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Windows Server 2003 is a Microsoft server operating system released in April 2003. It is the successor to Windows Server 2000 and is based on the Windows XP codebase. It was succeeded by Windows Server 2008.
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Deliver mail to certain MX
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We have a strange problem. Our Exchange (old guy Exchange 2010) server doesn't deliver mail to certain address. When checking I see that the domain of recipient has 2 MX records

  • MX 10 good.server
  • MX 100 bad.server

Unclear why but our Exchange try to deliver mail only to the second server. And fails as the second server is bad. 2 questions are arising

  1. Theoretical one - why?
  2. Practical one (if the  ...
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Why is my DNS information replicating without Zone Transfers allowed?
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We have many servers at our business that have the DNS role installed on Windows Server (2003 - 2016). I have noticed recently that the DNS information is consistent among all our servers, which sounds good, but I have only seen that this should be happening when Zone Transfers are enabled in the Zone settings. Zone Transfers are not turned on for any of our servers, but the data still replicates to eve ...