:\Program Files\FusionInventor ...

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Excel not opening files intermittently
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We have a strange problem with Excel in the last couple of weeks, where files don't always open & it can take up to 6 attempts. So far it's affected 3 PCs that I know of, all running Windows 11 and excel version 2210 Build 16.0.15726.20188 Click-to-Run 64-bit

We could attempt to open the file once & it will up fine or need to double-click it 6 times, it's very hit and miss and doesn't fo ...

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Group Policy - Issues with DFSR, NETLOGON/SYSVOL?
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We have an issue where some computers don't seem to be picking up all of their GPO's. When looking in group policy management editor we see many many "red x", "file not found" GPOs (and which don't specify which GPO they are).

A little about our environment, we have 4 domain controllers at Server 2008 R2 functional level. 2 DCs are on-prem Server2k8R2, 2 others are off-site AWS EC2 instances runn ...

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Windows 10/11 HTTP Setup Trace Task wrong url added by netsh http add urlacl
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I'm trying to understand why the 8888 port goeas from open to close by itself....

I suppose to open the port with this commmand run as administrator:

netsh http add urlacl url= user="outputof:whoami"

But in Event log > Windows registers > System I found these row:

The reservation for the namespace identified by the URL prefix been added.

At ...
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How to create a non-modifiable structure of shared folders on NTFS?
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I am in the process of finding a suitable solution of the following. I have a Windows Server 2013 share with a set of shared folders. This share has a central folder (say Shares) and a set of subfolders, each of those should be shared to a specific department or group with entries already specified in AD.

What is a correct way of assigning permissions so that the folder structure could remain unch ...

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How to set limited permissions using command line on windows?
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user want to delete all permissions and keep only modify permission for everyone and full permission to system. Like this.


But present with icacls command

icacls "%ProgramData%\myfolder\Licensing" /grant Everyone:M SYSTEM:F


how to remove all other entries and keep only this.


whether icacls or any other command line

I tried

icacls "%ProgramData%\myfolder\Licensing" /grant Everyone:M SYSTEM:F /inherita ...
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What happens if the only DC fails?
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I recently started an internship in System Administration and I am currently tasked with researching and potentially setting up an on Premise Active Directory in our company. Lets say, I am running Windows Server 2019 or 2022 on a single DC and using AD, ADDS etc. services. Using the Standard Edition with 16 Core licensing and 40 User CALs.

My first question is, what happens when the only DC fail ...

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Can't find NT SERVICE\MSSQLSERVER to give it Read privs on a cert
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I've got SQL Server 2016 happily running under the default account NT SERVICE\MSSQLSERVER. Now, though, I need to give that pseudo-account read priv on a newly installed SSL Certificate.

The pseudo-account exists here:

Windows knows about it here...

But is not findable by the Add User dialog box in mmc when managing the cert:

but not here.

Is there a way to find it, or must I run SQL Server using an actual user account in this case?

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Adding SFTP to Windows Server 2012
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I need SFTP functionality on my Windows 2012 VPS server.

According to this page, one of the prerequisites is that I'm running at least Windows Server 2019 or Windows 10 (build 1809).

My hosting company says they can migrate everything to Windows Server 2022, but there will be costs and my sites will obviously be down for a little while.

  1. Does anyone know if a SFTP server can be installed on Windows Server ...
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local IIS mvc web application using windows authentication keep prompting for credentials
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I'm using windows 10 enterprise. localhost/mywebapp even not hitting home controller rather stuck on windows authentication prompt and no matter if I enter correct credential or bad credential it keep asking again and again. I'm not able to debug via code since it is not even going index controller. What is the best way to pin point the issue? I already checked IIS logs and not helpful at all. thanks in ...

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OneDrive, can you migrate shared locations from one computer to another?
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We are migrating users to new computer, and they have around 10 different SharePoint sites. Is there a way to copy the settings to a new computer, without manually doing so.

I've looked at Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\OneDrive\Accounts\Business1 but that doesn't do anything when you migrate the hive to a new machine.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Accessing more properties of Local Security Policy with powershell
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I want to modify any property that is in secpol.msc > Security settings > Account Policies. Microsoft unfortunately only gives support for a few of them, so there are still properties that I can't access.

