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Questions specific to 14.04 are no longer supported here and are supposed to be closed as off-topic. Fifth LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu, code-named "Trusty Tahr". Released on 17th April, 2014 and has reached its End Of Life (EOL) in April 2019.
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Can you install software and tools using a script?
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I'm new to Linux but I saw someone run a script and his user profile, tools like NodeJS, VSCode, the Chrome browser etc were installed on that new machine without him doing it one by one.

How could I do something like this in ubuntu?

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Can't boot after upgrade to 20.04 LTS
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I followed the procedure that Dell, Ubuntu team, and this posting suggest: Ubuntu 20.04 black screen after installing, no booting One problem, though. Many of these call for changing a settings file - but I can't boot, and thus can't change the file.

Another online recommendation is to turn off 'PTT'and enable legacy boot. But there are no options under the security tab (or anywhere else) that  ...

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Ubuntu operating 18.04 but stored and named 1404- problem of increasing size of ubuntu on virtual box
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I opened virtual media manager to increase size of my ubuntu because it doesn't want to open, but as I move the scroll to a higher value, it says failed to increase size, error message: Resizing to new size 12556050432 is not yet supported for medium 'C:\Users\Saeed\VirtualBox VMs\Ubuntu 1404\Ubuntu 1404.vdi'.

Result Code: VBOX_E_NOT_SUPPORTED (0x80BB0009) Component: MediumWrap Interface: IMedium ...

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How to run / start NodeJs on Ubuntu on reboot
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i have a developer system running on Ubuntu 20 LTS which resides on a VM Host and it works fine. But sometimes we have some maintenance on the Host which means the VM will go down and come backup. So i am looking for a way to startup nodeJs once the host has rebooted.

Here are a few issues..

A) As we have a SSL Cert on server it seems me to require to start the nodeJs server with sudo if i dont it t ...

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The selected boot device failed Windows 10
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I am trying to install Ubuntu on my Windows 10. I was following these steps. My computer uses UEFI as BIOS mode as described here. I have downloaded ISO image and created a live USB of Ubuntu. I have also allocated free space on my disk. Lastly I disabled secure boot and also enabled legacy support following these steps. Still, I get that my boot device have failed. What is wrong? I need to downlo ...