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Backup is the activity of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe. This tag covers restoring from backup as well.
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Trying to make a decsion on backup scenario
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I'm coming from a MacOS environment. TimeMachine just works...complete OS Files etc backup

I've seen Deja Dup and TimeShift but the tutorials don't explain exactly what they backup from a perspective of folders/files with paths.

I have a dual boot win/linux... Unbuntu 20.... 3 partitions / /mysql /nginx self explanatory.

So does a restore be like...Live USB CD...partition everything and then restore e ...

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How to backup /home partition from one laptop and restore to another
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On my current laptop, I have installed the /home in a separate partition, in the case I need to reinstall the OS, without having to backup and restore files and configurations.

My laptop is having hardware issues and my company bought me another, how can I backup the /home partition on the old laptop and restore to the new one?

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What does the -W parameter of tar actually do?
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I am using tar to pack up some data. Before I move it to an archive, I want to check the integrity of the tarball. According to the man page, the parameter -W does a verification:

-W, --verify
Verify the archive after writing it.

I tested this and it seems to do something:

$ tar cvWf tartest.tar tartest/
Verify tartest/
Veri ...
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Backing up Ubuntu Server 20.04.02 LTS image to SD card
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I have an Ubuntu 20.04.2 image on a Raspberry Pi that I've been trying to back up onto an SD card for over a week now. I can successfully copy the image onto my desktop with the following use of dd:

sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=UbuntuRPiImage.img bs=4M status=progress

This image is valid and I am able to mount both the system-boot and writable partitions just fine with mount. However, when I write this  ...

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backup strategy for libreoffice files in ~/.config/libreoffice/4/user/backup directory
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In backing up my home directory, I find I have just shy of 30,000 files of the form


my guess is these are the files used to recover corrupted files when they occur. I don't know if they are action-by-action backups or session-by-session backups.

Many of the files are 0 bytes. Most of the files run from .8M to 1M.

What is the downside to excluding these files from the backup, or de ...

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AWS Instance Ubuntu 20.04 - Backup and restore
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I have a AWS Lightsail Instance and need to restore it on another AWS account, which AWS does not support. How do I fully backup my current instance, and then restore it on another instance?


My AWS Lightsail instance needs to be moved to another AWS account, and there is no easy way from AWS to backup my instance and transfer that backup to another account and restore from there. Th ...

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How can I backup Linux Ubuntu 20.04 VPS to Google Drive or Windows?
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I got myself a VPS and learning how to manage it myself. So you can say I'm a noob in this. So everything seems to be working perfectly but what I need right now is to backup my system to Google Drive so that I can restore it when I need it. This is because I might have to change my provider in the near future and I don't want to do all the configurations again. And also because I don't want to lose my  ...

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How to Fully Backup and Restore gpg Keys, Signatures and Settings
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My gpg backup process so far is:

$ gpg --export-ownertrust > PATH/TO/BACKUP/ownertrust.txt
$ cp -u ~/.gpgrc PATH/TO/BACKUP/
$ cp -u ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf PATH/TO/BACKUP/
$ gpg --export-secret-keys --armor
copy and paste/print/save output to your choice of secure place (ideally offline and offsite)

My gpg restore process so far is:

$ gpg --list-keys # make sure gpg is installed an ...
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Disk Backup with both Linux and Windows Partitions
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If I make a backup of my entire disk, which has both Ubuntu and Windows partitions (i.e. dual boot) using the Gnome Disk Utility (or eventually other utility), will I be able to restore both OSes? Are there any particular caveats I should be aware of? Otherwise, should I just backup the Linux partitions (I am more concerned with these than the Windows one)?

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Create backup from /etc/apt/source.list
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I have been trying to build the Software Carla and to do that I have to give the following command

sudo apt-get install build-essential clang-8 lld-8 g++-7 cmake ninja-build libvulkan1 python python-pip python-dev python3-dev python3-pip libpng-dev libtiff5-dev libjpeg-dev tzdata sed curl unzip autoconf libtool rsync libxml2-dev git

After doing it I get an error message that says the following

The fol ...
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backup, encrypt and then restore
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I would like to encrypt my hard drive, but I have a lot of packages installed and configured already, so I was wandering whether it is possible to save a backup state and then restore it to the system.

