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How to mount MTP like a drive in /dev?
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I am trying to recover some files on my android device, but without success. So I would like to try tools like photorec, but they need a physically mounted device. Or rather, for the moment photorec makes me recover files only from /dev/sdx, so I need to mount the mtp device like this. For now I have tried this solution here: How to mount Smartphone to recover files but jmtpfs gives me an error.

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How do I use the microphone of the Droidcam work
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I followed the instruction on to download the droidcam to a directory on my Ubunto PC. I ran the following commands in succession:

sudo ./install-client
sudo ./install-dkms
sudo ./install-video

On the second command sudo ./install-dkms, I got the error ./install-dkms: line 32: dkms: command not found. I still proce ...

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USB-Tethering not working on Ubuntu 20.04, no network devices available
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No USB tethering device available.
Smartphone: Android One (full updated)
System Kubuntu 20.04

When I connect the smartphone via USB to my laptop, I select "USB tethering", but the device is not displayed in Kubuntu. Connecting to the HotSpot via WiFi works.

ip link show
1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 1000
    link/loopback ...
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scrcpy is not working showing ERROR: "adb push" returned with value 1
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I install scrcpy and

sudo snap install scrcpy

at first it was working fine.after a certain time it throws this error

ERROR: "adb push" returned with value 1

enter image description here

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Create and run a bash script in an MTP connected smartphone
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The question explains it all. I connected an android smartphone to pc using USB. Changed directory to internal storage using:

cd /run/user/*/gvfs/*/'Internal Shared Storage'

And now I wanna create a shell script. Did this:


But it says:

touch: setting times of '': Operation not supported

But if I ls again, I see '' actually got created. So whatever, I do this to edit 'te ...

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Audio sink is not visible after upgrade from PulseAudio 8.0 to 13.99
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I'm trying to send audio stream via Bluetooth from Ubuntu-powered desktop to Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S8).

On Ubuntu 16.04 with PulseAudio 8.0 installed by default it works properly - I can see my device's sink in the list(bluez-sink): list of sources with sink present

But after OS upgrade to 20.04 with PulseAudio 13.99 it disappears from the list: list of sources without needed sink

Is i ...

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MTP file transfer not working with Ubuntu/Kubuntu 20.04
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I just have a fresh install of Kubuntu 20.04 on an Acer Swift 3 laptop. I ran into problem with transferring files from my Android phone. Here was the steps I went through:

  1. Plug the phone into USB port. The device shows up on Kubuntu (Dolphin and popup notification)
  2. Unlock the phone and accept permission.
  3. Click on the device and got the following error:

No storage media found. Make sure your dev ...

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Remote control Android phone
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I want to control my android cell phone via pc. In this way i can work much more productively.

I found references with the opposite controlling ubuntu from android, for instance

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Unable to mount Samsung SM-A260F in Ubuntu 20.04
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When trying to connect my Samsung SM-A260F to two Ubuntu 20.04 desktop computers running Unity interface, selecting Transfer files and then Allow access, I get:

No such interface "org.gtk.vfsMount" on object at path /org/gtk/vfs/-mount/1


Unable to mount SMTP device. SMTP tools is installed.

I have tried these solutions, except for the "force overwrite" options: dpkg error: "trying to overwr ...

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Java taking too much memory in Ubuntu 20.04 after using Android Studio
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My desktop is too laggy (although I closed Android studio) to move, so I used top to see the reason.

RAM is 12G, and the desktop environment is gnome

this is the result of top

4172 pnkj 20 0 7181972 3.9g 4152 S 0.0 33.6 47:16.43 java

this is the result of jstack 4172

Threads class SMR info:
_java_thread_list=0x00007f8d0c0ca9a0, length=27, elem ...
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Control PC from Android phone?
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I always wanted to control my Linux PC via my smartphone, and found a way to do it. It's called CRC Remote. I could have several profiles with buttons, and on the press of one it would run the configured key press sequence. However, as I recently reinstalled Linux, I didn't have the program on my PC anymore. I then visited the homepage, just to find out that the page doesn't exist anymore. And I can't f ...

