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Eighth LTS (Long Term Support) release of Ubuntu, code-named "Focal Fossa". Released on April 23, 2020. Will reach End of Standard Support (ESS) in April 2025. Only use this tag for version-specific questions.
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How to customize Ubuntu ISO grub install params
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I want to customize the installer in default ubuntu 20.04 iso image.

More specifically I want to either

  1. Completely skip grub install ( I want to do it manually )
  2. Add additional params to grub install command (like --noefivars etc)

I am using Ubuntu 20.04 Desktop ISO

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Temporary failure when resolving error
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I am having trouble downloading a .deb package. When I try to get this file, I get this message:

E: Failure to get Temporary failure when resolving ""

How can I solve this problem?

Original Message:

Temporärer Fehlschlag beim Auflösen von »«

Temporärer  ...

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Mounted Disk Issue
mx flag

Please go easy as I am somewhat a novice in Linux.

I am running Ubuntu 20.04.2 and using it as a file server. I built it about a year ago and it has been working fine. This morning I rebooted the server for the first time in a while and it hung between checking the disks and maintenance mode. I was able to start in Recovery Mode and I noticed that one of my 6 hard drives was unmounted.

When I remove  ...

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Split Screen with Ubuntu 20.04 and Gnome via xrandr
vn flag

Challenge: I am trying to split me 32:9 wide screen into two virtual monitors.

Background: While working, I need to share my screen using Microsoft Teams for Linux. Teams is not able share parts of the screen but only single windows. When sharing single windows, some parts of the shared application are not visible (such as new windows, menus, tooltips etc.). I have to share my screen so that the  ...

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Open Geany Template with Shortcut
hm flag

To open the geany template file manually, we need to follow the following steps,

File -> New(with Template) -> main.c(or other programming language template)

Can I make a shortcut(possibly keybindings) to do the things automatically ? I am using ubuntu 20.04

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Processes taking a lot of GPU memory Nvidia-smi for rtx 3080
cl flag

I have a new rtx 3080 GPU and want to use it for ML with my Ubuntu 20.04.

Is this the normal output of nvidia-smi? What are these processes doing that take 1.4GB of my GPU memory?

Nvidia-smi output

Additionally is this normal that there is no name RTX 3080 but 3 dots instead?

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rabbitmq-server issue while installing in Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS(focal)
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I am trying to install rabbitmq-server in my Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS(focal) I am following the steps while installing it :

curl -s | sudo bash

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server

All steps are working fine except when I try to install it finally by typing sudo apt-get install rabbitmq-server few mo ...

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Cannot Sudo or edit sodoer to add user
jp flag

I successfully installed Ubunto Server 20.04 on Raspberry Pi. I added a user, but the user, me, cannot sudo, not edit sudoer file to allow sudo. Was not prompted to add administer at installation.

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Mouse stops working
in flag

Sometimes my mouse stops working (SPC LIX). I have tried updating upgrading but it still does happen. I'm on ubuntu 20.04

PC specs: i7 11gen 16GB RAM SPC LIX mouse

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How to adjust a background wallpaper?
cn flag

Windows used to have a feature to fill, tile, center, stretch etc. a wallpaper to set in the background. I recently set a wallpaper as the background image of my Ubuntu desktop, however by default it is in "fill" format but I want it in tile. I don't see any options in the background settings to do that. I have many images that are of a phone screen size, I want to set them on my desktop too(in tile or  ...

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Is my PC just not suited for linux? (Audio Issues - Dummy Output)
sb flag

So I'm a completely new Linux user; just switched over from Windows 10. I tried Mint first but after having this problem, I distro hopped over to Ubuntu, thinking it was just a problem with Mint, to no avail. Before hopping to Ubuntu, I tried just about every fix i could. None of them worked so I'm stumped. This has led me to wonder if my hardware just isn't made for anything other than windows. After h ...

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How to disable clipboard redirection for my users from their local systems in xrdp
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I am an administrator of the Ubuntu Server. I have 7 users. They log in through RDP. So I need to disable the clipboard from their local machine to the remote system. How to achieve this?

Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS.

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Ubuntu 20.04 problems with bluetooth earbuds
cn flag

I bought a Sony WXB700 bluetooth earbuds.

I am using ubuntu 20.04.

They pair with my machine. I am located 30cm away from my computer and in some positions I get sound, in others I do not.

The bluetooth never pairs off... I would like to know what can I do to solve this problem...

In my old laptop (with ubuntu 18.04) they work without a problem.

I have looked into pavucontrol and everything seems to be Ok ...

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Caja drag and drop with tree view
ru flag

I just switched to Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS Mate because Mint MATE was buggy and annoying.

Ubuntu MATE is a great distro but one thing I like better about Mint MATE was in Caja if you drag an item from the main panel into a folder in the tree view panel it would highlight the folder so you knew exactly which folder you were going to drop into.

Caja in Ubuntu Mate doesn't do this.

I have tried a few different ...

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Purpose of .wget-hsts file in Ubuntu
hm flag

There is a file in my home folder named wget-hsts .Does this file send my data to anywhere ? The file content is as follows :

# HSTS 1.0 Known Hosts database for GNU Wget.
# Edit at your own risk.
# <hostname>    <port>  <incl. subdomains>  <created>   <max-age>   0   0   1631759053  31536000  0   1   1631759053  31536000
github-rel ...
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phpvirtualbox: Could not connect to host (
cn flag

Server: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Virtualbox Version: 6.1.26r145957

VBoxManage list extpacks

Extension Packs: 1
Pack no. 0:   Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension Pack
Version:      6.1.26
Revision:     145957
Description:  Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 Host Controller, Host Webcam, VirtualBox RDP, PXE ROM, Disk Encryption, NVMe.
VRDE Module:  VBoxVRDP
Usable:       true
Why ...
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Ubuntu 20.04 starts drag&drop too soon
ph flag

Is there a way to increase the delay (the time the left mouse button must be pressed before starting drag&drop) distinguishing between a click and drag&drop? I often click on something, but Ubuntu 20.04 starts drag&drop.

