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Data recovery is the process of salvaging data from damaged, failed, corrupted, or inaccessible storage media when it cannot be accessed normally. Use this tag when you want to refer to one of the problems stated above.
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How do you recover lost files on Ubuntu 20.04?
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I was using terminal commands to uninstall ProtonVPN. Now I discovered that I wiped out all my files including pictures, videos, documents, etc. I have tried to recover using testdisk but nothing was restored. What can I do?

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Recover data from raid 1 disks
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I used mdadm to create a raid 1 with 2 disks. After some time I reinstalled the OS (without wiping that 2 disks obviously). What I've done is to assemble that two drives with the following commands:

sudo mdadm --assemble --scan

sudo mdadm --assemble /dev/md0

sudo mount /dev/md0 /mnt/md0

Now if I type sudo mdadm --detail /dev/md0 it seems that everything works fine:

           Version : 1.2
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How do I recover Joplin notes if they were never exported?
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I have an old Ubuntu machine that no longer works, but I can still access its drive through a live USB. None of the notes were ever exported; though, I was expecting to recover them by some other means. How do I do this? I see the Joplin app folder/files and that it was installed on the machine via snap.

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How to recover Chrome bookmarks from old hard drive
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My computer (Ubuntu 18) is unable to boot so I decided to do a clean install. I have my bookmarks backed up but only from about 3 weeks ago and I'd like to recover some that I saved in the last two weeks.

Accessing my old files using only Ubuntu on the thumb drive, where can I find the Chrome bookmarks file?

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How to recover an overriten partition?
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So I thought I try something fancy today and learn how to use the terminal to install a raspberry pi image on a flash drive. The result was not as I imagined.

Apparently I've overwritten my partition containing / and all the important stuff. Which I've only realised after starting my pc up again. (I didn't noticed it for 5h)

The only folders I've left on a different partition are:

  • bin
  • include
  • lib ...
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How to recover lost partition from parted - NixOs and Ubuntu
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I attempted to install NixOs on a machine that already had an Ubuntu install on it. Following the installation guide here:, I followed steps 2.1.1, 2.2.2, and then the mkswap 2.2.3 direction. After I did so, I realized that it erased the partition for the Ubuntu install, but it seems to still be installed on the computer. How might I recover the Ubuntu install ...

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How can I recover files from a broken dual boot installation?
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I have an MSI GL73-8RD with an SSD and an HDD. I installed windows on the SSD with some files stored in the HDD, then partitioned the HDD and installed Ubuntu 18.04 there.

Later on, Ubuntu was upgraded to 20.04. I just had to click a prompt. Apparently this resulted in 20.04 being installed alongside 18.04, but for some reason I can't use my password on the 18.04 installation anymore.

Moreover, afte ...

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Retrieving files from a non-bootable hard drive
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I have a non-bootable drive from my laptop. I'm using Ubuntu on a USB stick to retrieve the files. I'm using Ubuntu instead of Windows because it allows me to see and retrieve hidden files (e.g. Microsoft Outlook .pst files).

My Ubuntu USB drive is an 8GB drive formatted FAT32. The drive I am retrieving the files from is a 250GB NTFS-formatted drive. The drive I am copying to is a 4TB NTFS-formatted ...

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Recovering a moved file in ubuntu
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I meant to copy a file from one directory to another. Instead, I moved it using the mv command. I made a lot of changes to this file and now realize that I have lost the original file.

Is there a way I can recover the file I originally moved?

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USB install 20.04 location of recovery id?
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I hope everyone and their loved ones are healthy and happy.

When doing an Ubuntu 20.04 USB install with LUKS encryption and LVM, as the install onto the hard drive completes, a message appears that lists the location of the recovery ID. It states your recovery id is located in /home/ubuntu/release

So here's the question: Because of how and when it appears, it's unclear if that message refers to to t ...

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Accidentally moved directories and files under root and reboot the machine
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I've accidentally run this command

sudo mv /* /applications/minced/

instead of

sudo mv ./* /applications/minced/

Unfortunately, I rebooted the machine And now I am getting this error

view the error

please help me

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How to recover data from broken ubuntu partition?
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My ubuntu partition got corrupted for some reason, so I created another partition and reinstalled ubuntu there. Now I'm trying to recover data from my old partition(I don't need it all, only few git repos). I tried testdisk, but it shows "Can't open filesystem. Filesystem seems damaged". Photorec recovered some files, but it's kinda hard to put everything together(for some reason Photorec puts files fro ...

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Data recovery of failing hdd & disappearing hdd devices
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I have a failing 6TB SATA hdd with one NTFS partition (the source drive, /dev/sdc2) from which I'm trying to recover the data. I was using the disk in my Windows PC. To recover the data, I'm using a brand new empty 8TB target drive (/dev/sda2) with one NTFS partition.

I started using ddrescue on Ubuntu 21.04 to do the recovery based on tips I found in this forum. I used this command: ddrescue -f  ...

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Firefox saved logins recovery with photorec
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I basically destroyed my Ubuntu drive with a bad terminal command that wrote over some essential portions of the drive. I'd estimate about 95%+ of the data is still intact but hard to reach. Now I'm just trying to recover some of my files with photorec.

Most importantly, all my passwords to various online accounts are randomly generated strings that I had saved in Firefox to autofill when needed. ...

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Recovering partially wiped hard drive
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I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 and long story short, I accidentally ran a terminal command to write over my hard drive with zeros. It ran for a few seconds before my machine crashed. Now I've been struggling for the past few hours to get my computer back to normal and I'm in pretty deep.

