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Windows Server 2012 R2 is a server operating system from Microsoft. It was published on May 31st of 2013. It contains many substantial changes over it predecessor, and substantially streamlines the number of available versions, which are down to four: Foundation, Essentials, Standard and Datacenter.
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How much free space does Windows really need to be performant?
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We have a virtualized file server here whose data resides on a SAN - performance through the SAN is plentiful.
But now the 2TB disk on the virtualized Windows 2012R2 file server is almost full since several weeks (30GB Free) and we discuss internally how much free space Windows really needs to be performant.
For ages there has been a recommendation that NTFS needs about 10% free space - can this be measur ...

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Updated VirtIO SCSI driver on my Windows 2012 R2, and now only boots into recovery. How to recover?
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I have a Hetzner W2012 R2 Cloud VM, and I updated the VirtIO vioscsi driver on it. Now it only boots into recovery mode and I cannot access the C-drive even from command prompt.

Is there any way to save this VM or is it a goner?
I have no (recent) snapshot of it :(

I can mount the old previous VirtIO ISO, but how can I reinstall the old driver when I have no access to the C-drive?

Update 1:
Am able to ge ...

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When do Microsoft Windows Server registry settings like HKLM..SCHANNEL... take effect
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When do Microsoft Windows Server registry settings such as these take effect - first boot? As soon as imported?

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders\SCHANNEL\Ciphers\RC4 128/128]
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Unable to rename the DN using trusted domain user credentials
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I have two AD in which two-way trusts relationship(forest and transitive) exists. Trusted domain are and

I created a AD-User(TEST1) in using administrator credentials of trusted domain ( But I am not able to rename the computer username from TEST1 to TEST2 using administrator credentials of

I can see ldap_rename is giving the error insuffici ...

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I'm trying to implement the same arch in the image below on Windows.

I tried many different ways with no luck. (I can achieve this on Linux with the following commands)

sudo sed -i "s/#net.ipv4.ip_forward=1/net.ipv4.ip_forward=1/g" /etc/sysctl.conf

sudo iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o tun0 -j MASQUERADE
sudo netfilter-persistent save
sudo systemctl enable netfilter-persistent.service

VPN Arch Image

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WSUS drivers supersedence
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I have added the driver classification in wsus and now i have 100k driver updates. The supersedence is not specified so i can't easily decline old updates. I see a lot of duplicate versions for the drivers (update id is different so it's not the same update).

In the past this was bad but since i added windows 10 it's almost unmanageble.

  • Is it true that microsoft did not hire a scriptkiddy to correct the ...
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Unable to swap old server with new one as the switch it's plugged into is unaccessible
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Hopefully the title covers this question but, it's pretty straightforward.

At work, we have an old DMZ Server we'd like to replace with a newer model. Unfortunately, when we were ready for the swap, the NIC didn't light up (no link lights). So we plugged in the old DMZ Server and link lights to that server were re-established.

  • we now know it's most likely on sticky Mac.

We attempted to contact the st ...

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Considerations for Server OS Upgrade (Win2012R2 to 2019) hosting SQL Server?
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I am not a DBA so I am not well versed on the intricacies, considerations, potential issues with in-place upgrading just the OS of an existing SQL Server.

A client has several stand-alone SQL Server 2012 servers on Windows Server 2012 R2. Their current mandate is to upgrade their server OSes to Windows 2016 or 2019.

In place upgrades of the OS is straight forward enough but are there any special co ...

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File permission issue - You need permission to perform this action
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This is a very strange issue related to a dfs replicated folder.

The share in question is shared with "Everyone" with full access and permissions are applied to sub-folders using ACLs. Three groups are applied to each folder (Full access to a file administrators group, Read and execute access to a Read only group and Modify access to a Read/Write group).

All is fine in terms of creating/modifying f ...

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GOGS reverse proxy on IIS
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I'm trying to reverse proxy the to localhost:3001 - GOGS port. I tried creating a new application on the default web site

enter image description here

The folder that it points to is the main gogs folder. I downloaded URL Rewrite and with that created a reverse proxy that goes to localhost:3001 when there is /gogs in the URL.

