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ARM64 is a 64-bit instruction expansion to the popular ARM processor architecture. It is widely used in mobile devices and lower-end devices. This tag should only be used for questions specific to installing and using Ubuntu and official derivatives on the ARM64 platform.
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Is there any translation layer for x86 software on Ubuntu ARM?
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I have recently installed Ubuntu ARM on my M1 MacBook Air on a virtual machine (using Parallels), and unlike Windows ARM and macOS ARM, Ubuntu ARM does not seem to include a translation layer for x86 apps, which makes the system almost unusable as many Linux software do not support ARM yet.

For example, I got this error while trying to install VSCode with Gdebi:


I cannot believe there is no tran ...

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Coldfusion2018 installer fails on Ubuntu 20.04.2 ARM64
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I am trying to install Coldfusion server on my Ubuntu 20.04  (running on virtual machine in Parallels Desktop for Mac). Ubuntu is running as a Guest operating system on my MacbookPro with M1Pro chip.

I have downloaded the Coldfusion2018Linux64 binary, and when i try to install it, it complains about JRE libraries either missing or incompatible and the installer exits. Please look at the log belo ...

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libcurl and libcrypto cross-compile into the arm
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Trying to compile the code with ARM into the arm.

  1. Downloaded the code and installed below, $sudo apt-get install libssl-dev $sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev $sudo apt-get install lib32z1-dev
  2. installed "arm-linux-gnueabi" via apt-get in ubuntu
  3. changed the Makefile with cross compile as, CROSS_COMPILER ?= arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc
  4. make Observed as below,

s.o src/test/test_module_1.o src/test/tes ...

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Is this the correct way to solve the " temporary failure resolving '' " issue in ubuntu 20.04.3 arm64?
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I am using the ubuntu base 20.04.3 arm64 to create the rootfs for my embedded Linux board, once I start the board I use sudo apt-get update and I get:

temporary failure resolving ''

so in this post I found that when you have a network issue you could use sudo dpkg-reconfigure network-manager, I use it and I get:

ubuntu20043@localhost:~$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure network-manager

debconf: ...

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Missing iscsi_tcp kernel module in Ubuntu 21.10 for Raspberry Pi ARM64
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I have just done a fresh install of Ubuntu 21.10 for Raspberry Pi ARM64 in order to try out the new release.

After performing an apt upgrade and updating the iscsi initiator name I tried to run

sudo iscsiadm --mode discovery --type sendtargets --portal

but I got the following error

iscsiadm: read error (-1/104), daemon died?
iscsiadm: Could not scan /sys/class/iscsi_transport.
libkmod: ERR ...
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How to spin a x86_64 ubuntu on Apple M1 with Multipass
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I have an Apple M1 processor (ARM64). Is there any way to spin a x86_64 machine? By default Multipass 1.8.0 is launching ARM64 Ubuntu instances.

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How to install libweston-8-0 weston and libweston-8-dev and keep the arm64 packages?
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This has got to be a packaging bug. I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS in a VM under Oracle VirtualBox

I am multi-arch and can successfully cross compile X11 applications for an ARM64 target.

enter image description here

Wanted to be able to continue compiling and debugging on host then building for target using Weston/Wayland. One can do it for X11 and everything else.

sudo apt-get install libweston-8-0:arm64 libweston-8-dev:arm64
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Ubuntu for Ultra96v2
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Hello, I'm trying to install ubuntu on Xilinx Ultra96v2 which is an ARM-based, Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC development board. I downloaded the image from and wrote it in a microSD card. But inserting the card on Ultra96v2 and powering just turned an onboard LED red and nothing happened. Why can only ZCU102,104,106 use this image? Is there any alternative method to i ...

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A debbuger that doesnot use ptrace()
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Using strace or gdb i get this

    root@localhost:~# strace ls
[Pid 2158] Unsupported ptrace request number 16902, tracee pid = 2159.
[Pid 2158] Unsupported ptrace request number 16896, tracee pid = 2160.
strace: test_ptrace_get_syscall_info: PTRACE_SETOPTIONS: Function not implemented

Under huawei exagear emulator huawei did not include an integrated debugger unlike eltechs exagear so im in need of a ...

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Most apps not available for ARM64?
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How can i get a wider app library for arm64 OR how can i install amd64 apps WITHOUT getting dependencies error. (Most sites i go on, only have packages for amd64 etc. Not for arm) I am using ubuntu 20.04 on ARM64. (I am a newbie so i dont know much about it) And how can i compile myself an app as suggested by a comment?

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Ubuntu Server for armhf architecture
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I download Ubuntu Server 20.04 for arm64 architecture. and it was fine. now I want to know, Where can I get it for armhf architecture (if there is such an image)?

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Blank unmet depenicies box
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i am running the most recent version of Ubuntu on a RPi 4 with 4 gb of ram. when i try to install GZDoom using the official Ubuntu build it comes up with the pop-up saying "Unable to install GZDoom: The following packages have unmet dependencies:" i have allready tried installing -f, and that did not fix the problem. edit: i am using vershion 21.04

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Can't install vscode arm64
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when i use sudo dpkg -i code_1.58.2-1626300392_arm64.deb


(Reading database ... 99048 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack code_1.58.2-1626300392_arm64.deb ...
Unpacking code:arm64 (1.58.2-1626300392) ...
dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of code:arm64:
 code:arm64 depends on libnss3 (>= 2:3.26).
 code:arm64 depends on apt.
 code:arm64 depends on lib ...
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Ubuntu won't boot (Mac M1, parallels desktop)
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I have had my MacBook M1 with a version of Ubuntu installed via Parallels since about February this year. All was working correctly with it but yesterday I started getting some errors when trying to remove a file. I decided to shut down the virtual machine and restart it, to which i was faced with this boot menu:boot menu image

If I select Ubuntu, it does not boot and is just a black screen.

If I  ...

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Is the new Ubuntu 21.10 compatible with 32-bit (for termux)?
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I recently received a 64-bit version of new Ubuntu daily builds. You can download Ubuntu 21.10 daily builds from the Ubuntu website. You will be able to download Ubuntu 21.10 on October 14, 2021. This date is the one listed on Launchpad, the home of Ubuntu development.

Does the new version of Ubuntu (21.10) have a 32-bit version, which can be installed on Android phones within Termux?

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Architecture Incompatibility with Brother Printer Drivers in Ubuntu 21.04
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The printer is a Brother MFC-J430W, and the OS is Ubuntu 21.04. The conection is by USB cable. When at the beggining I plugged the printer to the computer, aparently it recognized it and installed the drivers, but when I tried to print nothings happened. Although it indicated "printing completed".

Then I went to brother support and download the drivers for this model. They didn't have expecifical ...