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For questions regarding disk storage devices such as hard disk drives, floppy disk drives, and optical disk drives.
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Unable to change partitions on my disks
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I'm having trouble with disks on my machine. I'm unable to boot and currently trying to clean install Ubuntu. When I use Gparted with bootable usb disk, I can remove all partitions on my disk and when I hit apply button it says job is done but as soon as the success message disappears, it shows all the old partitions as they were before.

Update: when I use Disk utility, after hitting - button to  ...

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How to mount MTP like a drive in /dev?
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I am trying to recover some files on my android device, but without success. So I would like to try tools like photorec, but they need a physically mounted device. Or rather, for the moment photorec makes me recover files only from /dev/sdx, so I need to mount the mtp device like this. For now I have tried this solution here: How to mount Smartphone to recover files but jmtpfs gives me an error.

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How can I identify and purge unecessary files
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I'm running UBUNTU 20.04.3 LTS (Focal Fossa). I have a disk usage issue and I cant find the location or identify what is consuming my disk space using the Disk Usage Analyzer. I know that it's located at the /var/log, but I don't know the exact location. enter image description here

How to solve this?

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Getting more disk space on Ubuntu20.04
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I'm using a dual booting machine with Windows10 and Ubuntu20.04 (actually the windows was not booted since I have started using Ubuntu). I have tried to allocate more disk space for the Ubuntu using Gparted from live USB. I have just moved 76Gib of free space from the windows part to the Ubuntu part. Note that this free space was on the left of the Ubuntu file system, while the free space is usually sho ...

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ThinkPad with Ubuntu Disk Space Issue
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My son has a laptop for homework and Minecraft and when he tried to launch Minecraft after school today, he got this message....anyone able to translate and give me some idea of what I might be able to do? Thanks

Failed to download file. Name: 1.17.json URL: Error details: No space left on device Couldn't write ...

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Why is mv so slow - local disk to local disk?
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I'm moving a single large file from /mnt/z to /mnt/y on a bare metal Ubuntu 20.04.3 install.

Both disks are capable of sustaining 2 GB/s in writes, and do in other operations, but mv caps out at ~200 MiB/s.

The disks are PCIe 4.0 Highpoint RAID cards with either U2 or M2 drives in RAID 0. Both with NTFS partitions.

What could I be missing?

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DJango access media files from different disk
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I have a DJango web application running on a NGINX server. My storage space is almost full and now I want to add a new disk to my project. Is there any scope for DJango to access media files from both the locations? If not, then what are the probable solutions to this problem?

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wrong fs type, bad option with USB HDD
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I am fairly new to Linux and wanted to take a USB powered HDD that I was using as storage on a Raspberry Pi and add it as a data drive on an Ubuntu 20.04 PC (I want to go from the Pi to this new machine as my media server and there is data on the drive I want to keep). I plugged in the new drive and all worked fine, there were 2 partitions, system boot and writeable. I removed the system boot partition  ...

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Info regarding Disk/Drive partition in Ubuntu
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I am just starting to use Ubuntu. I have already installed it in VM.I am general user and not tech expert. So my question is

  1. In windows generally there is one disk and then we partition them into different partitions which are label as C,D,E,F etc.What is equivalent of that in Ubuntu. As in windows OS we can see different drives graphically .IS it same possible in Ubuntu

  2. During its installation its a ...

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Power event caused read-only disk
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Having regained access to the server, my services won't come up due to a read only filesystem...

I've attempted a few steps on other articles to no avail, specifically

sudo fsck -Af -M, mount -o remount / and multiple reboots but it keeps coming up read-only.

Other articles suggested looking for and modifying RO in fstab but that doesn't appear to be present

# /etc/fstab: static file system informatio ...
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Can we delete all partitions in disk using gparted tool as scheduled task or automatically?
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I want to clean up the disk before using it. I am doing this manually. Help me out to automate this/ schedule this.

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I had previously set up a RAID0 array with 4 drives of 14tb each that was getting full.

Yesterday I decided to add one more drive to it and temporarily changed the array to RAID4.

I heard it was supposed to get back to RAID0 automatically a day or two after.

Yesterday evening, my computer had an issue with the boot drive and ended up completely frozen, we tried everything but I had to reinstall Ubuntu  ...

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How to mount a Solaris /usr & Apple ZFS partition in Ubuntu 21.04
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TOday I've installed OmniOS on my disk sdb. From Linux Ubuntu 21.04,OmniOS is seen like this :

Device     Start       End   Sectors   Size Type

/dev/sdb1        256    524543    524288   256M EFI System

/dev/sdb2     524544 976756750 976232207 465.5G Solaris /usr & Apple ZFS

/dev/sdb9  976756751 976773134     16384     8M Solaris reserved 1

Now,I would like to mount the partition /dev/sdb2 from ...

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Unable to access video files in disk formated by and used by, windows 10
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Greetings noble penguins. I have video files I have downloaded using windows 10 to a internal disk that neither of my two OS are on. I cannot manage to open the disk with ubuntu 20.04 which I installed on a dual boot with windows.

I have seen advice on opening the terminal and entering commands to mount the disk but still cannot find the files after doing so. If you can't tell, I am generally clu ...

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My free space disk is disappearing continously
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(Ubuntu 18.04) I had about 8GB free space in my hard drive of 250GB and 2 hours later have disappeared. I can see this with left mouse button properties in any file of my /home. The hard drive is flashing like some sort of process is literally eating or hiding space. What can I do? Maybe is a bad software update? I mean unfinished update?

