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A component of a Unix filesystem which contains other items, to organise the filesystem
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How add group write permissions for a mounted shared directory? (client/server case)
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I have a MacOS with a shared directory. I am able to access in Ubuntu Linux with:

# From Linux to MacOS
sudo mount -t cifs //192.168.1.X/directory_shared
                   -o username=username,

The problem is that if I do ls -l in the  ...

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Is there a way to enable checkboxes in the Nemo file manager?
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Is there a way to enable checkboxes in the Nemo file manager to select multiple files/folders?

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pip3 install -r requirement.txt not working
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i used pip3 install -r requirement.txt but it doesn't seem to work it gives an error as follows. ERROR: Could not open requirements file: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'requirement.txt'

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How can I increase the capacity of my /home/rob/downloads folder?
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My downloader, yes it is sabnzbd, says I have too little space in my home/rob/downloads folder, no idea on how to increase a folder size though...... Please some help is much appreciated! Yes, I am a newby

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Dash app-folders
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recently, I reinstalled 4 of my PC under Focal Ubuntu 20.04.3 properly (from 0, nothing). 2 are completly OK, but 2 have a strange behaviour with the dash when I want to manage apps in folders. The way to do is to drag and drop icons with themselves. The first time to do this, create a folder ; then, you can drag and drop others icons in this folder, and you can even rename the folder. Everything is OK  ...

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Detect major alarm "LowAvailableSpace" on Monitoring System
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Monitoring system detected "LowAvailableSpace" on filesystem cgmfs.

I checked on the server and the filesystem (cgmfs) space size is low.

Results of df -H:

Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on  
udev            271G     0  271G   0% /dev  
tmpfs            55G  4.4G   50G   9% /run  
/dev/sda1       471G   45G  403G  10% /  
tmpfs           271G     0  271G   0% /dev/shm  
tmpfs           5 ...
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How to store a file save path
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I save a file in a folder. At the next save (from a different file) I have to reset the entire path. How can I memorize it in order to have the saves all in the first path until the end of the work section?

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No command executes when i deleted /lib64
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I executed command rm -rf * when i was in lib64 or a directory inside it.

(Through comments/answers problem is that i deleted and i don't have a temporary one inside /var/lib64)

(I have busybox )

Then I can't execute most of bash commands like ls,bash. When i try to execute them i see:

bash: /usr/bin/bash: No such file or directory


bash: /usr/bin/ls: No such file or directo ...
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Where should an Ubuntu admininstrator (user) mount directories not established by the distribution?
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I have read the Linux Filesystem Hierarchy

I found an operative statements to be

For /mnt it notes some distributions create automount directories for floppies and cdroms there (and one should probably not assume that list is complete in terms of distributions using /mnt or the directories they use, imho)

for /srv the LHS states

Distributions must take care not to remove locally placed files in th ...
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Cannot remove a directory on NTFS file system even I used "rm -rf"
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I cannot remove a directory called “系统漏洞补丁”(please don't care the name of it) on Windows anyway, so I came to Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and tried to remove it. But even I used rm -rf 系统漏洞补丁 . It said: rm: cannot remove '系统漏洞补丁': Directory not empty
And here is the result of ls -al 系统漏洞补丁:

total 8
drwxrwxrwx 1 user user 0 Nov 5 17:51 .
drwxrwxrwx 1 user user 0 Nov ...
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Dolphin reading remote folders is slow
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I've mounted several folders from a my NAS and when I try to access them using Dolphin with KDE Plasma 5, it starts to read and try to get the number of elements of each folder.

It takes a lot of time to do that (even, several minutes) because I've got a huge library of files and folders inside.

Is it possible to disable this feature with remote folders or anything to avoid that behaviour?


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Which file operations trigger directory modification time and date to change?
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I have a directory named IT-documentation. Using ls -l in the terminal at its parent directory level yields (among numerous other lines)

drwxr-xr-x 16 robin robin 4096 Oct 31 08:02 IT-documentation

Now I say cd IT-documentation, then repeat ls -l. Among the numerous other lines this yields is

drwxr-xr-x  2 robin robin 4096 Nov  1 10:00 'How Tos'

On November 1 a file was in fact added to the subdir ...

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DIrectory automatically Broken in Ubuntu Budgie 20.04.3 LTS
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As you can see in the below pictures,Two (Music and Videos) directories are automatically broken.Do anyone know the reason for this and how to fix this. Though both the directories were empty.Can this happen with Filled Directories too ? I am using Ubuntu Budgie 20.04.3 LTS. Thank you. File SS


Output of ls -ld

ls -ld Music Videos

lrwxrwxrwx 1 manish519 manish519 50 Oct 23 19:01 Music -> 
/home/manish519/../ ...
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Can't escape spaces in variable name
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I trying to deal with spaces in directory names. As an example:

drive=/mnt/g; export drive
mydir="$drive/directory with spaces in name"
echo "$mydir"

The result:

/mnt/g/directory with spaces in name

Which of course, blows up on use, as bash sees this as separate arguments. The desired result would be something like:

"/mnt/g/directory with spaces in name"

as a single argument for subsequent process ...

