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Windows Defender 2019 - Configuring
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I've been tasked with getting Windows Defender configured to get it's updates via MECM. Some context, we have around 40 servers in our Azure tenant running Windows Server 2019, Defender is enabled, and it's currently getting its definition updates from an M$ source (I assume) We have an on-premise MECM/SCCM infrastructure, and currently, the Windows10 fleet defender updates is managed via SCCM/MECM; we  ...

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Using Set-MpPreference to schedule Windows full and quick scans doesn't work
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On a Windows 10 machine, I have been trying to set the time of virus scans using the following PowerShell commands.

Set-MpPreference -ScanParameters FullScan
Set-MpPreference -ScanScheduleDay Monday
Set-MpPreference -ScanScheduleTime (Get-Date 20:00)
Set-MpPreference -ScanOnlyIfIdleEnabled 0

Set-MpPreference -ScanScheduleQuickScanTime (Get-Date 10:00)

However, Windows Defender doesn't seem to obey an ...

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Windows Defender for Antivirus - Customize Text Notification
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Config Manager and client alerts We like to change the wording in the notifications for Windows Defender for Antivirus. Not sure this is possible. First area - Client, Change the wording on the local machine pop-up notification for Virus & Threat protection - Threat found notification. Can this be done?

enter image description here

Second Area - ConfigManager, Change the wording in the alert Subject line. Currently it has the fo ...

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Performance issues running VBScript code because of calls to th Antimalware Scan Interface (AMSI)
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I am working with an application that processes a table and for each row it is creating a very simply visual basic script and executing it before other processes are executed. The Vbs script is just an If - Else statement with some simple logic that returns true or false.

It turns out that the application process time has doubled when moving from Windows Server 2012 to Windows Server 2016 because ...

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Exchange Online - Reporting on blocked users
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There is a feature in Exchange Online which blocks users from being able to send email when they send too many emails in a time period. It usually triggers either when a user sends a load of emails via Mail Merge or when their account gets compromised and it's used to send a load of spam.

You can view which accounts have been blocked from sending either by going to the Restricted Users page in the Defen ...

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Whitelist mailboxes from being blocked from sending emails due to the "User restricted from sending email" alert policy in microsoft365 security?
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I have a couple of mailboxes that are periodically being blocked from sending emails due to the "User restricted from sending email" alert policy within the security and compliance center in microsoft 365. I can unblock them fine, but would like to see if there is a way to just whitelist them. I have set their spam confidence level to high within the mail flow rules in exchange online, but other than th ...

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Defender for Identity health issues
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I am having some difficulties in fixing health issues on my companies MDI instance. The error I am facing on all our virtualized domain controllers is :

"Some network traffic could not be analyzed"

According to Micorosft docs, they are suggesting to disable on the virtual network adapter the following :

  • TsoEnable
  • LargeSendOffload(IPv4)
  • IPv4 TSO Offload

This can be done manual but we have lo ...