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Btrfs is a new copy on write filesystem for Linux aimed at implementing advanced features while focusing on fault tolerance, repair and easy administration. Initially developed by Oracle, Btrfs is licensed under the GPL and open for contribution from anyone.
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How to find out which disk is failing in a btrfs raid1 filesystem?
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A couple of days ago system SSD in my desktop failed completely. A week or two before some symptoms appeared: the system occasionally booted as read-only, some errors appeared. But after a reboot all worked well. SMART didn't show anything at all.

This is my main working computer and it is 10-year-old (with some upgrades). I have proper backups set up to a HDD and also important data is sent to a ...

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What is the Btrfs extended attribute 'm'?
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I recently found one of my Virtual Machine images with the extended attribute 'm'. I tried to look it up, but I found no information. Is this an undocumented extended attribute?

$ lsattr usb2ubuntu.btrfs.img*
---------------------m usb2ubuntu.btrfs.img
---------------------- usb2ubuntu.btrfs.img.210810_15:02:49.bak

Notice the attribute doesn't exist on the backup file.

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Why is my filesystem size larger than the partition size. (df vs fdisk)
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So... I get that fdisk lists partition sizes, and df lists filesystem sizes, and that filesystem may use a portion of the partition and disagree on the size, but why would df list filesystem sizes that are larger that the partition sizes?

enter image description here

df: /dev/sda6 200G

fdisk: /dev/sda5 7.8G


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Grub not recognizing btrfs partition after Ubuntu installation
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Recently I've installed Ubuntu 20.04 (ext4). On the same disk was installed Linux Mint 19 (btrfs). I was able to mount partition, copy files, etc. It wasn't corrupted.

After installing Ubuntu grub was unable to recognise files of Linux Mint system and make record in boot menu. I was running grub from ubuntu terminal.

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Logging issue in graphics terminal in Ubuntu 20.04 after timeshift setup
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I installed timeshift btrfs type in my Dell laptop with Ubuntu 20.04 for btrfs. After reboot, I see login is not possible in graphics console and so pressing CTRL-ALT-F2 I came to text console and loging was possible. However, after the login, I see that /home and /opt partitions are missing which are listed in /etc/fstab and pwd shows directory /. I could see the partitions using sudo fdisk -l command.  ...

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Any way to pause a task and then restart within a pipe
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I use a command like btrfs restore -iv /dev/sdc1 /RESTORED

estimated time of running it is few days

In every hour of running I see a lot of prompts like:

We seem to be looping a lot on /path/to/some/file, do you want to keep going on?

I'd like to say N to all remaining prompts, but there is no such option (according to man btrfs-restore and btrfs )

I think I need this: yes N | btrfs restore -iv ...