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Namespace isolation
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Can namespace isolation be used to prevent a process from seeing the host directory tree. Or only allowing the process to see a part of the host directory tree or perhaps a completely different type of directory tree. Example: if host system has /, /bin, /system, /lib. I want the isolated process to see only /, /fakeDir /fakeDir2

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The command could not be located because '/bin:/usr/bin' is not included in the PATH environment variable
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I've installed ubuntu 20.04.3 lts and i installed anaconda3, i had to uninstall anaconda3 since i some problem accured by just type this command #rm -f anaconda3 from root and /home/user directory. After this i got this trouble given below,

thilipkumar@thilipkumar-Inspiron-5520:~$ sudo -s
[sudo] password for thilipkumar: 
root@thilipkumar-Inspiron-5520:/home/thilipkumar# ls
Command 'ls' is available in ...
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Open a file in a hidden directory
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I am a beginner so please assume I know nothing. I am trying to find a BOINC file app_config.xml which should be in a this directory /var/lib/boinc-client/ but I can not find it with files. I tried using the terminal but could only find the same directories


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A strange external device appeared on the left sidebar
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First it only showed up for a split second and disappeared, and after that it appeared again and stayed. It looks like this:

It looked like this

I didn't have anything plugged in at the time so I don't know where it came from. It had some files in the folders but I don't remember them because I was nervous and just ejected it. Is it normal? BTW I still use Ubuntu 16.04 but I'm planning to upgrade.

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Cannot mv file into a subdirectory of itself
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I was trying to rename a file in /media/user/TOSHIBA EXT/Fotos/Chronologisch using mv, and I get the following error:

/media/user/TOSHIBA EXT/Fotos/Chronologisch$ mv "DSC00001.JPG" "12.10.2021-16:20:56.jpg"
mv: moving 'DSC00001.JPG' into a subdirectory of itself ('12.10.2021-16:20:56.jpg') is not possible

The contents of the folder are ~3000 photos:

/media/frederic/TOSHIBA EXT/Fotos/Chronologisch ...
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How do I make a directory in Linux without it being made in other users on the server?
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I recently ssh into my company's airflow server, so there are multiple users on this server. Whenever I make a new directory say it makes the directory in all of the other users as well. How can I set it up where I am only making a directory in one user, not all users on the server?

Additionally it says that I have specific versions of certain packages like Python 2.7.5 but I also have Python 3  ...

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If i create a folder in a folder, the execute bit permission not included, so i should set it manually in order to access it
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i got a problem these days, i have a server, when i make a subfolder inside of a specific folder "the name of the folder is: "AFORWARD", for example i make "GG" inside the "AFORWARD", any folder i make inside the "AFORWARD" they become inaccessible, meaning that i can't get into them, and when i tried to see the permissions set for the subdirectory, looks like there is no execute bit included by default ...

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referring to parent directory in a save file dialog
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I tired of the continuous updates in Windows making my programs unusable. After an excursion to Linux Lite, I am now running Ubuntu on my Dell laptop because it was the supported distro. I'm not TERRIBLY stupid, I can program in C and I remember things like file permissions (user-group-everyone) from my SCO days. However, something I tried to do didn't have the effect I thought.

I was in a file s ...

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Used encfc, Can't Mount a Stash
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I created a stash following the instructions I found here It worked fine and I couls mound and unmount (by checking and unchecking the stash name from the drop down menu in the icon in the upper right corner of my screen). However, after rebooting my computer the stash is no longer listed there. It is listed when I open the G ...

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When using Ubuntu live CD, files and folders cannot be copied or moved due to permissions
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I want to use an Ubuntu live CD and copy a folder between my two Windows hard disks.

However, I get an error saying that I don't have permission to do it.

How can I do this?

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How to remove directories that have numbers as file names in Ubuntu using command line?
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I have a directory where there are subdirectories which have numbers as directories. For example I have a parent directory test now I have some subdirectories like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7. Now I have a local exported variable like export a=3. I want to delete directories that are above or equal to $a and below or equal to $a+3, So I want to delete files 4,5. How can I achieve this in Ubuntu 18.04.6 LTS.

I tried

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How to hide root folders from desktop? (like: Downloads, Videos, Music, ...)
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Here are the folders

I tried much time and when I deleted folders from the desktop, the folders could be deleted from the main folder

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Why `Permission denied` for `ls` and `touch` when folder have `r` and `w` permissions for everybody?
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I've read rm: cannot remove directory/: Permission denied, noted answers to the question where permissions for directory were not provided missed restricted directory bit case, so I decided to learn deeper and stumbled upon the following for which I was not able to find answer by web search:

touch /media/drive/1/2
touch: cannot touch '/media/drive/1/2': Permission denied
ls /media/drive/1
ls: cannot a ...
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I can't create a "nordvpn" folder in /run
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As you can see on the joined picture.

1 - When I type : sudo mkdir nordvpn in /run I can create a folder "nordvpn". I type once "ls"; I can see the folder, I type a second times "ls" and the folder has disapeared.


2- When I type : sudo mkdir a in /run I can create a folder "a". I type once "ls"; I can see the folder, I type a second times "ls" and the folder is still there.

screen capure of th ...

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SAMBA creating shared folders inside shared folder
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I want to create multiple shared folders with different access permissions inside the shared folder.

For example, I accessed my Server and created 2 shared folders, Projects and Documents.

Anyone can access the Documents folder, but only employees involved in a project can access the projects folder.

Everything is OK until this part.

The real question is this.

Access the worker projects folder in a ...

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Can I move the old Ubuntu snap folder's content to new installed Ubuntu snap folder
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I have installed one Ubuntu 20.04 on my 18.04 Ubuntu, so I have seen in the home folder I have had the old user files, like download and ...files. so I have moved my old Ubuntu profile files from Documnets, Desktop,' My Documents, PicturesandVideosto the new profile folder, but I want to know can I move the content of old profile'ssnap folderto new profile folder'ssnap folder`?