My current take is this:

  1. tar everything on my system with a command such as in here:
sudo tar czf /backup.tar.gz \
--exclude=/backup.tar.gz \
--exclude=/dev \
--exclude=/mnt \
--exclude=/proc \
--exclud ...
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Resizing a External HD without losing data?
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So, I'm trying to create a FAT32 partition on my NTSF 2TB External HDD. The thing is, I have more than 600 gb of data and I have, right now, only about 50 gb free on my PC, so I cant back up.

Is there a way to create a new partition on my external drive without losing the 600GB+ of data?

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How to delete ZFS snapshots in bulk and upgrading to non LTS version?
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Two question.....

  1. I have installed Ubuntu LTS 20.04.3 with ZFS and encryption, few hours ago, but don't know how to delete snapshots as they are piling up pretty quickly, I'm setting up my installation, installed zfs-auto-snapshot package but it's not detecting the snapshots for some reason on

$sudo zfs-auto-snapshot --keep NUM

No matter what number I give it's says no snapshots detected or sth l ...

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Timeshift failed me twice
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No matter if I use Timeshift or preinstalled Backups both recovery tools have failed me when trying to recover my system. From time to time it happens that installed updates crash my machine. It simply won't boot. Then I reach out for my Timeshift snapshots and very often the computer can't use it.

I reinstall Ubuntu from my pen drive and install Timeshift. After this is done I pick latest snapsh ...

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Shrink down an image file which is made by with the Ubuntu's "Disks" application
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So I've made a backup image file from my Ubuntu system with the Disks application. My SSD storage is 180GB which is quite big due to the fact that my system is only 20% of it. So there are a numerous amount of empty space besides. I've found some solutions how to shrink down the .img file afterwards.

But what I'm looking for is a way or option to prepare/compress/create just the "active" part from  ...

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Deja Dup UnicodeDecodeError when attempting a restore from a live session onto a clean install
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I'm trying to restore my system to before a borked upgrade. There is a fresh install of 18.04 Desktop on the drive now, and I'm trying to restore my settings and such using Deja Dup from a live session.

After a short while of it seemingly being stuck in Preparing... it gave this error:

    Traceback (innermost last):
  File "/usr/bin/duplicity", line 1555, in <module>
  Fi ...
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Can I use an existing EFI partition as /boot?
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So I'm planning to switch full-time to Pop_OS! and while backing up (which is another can of worms I'll be explaining later), I realized "Wait, do I have to create a new partition for boot? Or can I use an existing one?" I didn't really know what the answer to that was so I decided, before switching to Pop_OS!, I'm gonna ask here.

Can I use an existing EFI partition as /boot?

Now, I'm gonna cover the s ...

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How to backup locally-installed apt package?
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How can I backup a locally-installed apt package?

I'm troubleshooting a NVIDIA driver issue and I would like to try removing package oem-fix-gfx-nvidia-ondemandmode. I want to backup the package before I remove it, in case something really breaks. This package was installed by the laptop manufacturer (pre-installed Ubuntu) and I have no idea what it does, other than the fact that it's messing with my NV ...

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Migrate Kubuntu 21.04 to a different hardware/PC
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I wanna migrate my Kubuntu 21.04 x64 OS from my current HP laptop to my new one.

It's currently in /dev/sda5 EXT4 partition on a dual-boot machine (w/ Windows 10 21H1 on /dev/sda3 NTFS) using GRUB

Partition Table

AFAIK I have 2 possibilities here:

  1. Backup the entire partition using a 3rd party Windows app (e.g Acronis true image backup) create an EXT4 partition with 67GB+ disc space (w/ a linuxswap partition =RAM_ ...
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How do I make the first backup with ukopp
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I am not able to make the first backup with ukopp after substituting the crashed hard disk. Please let me know what I should do. I used for years ukopp for backups, first of my Ubuntu 16 notebook and then, after update, for Ubuntu 18. One month ago the hard disk crashed and I am not able to backup with ukopp my new SSD running with Ubuntu 20. I am used to create the backup in an external USB disk. Now I ...

