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I lost the Copy & Paste Function in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
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Noticed something a bit strange several weeks ago when I tried to Copy & Paste something off the desktop. I download items off the Internet to my desktop then use Copy & Paste into an appropriate file elsewhere. Somehow, I lose the paste function.

After a whole bunch of error, I did find a workaround by sending the file off the desktop to Trash. Once in Trash, I can Copy & Paste into  ...

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Copying files from Windows to Ubuntu via USB gives permissions or rights issues
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Copying from Windows 10 -> Ubuntu LTS 20.04

I want to use USB because the Ubuntu box is to be secure and not access any resources on the LAN nor have any online accounts.

I am running bitlocker on my Windows PC. I'm not sure if that's relevant. When I copy files I run into two different problems, say with a simple text file:

  • The file extension is the same but the error message opening it is "Y ...
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Cant copy from my local machine to my online server even as a root user
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I am trying to copy a folder as a root user from my local machine to my server using the command

sudo scp -r james@ip:/home/jobs 

But I keep getting permission denied every time. And this is after I have logged into my server successfully.

I need help doing this.

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When using Ubuntu live CD, files and folders cannot be copied or moved due to permissions
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I want to use an Ubuntu live CD and copy a folder between my two Windows hard disks.

However, I get an error saying that I don't have permission to do it.

How can I do this?

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Copy files recursively with directory structure from source server to Target server
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I am trying to copy the files modified from specific date to current date from Source server to target server with same directory structure. I have created the script for copying files from Source directory to target directory in same server. Now looking for 2 different Linux servers.

Source server:

Directory and files: /home/Amal/db/tmp/File1.txt, /home/Amal/db/work/File2.txt, /hom ...

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Find files modified between 2 dates from Source directory(Recursively) and copy it into the Target directory with same directory structure
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I am trying to copy the files from source to Target folder which has been modified between 2 dates,




cd $source

find ./ -type f -newermt "2021-07-08 00:00:00" ! -newermt "2021-09-18 23:59:55" -printf "%h:%p:\0" |

while IFS=":" read path file; do

cp "$file" "$target"/"$path"


NOTE: Source and directory is having same ...

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Not able to copy files on SD card
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I am not able to copy/move files on SD card, the button is not activ.I don't know why I can't now, whit some time ago was no problem.I tryed to do this using the terminal, the code and error was this:

stefan@stefan-desktop:~$ mv /home/stefan/Desktop/tipuri_CD.pdf /media/stefan/46A4-D3FD
mv: inter-device move failed: '/home/stefan/Desktop/tipuri_CD.pdf' to '/media/stefan/46A4-D3FD/tipuri_CD.pdf'; un ...
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Copying files and folders, such that access rights come from umask, like for new files and directories
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How can I copy files to some destination folder such that

  1. Access rights are derived from umask, i.e. the copied files and folders should behave with this respect as if they have been newly created. - I know that one can apply chmod recursively to a directory branch and all subbranches, but that would also affect other files, not just the copied ones.
  2. The owner and group are taken from the destination  ...
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Can we copy a sub directory to another sub directory?
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I have to copy wordpress from the give path to htcdocs directory :-/var/www/html/wordpress and I have to copy this wordpress to /opt/lampp/htcdocs . Direct copy paste is not allowed. I tried different commands and ended up with errors

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rsync or cp for coping debs ans settings
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Hi there I've written a script to backup my cache and etc directory. Just trying to decided whether or not to use cp or rsync. It's important that all files are copied with permissions preserved.

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Ubuntu Permission Change Error
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I Recently Installed Ubuntu Mate And Used Ubuntu As Desktop Environment I've Faced A Problem OF Copying/Creating A new Dir I've used The Both Of

  1. sudo mount -o remount, rw
  2. chmod to Change The rw Permissions

i've solved the problem in certain drive/directories but i didn't work for some others

enter image description here

enter image description here

So Please , Can I Get Any Help??

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How to copy a folder recursively to a share?
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I am trying to copy a folder recursively:

 cp -r build/. '\\qum-oc2-01\rw\stage\Web01\Uploads\cms\'

I am getting the following error:

cp: cannot overwrite directory '\\qum-oc2-01\rw\stage\Web01\Uploads\cms/./static/js/' with non-directory

What am I missing here?

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Copying files from the terminal with confirmation message before copying each file
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I want to copy files from one folder to another, but I want to make the terminal ask for confirmation of copying files before copying each file. Is there any way?

I know there is cp -i but that only asks before overwriting.

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How do I get the words I copied yesterday in ubuntu
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I use copyQ to capture the words I copy and paste into ubuntu, but I'm trying to find a word I copied and pasted yesterday but I can't find it in the copyQ interface, is there a way to capture everything I copied and pasted yesterday?

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How do I copy my Windows 7 derived files off my USB to Ubuntu?
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This seems to be a newbie question but I can't seem to find any specific answers. I am (finally) getting rid of my Windows 7 machine but need to copy all the data files off it to my Ubuntu. I transferred all the files onto a 2TB USB external HD. However, only some of the files are copying, I think because the permissions are not correctly set on those files. The files are tif, jpg, and pdf and I can ope ...

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How to avoid race condition when mounting, copying files into, and umounting images
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This script creates ten image files and copy over file(s) to them.

# script to create multiple floppy images for installing hwp30
#+on virtualbox.

# umount image in case mounted
sudo umount /media/floppy

# create ten blank 2.88mb images.
#+then mount each image and copy over file(s).
for n in {1..10}; do
    mkfs.msdos -C "hwp30-${n}.img" 2880
    sudo mount -o loop "hwp30-${n}.img" /me ...
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How to copy multiple files to a new folder in a new path in one command?
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[These are the files I want to copy over][1]

Example command I have tried but does not work:

cp permanent_waiver_* /existingpath/newfolder1/newfolder2

This would give me error like no such file or directory.

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Bash script for copying files to subdirectories named after the file´s owner
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I need to write a bash script which copies files from a folder to subfolders named after the files. For example, there is a common directory "For all", inside there are various files and directories. Files have names with the name of the owner plus some further symbols like tom1, tom2, tom3,... or scott1, scott2, scott3. Subfolders are named after the owners: tom and scott. I need to write a script to c ...

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How to copy files into a new file
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How to copy files from one file to another file that has contents I want to keep? In other words, I want the contents of file1 to go in file2 but the info in file1 to be added to the existing stuff in file2 ? The format in file2 should ideally have file2 info first then file1. Then I want to add file3 to file2 with the contents in file2 resulting in an output format of 1. File2 contents then 2. File1 co ...