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Compact discs (CDs) are a form of removable media. For questions about the "cd" command, use [cd-command], not this tag. CDs have been integral to the computer world for over two decades. CDs have the ability to store data and most computers today have an optical drive for reading and writing data to a CD.
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Changing to a specific directory in an easier manner
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Whenever I want to start coding, I have to cd to Desktop/Programming/C++, whereas I am looking for an easier manner to do so, more precisely I am looking for a terminal command which will automatically cd to that specific directory. Can I create such a command in terminal? And if so, how?

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End of tracks missing on Audio CDs burned with Brasero, Ubuntu 20.04
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When I burn Audio CDs from mp3 tracks with brasero, some of the tracks on Audio CDs are incomplete, the end is missing. I have already reduced burn speed, without any effect. Any solutions for this? I would be very grateful.

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Cannot access any folders on my Desktop or Documents using cd
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I have recently been trying to access a folder that was created previously on my 64-bit computer using Ubuntu gotten through WSL. when I use mnt/c it says the file exists, but when I try to go to its actual directory it claims no file or directory exists. I've tried everything under the sun that could be found online as a means of solving it and seem to reach impediment after impediment. Trying to insta ...

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Copying files to an erroneous or non-existant file path
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I was scouring the ether for general information related to Linux files systems generally, and more specifically what happens if I specify a wrong root-sub directory when performing commands. To be exact, I made a mistake of having double slash at the beginning of my path.

//mnt/.../... instead of /mnt/.../...

I have noticed that I can cd into this location, but this seems to mirror the correct direc ...

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cd 'no such file or directory'
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I am trying to install cryoSPARC in my computer. At the "<install_path>" stage of the guide I follow (see image below) I entered the command:

cd /home/cryosparcuser/cryosparc

but it returned:

-bash: cd: /home/cryosparcuser/cryosparcuser/cryosparc: No such file or directory.

I don't quite know where the problem is.

Here is the relevant part of the guide I follow:

'install_path' stage

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Trouble Ripping CDs
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I am trying to rip some CDs (Persona 5 soundtrack, if that matters) and I am having some trouble. This is an actual retail copy of the soundtrack, not a copy of a copy.

Disc 1 rips just fine.

In Sound Juicer, for discs 2 and 3, about 2/3s through both discs I receive this error: "Sound Juicer could not extract this CD. Reason: Could not open resource for writing." I am not sure why this error occurs ...

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Using common audio CDs does not work
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Good evening to all the Ubuntu community, I wanted to understand a problem that I realized I have when using Audio CDs. Basically I don't know if it's a problem with my Power version or if it's a problem that Ubuntu has specifically because maybe I'm missing something I don't know. If I try to put a common audio CD in the player, to read the audio tracks and then copy them to the computer, he loads nons ...

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Xubuntu + Thunar locking up mount points
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hi this is about Xubuntu 20.04 with Thunar 1.8.14 on 2 pcs with similar installed software

Automount and Volume Control are disabled in Removable Devices. I have installed udftools

I am trying to install a multi-cd game in Wine. But this is a problem with understanding how Xubuntu+Thunar control mounting of removable devices Wine is set to look at /mnt/cdrom1 for D:\

On one pc I can take the cd out of  ...