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I have a large window that won't resize, how can I fix it?
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Codeblocks is taking a lot portion of my screen.I want it to take less screen (preferably upto the red rectangular size i have drawn).Is there any way I can do it ?

I can resize the height, but that's not what I want. It seems I cannot change the width though.

enter image description here

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GCC compiler does not recognize in the CodeBlocks IDE (Set variable: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:)
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I am using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and I have been trying to get up and run the C programs in codeblocks IDE and it keeps getting me this following error.

Checking for existence: /media/darkpheonix/dptech/dptech/Projects/C/techtheory/bin/Debug/techtheory
    Set variable: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.:
    Executing: xterm -T techtheory -e /usr/bin/cb_console_runner LD_LIBRARY_PATH=:. /media/darkpheonix/dptech/dptech/Pr ...
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MinGW setup in codeblocks
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sorry for silly question. currently i am passing my academic computer graphics courses. recently I have installed Freeglut. But the problem is, I have to run windows.h headerfile. i have no alternative option because I have to share codes with my teachers and classmates, whos all are using windows. So I have installed MinGW 64 compiler in Ubuntu 21.04 using apt package manager. But I didn't find any opt ...