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IIS windows authentication loop
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We star to move from windows server 12 to 19, the server is already working and we set our balancer to only use the new two nodes. The serves are register under our intranet AD ou cert. the sites use windows authentication so the iis handle it and the browser request and authenticate the users of the same ou without a problem, also works if the user use a VDI resgister on the ou callcenter. But when a  ...

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DELL VRTX - M620 Blade - Both NICs "Unidentified Network"
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I have a DELL VRTX with two M620 Blades. I have an issue with one of the Blades. Both NICs come up with "Unidentified network". I got the server 2.5 years ago and run Hyper-V on the Blades. It works without an issue but about 3 weeks ago I started having issues with this.

I've updated all the firmware and all the hardware I was able to find on the DELL website. I am running Server 2019 Standard o ...

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User authentication via certificate on remote desktop
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I have set up a new remote desktop and the client has requested 1 main thing. That the user logs in with a certificate we provide them and no one else is able to log in, my Google search results have came up slim. I have set up my ssl cert on the server and think there's a way to force users to log on a certain way via Group policy but how can I set it up so users can only log on via a certificate. Any  ...

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In-place upgrade Server 2012 R2 to Server 2019 promised, but not available?
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Bought licenses for Windows server 2019 because Microsoft documentation claims you can upgrade from Windows Server 2012 R2 directly in-place. Please note, this IS what we need to do so discussions about "best practices" and VMs and migrations are not helpful for this particular occasion. I will be guiding us toward that later, but baby steps for now.

Microsoft only allows the download of the EVAL  ...

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Removing certain entries from start menu on server 2019
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I've been trying to find a method to remove entries from the start menu. I've found a GPO that removes all the entries, which is not what I want. I've found that some shortcuts can be removed by simply deleting .lnk files from %appdata%/local/microsoft/windows/startmenu. On Server2019 however, there are also entries that do not have a .lnk file such as settings, windows-security or search.

I've found so ...

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How to merge two Windows servers?
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I have to merge two Windows Servers, one is the old one and another is the new one which.

Both servers was working together but the new one started to work month later, on the new server i have the all clients DBs but even in the old server there are same DBs with data user for other applications hosted on old server, then i need to move the DNS from the old server to the new one.

Which would be the ...

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Printers not redirecting when RD session host role is installed (winserver 2019)
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as the title says, printers will not redirect to the remote server when that role is installed, everything works fine if i remove the role, but the thing is, without the role i can't control the licenses (even tho the licenses adm role is still active), so i can't have more than 2 users connected at the same time

on one occasion, we disabled the host role, the printers showed up, we printed some  ...

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When do changes to the group policy take affect for remote desktop idle times?
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I was setting up idle time settings for remote desktop services since I have users that are leaving themselves logged in at night with programs open.

This is a Windows 2019 Standard server with remote desktop services installed. We have clients connecting but I'm show odd idle times.

For example:

enter image description here

I know that the person I have highlighted was active up until a few hours ago. If I'm understanding this  ...

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SSH using public key losing Authentication on windows server
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I want to SSH from my laptop (A) to Windows Server (B) and run commands against SQL Server (C) from powershell. All three in one windows domain. I'm running built-in openssh server and client for Windows Server 2019.

If I connect to server B using password then I can run commands using Invoke-Sqlcmd and query SQL Server C just fine.

But if I connect using RSA key, I can't run commands anymore because  ...

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Bring Windows Failover Cluster On-Line with only One Node
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I would like to set a policy such that my Failover Cluster will always come into service, even if only one (of the two nodes) is available.

Background: I have only two nodes in the cluster, plus a witness quorum in a share on the DC. For this question assume that the DC stays in-service. (Windows Server 2019).

If I shutdown node1, then node2 will be active. If I then shut down node2, then cluster wi ...

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Windows 2019 and truenas SMB share access problems
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I'm having all sorts of trouble getting a FRESH Windows Server 2019 to connect to a samba share on Truenas 12.