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Will building android use both my harddrives?
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I have two internal drives in my Ubuntu-only laptop. My 250GB SSD has Ubuntu installed on it, and my 320GB HDD has is empty and is mounted as a single partition. My question is, if I do something that requires a lot of disk space, like building android ROMs (400GB recommended by Google), how can I utilize both disks in order to have enough space?

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error: snap "android-studio" has "install-snap" change in progress
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I was trying to install Android studio in ubuntu 20.04. I used this command sudo snap install android-studio --classic. But after 54% download , my pc freezes and restarts automatically. After opening my pc , again open my terminal and execute the same command. This time it shows error: snap "android-studio" has "install-snap" change in progress error. What I need to do? Do I need to kill the PID. ...

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Is there...A way to transfer files from Ubuntu to Android?
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Title. I've done a bit of searching here but I'm quite baffled. I recently acquired a Samsung Galaxy S7, and while I'm quite excited about it, I'm having difficulty transferring files via USB. "The name 1.110 was not provided by any .service files" is the error message I'm getting when clicking on the phone's icon in nautilus (the stock version with Ubuntu 20.04, btw)

I've tried enabling every fe ...

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Illegal instruction (core dumped) error while building Android 11
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For a quiet some time I'm trying to build Android 11 for Sony Xperia XZ2 H8266. Everytime process comes to build org.apache.http.legacy package it gets an error.

[ 99% 263/264] //external/apache-http:org.apache.http.legacy dexpreopt [common]
FAILED: out/soong/.intermediates/external/apache-http/org.apache.http.legacy/and
ANDROID_LOG_TAGS="*:e" out/soong/host/linux ...
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Android Studio emulator only crashes when using `nouveau` driver, OK with `i915` intel driver
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I'm running Kubuntu 20.04LTS on a 1st-gen Optimus-enabled ThinkPad T410s (dual graphics, Intel + NVIDIA).

Whenever I run Android Studio device emulator (installed with dependencies according to official instructions here) using the nouveau driver, the virtual device opens but crashes after the first click on the UI.

When running it under the i915 / intel driver (Intel HD graphics, i5-i540M processor), ...

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I have installed Android x86. It is on my HDD now. Location /dev/sda8, contents: ext4 v-1.

Now in installation it told to download grub. I first pressed skip. Then rebooted but no option to boot in to Android x86. I again booted through live cd and installed grub. Again no changes made. I want to add a new entry in grub menu so that I can boot in to Android x86 also. I have the grub file of Andro ...

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android studio emulator adb problem
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I'm installing android studio for the first time on ubuntu machine

OS: Ubuntu Studio 20.04.2

CPU: 4 cores, G3, core i5, 1500


BOIS: HP v2.90 PC

and when I try to start the emulator I find this

The emulator process for AVD Nexus_7_2012_API_19 has terminated.



--- adb starting (pid 3676) --- adb I 08-12 09:43:44  3676  3676 main.cpp:63] Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.41 adb I 08-12 09 ...
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Administer android phone from my ubuntu desktop?
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Is there some program to help me administer my android phone from my ubuntu desktop (which is always most recent, with updates). By administer I mean transfering files easily both ways (using bluetooth or otherwise), cleaning up the filesystem on the phone and possibly other simple tasks.

(My fingers are too large to do such comfortably on the phone).


My phone is Samsung Galaxy J2 Core.
Android ...

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how to install Ubuntu desktop/server on Android phone (flash)
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I've got a few old Android phones (MI and Huawei), I had their bootloader unlocked and I am thinking about repurpose them. To make them useable, i would like to install Ubuntu desktop (preferred) or Ubuntu server.
I am willing to spare some time on the project.