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How do I compress a folder while preserving file ownership
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I have a docker server I want to backup. My deployment folder has very specific ownership and permissions to support my containers:

$ ls -lhaF /opt/docker
total 32K
drwxr-xr-x  7 devops devops 4.0K Aug 23 02:34 ./
drwxr-xr-x  6 root   root   4.0K Aug 23 04:20 ../
drwxrwxr-x  2 devops devops 4.0K Aug 21 00:00 .certs/
drwxrwxr-x  2 devops devops 4.0K Aug 23 03:53 .scripts/
-rw-rw-r--  1 devops devops ...
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rsync or cp for coping debs ans settings
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Hi there I've written a script to backup my cache and etc directory. Just trying to decided whether or not to use cp or rsync. It's important that all files are copied with permissions preserved.

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Backing up a simple Ubuntu server
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I have a small server set up, and I'm quite new at this, so it took me around two days to get it all up and running the way I want. Now hopefully, I won't have any reason to make any changes to this thing for the foreseeable future, and I can just let it run. The reason I had to do this in the first place is because the last server we had died, and we lost all the configurations for it. So what I'm tryi ...

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etckeeper git backup on LAN server via SSH fails
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I have a 20.04 server on my LAN. It runs a local git and etckeeper successfully I can SSH in using certificates/key from anywhere in my lan including local nameresolution via bind9 (ie passwordless)

I am also running git/etckeeper on my laptop but want to also backup the git to the local server.

I've tried to follow the etckeeper authors guide specifically

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Ubuntu Server Backup Script
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Need some help to tune a script to perform backups of my system.

So I have a server 20.04 up and running, every now and then, when I make some updates/changes it breaks something, and I loose some time to correct the problems. At first I thought in using RAID 1, but then I realized if i break the original the spare it'll have the same problem.

So after some thinking I made a dd copy of the original  ...

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Ubuntu Server 18 Backup with Raid 1
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I'm having issues with my Ubuntu Server installation, updates crashing my server, so I'm thinking in using raid as kind of backup, if it's possible...

So the first step it's to put an additional hdd in the server, and configure Raid 1. I'll try to follow this guide, but I have 2 questions about the answer in the thread. Setting up RAID 1 on 14.04 with an existing drive

1 - Complete format the new dri ...

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Deja Dup asking for password multiple times Ubuntu 20.04
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I'm hoping this is an easy answer: I'm running Deja Dup (or just 'Backup' in Ubuntu) to try to back my laptop onto an external drive.

It asks me to set a password when I start. I do, and then it starts scanning the hard drive to prepare for the backup. When it reaches the end of the files, it asks for my password again, and then starts scanning through the hard drive again.

I'm assuming it's not rej ...

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How to unpack EaseUs Todo backup .PBD files on Ubuntu
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I have a .PBD backup file of my old Windows laptop. This is created by the EaseUs Todo Backup utility. They don't make it for Ubuntu.

Is there any way to unpack this file in an Ubuntu-native way?

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Is copy-pasting many folders in Nautilus problematic in terms of memory / CPU operations?
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I was wondering if copy-pasting a folder with a big number of files and sub-folders, using Nautilus, is problematic or inefficient in terms of memory or CPU operations, compared to the conventional way through the terminal? What are the differences if there are?

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External HDD became not visible in the file manager, after formatting
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I'm running LUbuntu 18.04.5. The filemanager is PCManFM.

Via the GUI of the Gnome 'Disks' accessory, I formatted a (till then) good, working external HDD, a 2TB WD 'My Passport', with the intention of having a clean, uncorrupted external HDD to which I could then attempt to backup my Home folder via the GUI of the Duplicity Deja-Dup ('Backups') accessory.

When I formatted the HDD via the GUI for Dis ...