Originally, when I tried to log in, Windows kept saying You Can't Access This Shared Folder Because Your Organization's Security Policies Block Unauthenticated Guest Access., so I went into registry and changed the lanman workstation setting AllowInsecureGuestAuth to 1. That solved that issu ...

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Windows Server 2019 accessing shares over VPN for some users
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I'm using Windows Server 2019 and have setup a OpenVPN 2.5.4 Client as a service to start a VPN link back to my pfSense box at another location. The problem is only some Windows Server users can access the Samba shares on a Debian machine on the other side of the VPN.

If I login as user A, they can see the mapped drives at \ but user B cannot. User B can however ping the ma ...

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Win2019 VPN giving 'processing error during initial negotiations'
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TL;DR: Got new server running Win2019. Went to move VPN over from Win2008R2 server. When 2019 connecting to 2019 server, clients get the old and common error: enter image description here

But connecting to the existing 2008R2 VPN, they can connect fine.

Longer version: Both servers are running with L2TP. Long ago, when we upgraded the 2008r2 to L2TP, we had to run the registry hack on our client computers. (Setting the AssumeU ...

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Connection reset for HTTPS on ADFS
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I have set up a windows server in virtual box with host only network as a labenvironment. I have a problem accessing HTTPS from the host only network. I have set up a domain controller and ADFS on a Windows server 2019 using a self signed certificate for ADFS. Here are some tests I have done to try to isolate the problem. Im testing against the metadata url /FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata ...

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How could I found net.exe activity log in windows server 2019?
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I have Windows Server 2019. it is a database server(MSSQL Server) in the intranet environment. I monitor Its Process and I found sometimes the below process runs automatically without any cause.

"C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe" /c "net localgroup administrators" "net localgroup administrators"

I check my user's list and group list and I don't see any new users. I don't know why net.exe runs with this c ...

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created a new offline root CA . All of the certs that are based off of this ca cert root for fail, when used on non Microsoft systems
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The reason it is failing is because I used a Microsoft example as the the policy.inf file. I edited the file to match my data but I left in the line: AlternateSignatureAlgorithm=1

How do I fix this without rebuilding a whole new ca?

The root ca cert has to be re-issued based off of a new capolicy.inf file and then all of the certs that are based off of the old root cert need to be re-issued.

I have cha ...

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Multiple application on single PC
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I have installed Tomcat server on my server PC with IP One application is running on the server. Let address of the application is: Now if I want to run another application on the same server, address will be:

I want multiple application with multiple addresses like,

a) Is this possible to have multiple address on sin ...

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Windows Server 2019 install to intel RST Raid 1 volume not showing up in installer
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I have an asrock rack Z490D4U-2L2T motherboard (working with a Intel 11700K) that supports Intel RST (BIOS reports driver version as I have two Samsung 870 evo SSDs that I want to put in RAID 1 and install Windows Server 2019 to them.

In the bios, I have switched the SATA mode selection to Intel RST Premium with Intel Optane System Acceleration (RAID Mode). Both drives do show up in the b ...

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Windows Failover Clutser cant set Cluster Resource
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Microsoft (and others) have good documentation on this but it's not working for me. I am trying to set the IP address parameters. The issue is that the IP address is not part of the allowable object types to modify.

For example this fails (from MS docs)

PS C:\> Get-ClusterResource -Nam ...
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Why do System Interrupts not appear in Task Manager for the 2nd logged in person?
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I have a Windows Server 2019 VM. Typically 2 people are allowed to terminal into the server.

The first person who logs in sees System Interrupts in the Task Manager. The second person to log in doesn't have it in the Task Manager.

Is this normal and is there a way to make it available to both logged in users?

enter image description here

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Remote Desktop 2019: new MSRDC Webfeed URL -> no workspace found // Browser or old MSTSC -> Workspace found?
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I have kind of a strange issue related to Microsoft Remote Desktop Services running on Server 2019.

**My Setup:** 4 Session Host, 1 Server for RD Gateway, RD Licensing, RD WebAccess, RD Broker

When I call the RD Url: I am able to login and I can see the workspaces and connect to them. The same via HTML5.