  1. can i use the iso to install?
  2. what modifications to make to the Ubuntu code?
  3. how to find drivers?
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why can't I open my Android Studio project on XUbuntu?
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I am an Android developer and I use Android studio to build apps, I am also newbie in Linux and I have installed Xubuntu since 2 days, every time I try to open a project (after restaring my pc) the path of the project is not recognizable by Xubuntu and Android Studio gives me a dialog with this error message: "The path /media/mohamed/LocalDisk/AndroidProjects/MyChatApp doesn't exist. if it is on a remov ...

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Androidx86: /android-8.1-r6 not found
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I'm new to Linux and changing OS from computers, I wanted to have Lubuntu and Androidx86 in dual boot so partitioned the disk accordingly. Both OSes were installed but android86 didn't appear in GRUB, did my research and settled with re-installing everything again following this "tutorial": How to I use Androidx86 ubuntu dualboot?

Again, didn't work, keep searching, found an alternative (Booting And ...

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Can't connect Pixel 4
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I have a Google Pixel 4 phone. It used to mount no problem. Plug in the USB and Select File transfer/Android Auto on the phone and it would show up in Dolphin. This no longer happens. Now I plug in the phone and a greyed out Pixel 4 icon appears on the desktop. On the phone I select File transfer/Android Auto and that icon disappears and theb reappears.

I right click on the icon and select Mount  ...

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How can I host a local WiFi network which will show up in an Android's network manager?
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I am trying to connect an NVIDIA Jetson Nano with an Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC 8265 over WiFi directly to an Android smartphone. I can make the devices connect through an intermediary wireless router, but this system needs to be able to work independently out in the field. I'm not looking for an access point or internet forwarding, I just want to be able to connect up the sockets on a pair of apps, on ...

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is Motorola G20 with android 11 supported? (fixed)
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This should be a stupid question, as android phones supporting ubuntu states that all android devices are based on linux and should be supported. Also How to fix USB-connection between Android 11 to Ubuntu 20.04 (to backup phone data - after not properly unmounting)? states that Android 11 is supported.

But my new Motorola G20 with Android 11 has troubles with mounting on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS:

  • The device  ...
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Avahi mDNS; Chromecast in multi subnet works... half
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Ok, i'm busy for days now to get it to work. The goal is to have my Chromecast available on different subnets/vlans in my network. There where Avahi reflector comes in.

I set up an Avahi reflector using one of the many tutorials which can be found on the internet. So I have an Intel NUC running the thing, and have two VLANs configured on the NUC: Vlan (0) native vlan and Vlan 4 192 ...

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Has anyone had any success with GSConnect on Ubuntu 21.04 with an Android 11 device?
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I've been following a couple of tutorials on connecting Android to Ubuntu using KDE Connect on the Android and GSConnect on Ubuntu, but for some reason the two devices just don't see each other.

The tutorials say I should use KDE Connect on the Android to find the Ubuntu machine, but nothing works.

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Have to receive WhatsApp message with old cell phone (no android phone)
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My android phone has had some problem, so I like to ask about how could receive my WhatsApp message by old cell phone like below: enter image description here I guess it could be done by installing some androids simulator on my Ubuntu 18.04 OS and inserting the activation SMS received form old cell phone.

So, I asked here for your solution and more comment to doing this job. Thanks.

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My desktop doesn't see my android phone
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What is my problem is, I am using ubuntu on my laptop and desktop. And I needed to connect my samsung galaxy a30. For connect my laptop I needed to add a rule to " /etc/udev/rules.d" called "51-android.rules" which is contain 'SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="0bb4", MODE="0666", GROUP="plugdev"' this code. And it's worked on my laptop but not in my desktop. I did same steps in my desktop. Can you help ...

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trying to connect android to Ubuntu through USB thetering but not working. The connection establishes successfully for 5sec then interrupts
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I have recently installed Ubuntu on my Desktop pc. I am trying to connect to the Internet Using my android Mobile usb thetering option. When i connect my android to CPU and turn on USB thetering, the connection establishes for upto 5 seconds then interrupts. The annonying things is, in the 5 seconds time of connectivity, i can use internet (I tried opening youtube which worked successfully). But  ...