For the Account Policies for example, only the following are aviable to change via net accounts

[/FORCELOGOFF:{minutes | NO}]  
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no supported authentication methods available (server sent publickey) Putty
mr flag

Good evening everyone , I created an instance on my OvhCloud host, I followed the whole process from key generation to configuration of the instance detailed on this link: Now I use Putty to connect to this instance created with the private key generated on PuttyGen. But I can't access my instance I get this error (no suppor ...

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How to nest & share multiple ZFS pools over Samba to multiple users
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I have the following ZFS structure:

% sudo zfs list                                                            16:03:46
NAME                          USED  AVAIL     REFER  MOUNTPOINT
zpool1                       1.18T  5.86T      544K  legacy
zpool1/home                  1.18T  5.86T       96K  legacy
zpool1/home/alice            12.6G  5.86T     12.6G  /zshare/zpool1/home/alice
zpool1/home/bob    ...
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Hourly fatal windows alert
bl flag

On one of my windows server 2012 R2 (going to upgrade), my event logger has been filled with

  • Event ID 36887 A fatal alert was received from the remote endpoint. The TLS protocol defined fatal alert code is 40. with Source Schannel

It occurs approximately every hour (+/- tens of seconds) and first logged on 11/10/2022 at 1PM. Last windows update occurred on 11/9/2022.

Its popping under Windows Logs &g ...

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GPO Create Scheduled task to run only on specific network
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I created a scheduled task over GPO and this one is available on a test machine. On my computer i am able to specify a specific network connection to execute the task. On our server, I can only select Any connection. Is there another possibility to make this possible? GPO Setting

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LSI Storage Authority (Windows) losing registered ESXI after reboot
it flag

I have an issue with the RAID Monitoring Software LSA for Windows (LSI Storage Authority).

I can add an ESXI manually and manage/monitor the RAID controller fine, but as soon as im rebooting the server or restart the LSA service, the ESXI server is missing and i have to manually rediscover it.

LSA - Manage Server Page

From different support docs it's said that server connections will be stored in an  ...

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Windows scheduler : will same process instances concurrently run across different Tasks?
ng flag

I have configured Windows Scheduler to not run many instances of my application : enter image description here

But i am not sure about how windows will detect many instance. I mean i have an executable that deeply change its bheaviour accordingly to command line. For that reason i have many task that will trigger the same executable with different parameters.

Will the "Do not start new instance" of one task scheduler block execution ...

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Windows Boot disk doesnt boot in Gcloud Vm Instances
ls flag

I'm trying to boot differents physical disk in gcloud. So the complete process is:

I dd the physical disk in linux (with a bs of 1G). Later i compressed in format tar.gz (with format=oldgnu, like gcloud want).

I uploaded that file in a google cloud bucket and later with gcloud compute, i converted that image.tar.gz in a gcloud image to boot a vm instance.

The problem is when i'm trying to boot that ins ...

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Splunk Universal Forwarder on Windows : how many logs to forward?
de flag

Splunk Universal Forwarded Windows Server 2019

When configuring the forwarder, a large variety of logs can be forwarded :

Application Logs Security Log System Log Forwarded Events Log Setup Log

In addition, Performance Monitor can be logged :

CPU Load Memory Disk Space Network Stats

Additionally, Active Directory Monitoring can be enabled.

While it's tempting to check all the boxes so that max data is ...

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Windows lost server connection while transferring files via Samba
iq flag

I have a Ubuntu 22.04.1 server with Samba installed to allow other PC in the local network to upload/download files, there are 2 Windows clients (Windows 10 & 11), and they both are ok to connect and upload/download files to the Ubuntu server (via file explorer), all 3 machines are connecting to the network via WiFi (Netgear router).

The problem is when trying to upload a large batch of files ...

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Weird connections from file server to clients
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I am facing a strange situation in a Windows domain environment. There are some fileservers initiating connections to PCs. It seems that the servers try to use the SVCCTL (AKA MS-SCMR) protocol to control remotely Windows Services on other hosts.

I can not wrap my head around this behaviour. Why on earth does a fileserver try to connect to PC clients?

This is the traffic I captured:

  1. The server st ...