Upon rebooting I found that I could boot into grub rescue mode similar to this. However I found none of my drives and par ...

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Is it possible to recover data from my previous windows installation?
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I had windows installed in my laptop earlier and I forgot to take backup of some videos before erasing the disk and installing Ubuntu, is it possible that I can recover that data?

Please help. Those videos were really important to me.

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TOSHIBA HD does'nt work
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I have a Toshiba HD external drive, and today when connecting it to the pc it gives me the information that it cannot read the drive and that I have to format it, which would erase all my data. It was working normally. How can I solve this problem?

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Boot error after accidental reboot: "/dev/sda2: recovering journal"
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I’ve been stuck on the boot screen for very long time. I’ve just installed Ubuntu on my old PC today and I just pressed a random key and I think I accidentally booted.

This is what I see when I now boot my computer:

Photo of boot error

/dev/sda2: recovering journal
/dev/sda2: clean, 214984/12222992 files, 2626581/4882432 blocks

Please help I’ve be searching for solutions, but I can’t even type anything or p ...

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In short i accidentally typed sudo rm /* and now my system doesnt boot as something is deleted in /
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I am a beginner and hence did a child's mistake and now i cant enter my system and when I try to enter recovery shell it says "Kernel panic - not syncing attempted to kill init?" and i didn't find any answer on how to solve my error online . I am desperate ...

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I just deleted everything on my Windows system through the ubuntu subsystem. Can I recover the data?
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I wanted to delete all my Ubuntu related files from the Ubuntu subsystem within Windows. So I just used sudo rm -rf /* in the Ubuntu home directory.

I did sudo because earlier there were a lot of permissions denied. Now when there were fewer permissions denied, I started getting all sorts of other errors from Windows and then I realized it was also deleting files outside of Ubuntu.

Now everything ...

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Question on accessing salvaged Ubuntu boot drive
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Not a power user, so this may be a very stupid question. My ever-trusty decade-plus old (probably closer to 15 than 10) Ubuntu desktop died. Used it for web browsing and email only. Dead-dead so I assume either a MOBO or a PSU failure. Frankly not worth fixing. For a temp fix I found a windows 10 mini that I purchased last year as a backup to my Windows laptop (wanted it as we went to remote desktops w ...

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Problem in restore file in testdisk
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I deleted an important file and want to restore with testdisk, but I have problem:

1- I selected "create".

2- I selected the hard.

3- I selected partition table type (EFI GPT).

4- I selected "Advanced".

5- I selected "List" option of the partition.

6- I find and restore the file.

7- When I opened restored file, I see it is empty!

8- I deleted the restored file and try to restore again.

9- I went unti ...

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Ubuntu 20.04, how to recover data on disk?
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I saw many different questions about recovery. I was amazed at how many ways things could go bad. I don't know what happened, but I was watching TV on my computer one evening and then the next day it would not boot. Gparted says it is "unallocated". I have done searches to see what is available to recover a drive. There seem to be many available from the search but none seem to exist for Ubuntu 2 ...

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Drive partition recovery. I want to recover files before using it for Ubuntu
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'''Unable to access the drive after Ubuntu installation. This partition belongs to windows but I wanted to allocate some parts for Ubuntu during installation. But I see this drive. I have important data in his drive and now want to recover it for windows. I installed Ubuntu on my SSD and allocated 25GB and I wanted some extra space for Ubuntu from my HDD. That's Why I choose that drive so that Ubuntu ca ...

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Better file system type than ext4 for recovering deleted files?
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I usually format all my drives to ext4, and have limited luck in restoring deleted files (using extrecover, extmagic etc.).

Is there a better file system type, or any special formatting options, that make recovery more likely? (rsync to the same folder hidden by a symlink makes this semi-common for me)

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suddenly system rebooted ,kernel offset and kernel panic error
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enter image description here

hi guys,

I'm unable to load my ubuntu system, its shown some error while loading OS.

i have important project files in system, need to recover my data.

please help me out.

I'm attaching error image.

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I accidentally removed everything from my base directory. Is there any way to recover these?
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After opening terminal I typed

sudo rm -rf * lampp

from my base directory srj@srj. So now I have lost everything in my Desktop and Downloads folder. Can it be recovered in any way. I was trying to remove xampp completely and messed up using the rm and rf.

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Recover Ubuntu Hard Drive
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I rebooted my Ubuntu on a virtual machine by mistake during OS upgrade. Now it doesn't start from the hard drive, it shows Ubuntu logo and then stuck in a black screen. I booted from the CD. How can I access my hard drive to recover files? It is not seen in the list of devices, while "fdisk -l" shows it as /dev/sda and "fsck -N" shows it's filesystem type ask ext2.

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How to recover sdb1?
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How to recover sdb1?
I had wiped the filesystem from the pendrive using this command:

sudo wipefs -af /dev/sdb1

This was a mistake. And now, I want to recover /dev/sdb1!


[here is the pic

It should be sdb/sdb1, but sdb1 is not there.
What can I do? (Can I do anything at all?)

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How get out of Ubuntu Recovery Menu?
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I had a problem in booting my Ubuntu so I followed the steps to boot in recovery mode , but when I reached this recovery menu , it does got any back or forward even if I press enter or press exit , it just isn't working . It's just stuck in that place . And when I pressed ctrl+c now it isn't even moving up and down , it's just stuck . It's not even shutting down by pressing power button.

screenshot 1 screenshot 2