Now I wanted to use the new Microsoft MSRDC client: https:/ ...
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Server Certificate Missing IIS
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IIS Manager Missing Server Certificates

I have a server, CPTE230B, which has IIS installed, and IIS Management Tools. I need to add a server certificate from my AD Certificate Server, but that option does not show up in IIS manager. Is there something I'm missing which causes that option to not show up? (To answer a common question, yes, I am clicking on the server level, not the site level.)

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Windows Server 2019 Windows Backup Issue with Hyper-V
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I am running Windows Server 2019 and have configured Windows Server Backup.

The backup is to a dedicated backup disk and consists of the following options:

  • Bare Metal Recovery
  • C:
  • System Reserved
  • System state
  • Hyper-V (several VMs selected)

The Hyper-V backups routinely fail with the following error:

Error in backup of C:\VHDs\Alderaan\Virtual Machines\A118C476-9DB8-499E-AE63-85B2F8DE0563.VMRS during ...
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"Access Denied" when running SQL Server Installation Center Tools
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With MS SQL Server 2019 on Windows Server 2019, I am attempting to do something pretty simple: Run the "Installed SQL Server Features Discovery Report" tool that comes in the SQL Server Installation Center utility.

But, even though I am in the administrator's group and regardless if I run the Installation Center as admin or not, this pops up:

TITLE: SQL Server Setup failure.

SQL Server Setup has enc ...

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Attaching VHD Set or VHDX as Shared Disk in Hyper V 2019 "Storage where the virtual hard disk is located does not support virtual hard disk sharing"
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WS Server 2019 Hyper V

Created a VHD Set (.VHDS) in the same location where VHD are stored for VM usage.

When trying to attach the file (in the GUI or via PowerShell), I get this error:

PS C:\Users\Administrator> Add-VMHardDiskDrive -ComputerName "VM-S01-HV" -VMName "VM-S04-FS1_V0" -ControllerNumber 0 -ControllerLocation 1 -Path G:\A_VHDS\001_VM-USERFILESHARE\VM-USERFILESHARE.vhds -ShareVirtualDisk
Ad ...
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Use cmd when "Run only specified Windows applications" policy is in effect
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I am trying to restrict the applications usage on the VM Windows Server 2019. In Local Group Policy editor (gpedit.msc), i modified the policy, on the left pane, click/tap on to expand User Configuration, Administrative Templates, and System, double click/tap on Run only specified Windows applications to edit it.

We added chrome.exe and firefox.exe here.

After that, on the VM Windows Server 2019, i  ...

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Share folders with two different NIC
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i have a Windows Server 2019 machine with two NICs, is it possible to share folders only on one ip address? eg.

If i connect to NIC 1 IP i want to see only "FOLDER1", else if i connect to NIC 2 IP i want to see only folder "FOLDER2"

Sorry for my bad english, thank in advance. "English is not my first language, please edit for clarity, then remove this comment!"

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Server 2019 ADFS New Install Configuration Failing
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I have been trying to setup a new ADFS server and the configuration is failing with the following error: The SSL certificate subject alternative names do not support host name ''. Configuring certificate authentication binding on port '49443' and hostname ''.

I have reinstalled, disabled carbon black and checked the firewall but nothing has helped so far. Any ...

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Using Log Parser for Remote Desktop login attempts
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I'm trying to find a way to return the top x number of IP addresses that are attempting to login to Remote Desktop on some Windows 2016 and 2019 boxes for event ID 140 on, say, Current Date.

Of course, I can see the IP address by clicking on the entry and reading the box below, but would really like to know who the persistent bad boys are rather that scroll through them all.

I've had some success us ...

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How to create a new windows domain with an existing domain
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We currently have an existing windows domain that uses ip range 192.168.2.X.

The main internet router has an internal ip for this domain.

We've just purchased new server hardware and want to setup a new domain on the ip range 192.168.3.X.

How can we accomplish this given that it can't see the main router with has an internal ip in the 192.168.2.X range?

Or more globally, how do you create a new windows do ...