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Changing to a specific directory in an easier manner
tr flag

Whenever I want to start coding, I have to cd to Desktop/Programming/C++, whereas I am looking for an easier manner to do so, more precisely I am looking for a terminal command which will automatically cd to that specific directory. Can I create such a command in terminal? And if so, how?

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Random reboots on 20.04 LTS
cn flag

For the past few days. my laptop reboots randomly without warning and at different intervals. It only shows me a black screen and restarts the PC. I don't thinks it's the CPU temperature because the PC feels very cold.

I performed a memory and drive test on the BIOS and both of them passed. I suspect that it is related to the network card because every time the PC restarts randomly the wifi disap ...

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Keyboard does not work for first few seconds
pe flag

I notice that my keyboard does not work for first few seconds while I boot into ubuntu or open after suspension. After a few seconds it works completely fine. I get stuck in the login page for a few seconds as I am unable to enter anything using my keyboard. I use a HP pavilion 15 series laptop with ubuntu 20.04.3 dual booted along with windows.

PS: Its not the slow keys that's creating this issu ...

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Wi-fi on Ubuntu 20.04
us flag

I removed Windows from my computer on purpose and installed Ubuntu 20.04 instead. Yet, back on Windows I had wi-fi, and now I don't. Commands like susb doesn't seem to show any wireless device.

It's my first time asking around in a forum, I don't know what screenshots would be relevant, I'll try and provide you all with any information you want.


Here's the result for : lsusb; lspci -nnk | grep - ...

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Cursor Vanishing When Moved to Right Side of Screen
eg flag

I'm running Ubuntu 20.04 with a RTX3070 and two monitors.

When the left monitor is flipped and I move the cursor to the right hand side of the right monitor, the cursor vanishes!

Using the keyboard I can change the monitor settings to mirror and then join display again (but both monitors in landscape) and then the cursor reappears.

If I leave the settings with both monitors in landscape everything work ...

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occasional Gnome desktop crashes, [2175]: cr_parser_new_from_buf: assertion 'a_buf && a_len' failed, 20.04.3 LTS
ru flag

Running a Digital Storm server with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080, and the desktop crashes or freezes occasionally. We've run all apt updates and upgrades for 20.04.3 LTS, GNOME Shell 3.36.9 with 5.11.0-34-generic kernel.

Logs show:

Sep 28 13:45:43  gnome-shell[2175]: cr_parser_new_from_buf: assertion 'a_buf && a_len' failed
Sep 28 13:45:43  gnome-shell[2175]: cr_declaration_parse_list_from_buf:  ...
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Ubuntu Software Center for 20.04
cn flag

I cannot find Ubuntu Software Center (USC) for 20.04 . USC showed not only end user applications that were installed, but systems software applications, including kernels, that were installed, as well as the update history. "Software" (gnome-software shown in top when the Software icon is activated) only shows user applications, not the kernel. Has USC been discontinued?

I have looked at the various  ...

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How to disable the super+S shortcut on Unity?
cn flag

I am running Ubuntu Unity 20.04, and I would like to fiddle a bit with the keyboard shortcuts so that they match my other machine (a Windows 10 laptop). Specifically, I would like, as an endgoal, to have:

  • The Workspace Switcher (a.k.a. workspace Expo) on Super+Tab
  • Screenshot-of-an-area (via Flameshot) on Super+Shift+S

This requires some doing, since the Workspace Switcher is set up by default on S ...

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Problem upgrading ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04
in flag

I need help! Been offered upgrade from 18.04 to 20.04 LTS. I pressed yes, let the automatic update run and as a result I cannot use my computer cause the system does not load after start. It just freezes. Just blinking cursor at that's it. Never had such a problem with any of the previous updates.

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How to create .odt file using terminal on Ubuntu 20.04?
mc flag

I tried the method given at:

If I am using: libreoffice --writer FinalProposal.odt then, I am getting an error shown in this figure.

If I am using touch FinalProposal.odt && libreoffice --writer FinalProposal.odt then, it is working fine and I am able to create new file.

I want to know, what am I doing wrong?

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Remove the "Region & Language Settings" option from GNOME Onscreen Keyboard
in flag

I use Ubuntu 20.04. I am trying to install a kiosk and I need to hide/remove the Region & Language Settings option from the GNOME Onscreen Keyboard (GOK) when I press the flag key.

GNOME Onscreen Keyboard showing the flag menu

As you can see in the attached picture, when I press the flag key, a menu opens that allows to choose the keyboard I want to use (i.e. English (US) or anything else I have installed).

The other option there, the one tha ...

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failure in thunderbird when converting message to file fails (save as...)
br flag

In newest thunderbird 78.13.0 (64-bit) under Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS with all avlbl updates in it, when trying to mass save messages to .eml files (using save as...), for say 100 messages at once, it stops erroneously after saving only 4 messages, with no error msg. The result shown are these 4 files, but when looking at their directory using a neutral file mgr like Files, the directory is empty! This operat ...

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Constant Close/Crash on Several Occasions in Ubuntu 20.04
fr flag

I have Ubuntu 20.04, ever since I installed an RTX 2060 Super graphic card I'm facing annoying crash/close on several occasions as follows:

  1. I cannot open the "Show Applications", it closes as soon as I click it
  2. I cannot install any .deb package, the PC log me out and force me to the Ubuntu login page as soon as I double click it.
  3. I cannot rename any file and folder using left-click --> rename, it cl ...