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Fourth LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu, code-named Precise Pangolin. Released on 26th April, 2012, no longer supported (EOL) since 28th April 2017. Questions about unsupported versions are likely to be closed as off-topic.
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how do I move a pem file which is downloaded to Windows 10 and move it to root@Ubuntu?
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There is a pem key from AWS that is downloaded to my Windows 10. The Jenkins and Nginx is installed using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (WSL2) at Root.

Now, in order for all to work together, I need to bring this pem key which is in Windows 10 to Ubuntu Root. How do I make that happen?

Alternatively, I "could" regenerate a pem key from AWS and make it saved in Ubuntu or downloaded to Ubuntu instead of Windows 1 ...