But this gives me an error:

enter image description here

In the custom/conf/app.ini I set the domain to my sub- ...

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Advice needed on migrating shares from a 2003 DC to a new 2012: how can I avoid breaking my software install GPOs?
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I've finally virtualized our entire server infrastructure and I'm ready to start migrating to our bought Windows server 2019. Since our current setup is based on Windows Server 2003 we obviously have to do the migration step via an interim installation of say 2012 R2 (AFAIK 2016 would be ok too).

My problem is the following. Our 2003 DC hosts a number of file shares. Some of them are very easy to ...

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Using a Windows Server 2012 R2 Server as a PDC via remote location
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Presently, we have a Windows 2012 R2 Server acting as our PDC and it is physically located in our HQ location. It serves the HQ location as well as 5 other branch locations. Our president has inquired with me if there is any way we can move that server into a cloud rather than physically hosting it.

Server roles are as follows:

  • DNS Server
  • AD for company-wide local network authentication and LDAP authenti ...
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Why SFTP user can view all files using FileZilla?
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I created FTP site and I set the permissions for each user and user groups (Admins/Users) using virtual directory. Each user has its own directory which he can access and Admins can access all folders inside ftproot folder.

Each user permission worked fine when connecting via FileZilla – on the regular FTP. Then, I tried setting up the SFTP, for that I need OpenSSH SSH Server. I Installed it us ...

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How to create two different networks on Hyper-v
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I currently have 2 physicals hosts with windows server 2012 R2 datacenter on each of them. I have a network with several VM's: 2 DC 2 File servers.

I want to test a course that I have bought, and use another network for that lab. So I have created a new VM to start, and connected it to the same virtual switch than the other network. I got a DHCP address of the first n ...

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We're having issues accessing our server remotely. Currently the server is setup using a 192.168.x.x IP and our firewall is redirecting all traffic from our public IP to the server. Port 80, 443, and 8080, 53 are open.

I'm trying to get to: off the network which is a basic index.html page at the moment. Locally on the server I can load the web page just fine with ...

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How to remove NIS server role from all domain controllers before upgrading to Windows server 2019
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So we are currently have 4 2012R2 domain controllers with IDMU (Identity Management for Unix) and NIS server role installed. For NIS server role, one DC is in master mode, other 3 DCs are in subordinate mode.

We need to upgrade all Windows domain controllers to Server2019, meaning no IDMU and NIS will be supported any more, they have been removed since Windows Server 2016.

To be able to upgrade to S ...

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let teachers reset passwords of students in Active Directory
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I am at a school that runs ActiveDirectory (Windows Server 2012 actually) and our teachers want to be able to reset students passwords, they won't use the ticket system in case a student forgets their password but will be angry on the IT-Administration (duh!)

So I just want to give them the option to reset students passwords (only students passwords!). How do I do this?

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NTP Server is setup for ntp keys. How can we configure windows server to communicate to our time server using the keys?
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We have an NTP server that was setup with NTP keys.

We are trying to configure our domain controllers to use this NTP server as the authoritative time source. We can talk to the NTP server without keys fine but as soon as we enable keys on the NTP side, communication fails. Where can we specify a keys file/strings to allow Windows to talk to our NTP server usin ...

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IIS 8.5 and 10, max value that can be set for IIS Requests/Recycle?
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Per DISA we're required to set the recycling option for requests. I can't seem to track down what the max value for this should be or when the counter gets restarted? If app pools are configured to recycle at midnight, shouldn't the requests counter reset to 0? We set what we thought was a high limit at 99,999 but this seems to get hit everyday around noon on all 3 of our balanced servers. Sometimes ...

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copying many folders with not inherited permissions
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So we have this folder with hundreds of user folders (not sure what they are used for but there is mostly Desktop, Documents and Favorites). We need to back them up to another disk, but the problem is that the ACL is not inheriting from above folder and all subfolders have permissions only to their owners which are various users. The only way to access those folders is to change owner for example to adm ...