Edit: The process have finished and any /home shows 0 byte ...

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Cannot Use Whole Disk after Disk Upgrade
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I upgraded the disk size of my VPS from 20GB to 40GB. I cannot use this newly added 20GB. fdisk -l shows 40GB but du -h shows 20GB!

    root@ubuntu:~# df -h
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
udev            1.9G     0  1.9G   0% /dev
tmpfs           385M  656K  385M   1% /run
/dev/sda1        19G   16G  2.5G  87% /
tmpfs           1.9G     0  1.9G   0% /dev/shm
tmpfs           5.0M     0 ...
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Ubuntu Server Install Did Not Use Entire Disk
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Using Ubuntu Focal ubuntu-20.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso, I created a kvm image that was 250G. But the ubuntu-20.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso installer only used 123G of it for the root. Why is this when I selected for it to use the entire disk? Is my only option to grow the lvm if possible?

% df -h
Filesystem                         Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
udev                                ...
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My internal disks always sleeping
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Since i upgrade my os to 20_04 i have a problem with my 5 internal disks. I put all the elements i know to prevent my disks to sleep but nothing to do. First i use hdparm but my disks don't accept the -B255 after i use gnome and select never sleep but nothing too. After i do a script in crontab to write every minute on disks but one second after it wrote it goes to sleep !! Finally i use dconf-editor bu ...

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Where are my missing disk?
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There is 78GB what I see in the tool "Disk", the 78GB is mounted at /home. But in "Disk Usage" there is only 20GB total in my ubuntu, which is mounted at Filesystem Root.
I am sure that I take 100GB to Ubuntu from my hard disk.
So where is my lost 78GB of space? Please help me. Many thanks! Picture 1

There is another picture.Picture 2

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Increase the disk space of an Ubuntu VMWare guest, GPARTED show all fine but no space
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Well I look here a guide but I can't understand why I see free space in GParted but not in df -h

I Install VMWare 16 Pro, late Ubuntu 20.04 Server, A basic desktop with tasksel, apache, mariadb and nextcloud. All work fine and sync great.

The guest has a 30Gb disk, late i want to expand to 60Gb. All fine in VMWare (I do the same in another Guest with windows server and work fine)

I come back to ubuntu, go ...

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Does SSD automatically move data off (few) bad sectors?
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Disks reports that my SSD "Disk is OK. 3 bad sectors".

Do SSDs automatically move data off of bad sectors, or should I assume I lost some files or data that were on those sectors?

eScreenshot of Disks in Ubuntu 20.04.1

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Ubnutu installed on my 500gb disk
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So I have recently decided to move to Linux cause I couldn't handle windows anymore. I like the change and learning process with the new system.

The issue is that my ubnutu is installed on my 500gb disk, and the other disk is empty. I was wondering how can I change its installation dictionary from that disk to the other. Because it limits me from creating folders and downloading applications into ...

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disk size smaller than partition
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I just set up a VM with Ubuntu 20.04.1, after setting up everything I realized that somehow the Disk Size is smaller than what I attached to it.

output of lsblk:

NAME                      FSTYPE       SIZE MOUNTPOINT        LABEL
fd0                                      4K
loop0                     squashfs    71.3M /snap/lxd/16099
loop1                     squashfs      55M /snap/core18/1880
loop2    ...
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I want to make disk partitions the same way as it's done in Windows (like local disk E:, F:, C:) in my Ubuntu OS? How can I do that?
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After installing Ubuntu I only have one Partition in my OS. I want to make more disk partitions like it is in Windows (local disk E:, F:, C:, etc.).

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How do I free up space on the root partition booting from usb-stick
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Ubuntu on HDD can't be booted because it has no space left on the root partition. How to free up space using usb-stick system? Or do I need it (help of a usb-stick)?

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/var taking up too much space
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I got a message that I am running out of space, so I did du -h and figured that the /var folder was taking 176 GB space! I cleared away all the .gz (gzipped files) but still no improvement!

enter image description here

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Unable to resize my hardrive in Ubuntu
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I am using virtual box and my Host Device is : Windows 10 Guest Device is : Ubuntu 21.04

I am new to Ubuntu and i have recently installed oracle virtualbox and used Ubuntu as my guest device. At the start as i just wanted to test, I set the hard disk space 10 gb and just after the installation I saw that only 2 gigs of storage is left.

So in virtual box i increased my storage to to 20gb. Now after reta ...

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ls: reading directory '.': Input/output error trying to mount a freebsd ufs partition in ubuntu 21.04
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On ubuntu 21.04

#fdisk -l

Disk /dev/sdc: 298.09 GiB, 320072933376 bytes, 625142448 sectors
Disk model: WDC WD3200AAJS-0
Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes
Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
Disklabel type: dos
Disk identifier: 0x90909090

Device     Boot Start   End Sectors  Size Id Type
/dev/sdc4  *        0 49999   50000 24.4M  ...
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Boot problem related to disk issues after sleep mode
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I put my computer in sleep mode, when I turned it on after a long time when I ran, right after the grub screen, I encountered an error that I do not remember clearly that says disk0 cannot be accessed. When I reboot with hope to fix it, the grub screen did not open and no boot was found.

When I ran gparted from the Ubuntu live cd I saw that my 256GB SSD only showed 16KB. When I ran fsck I got a " ...

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VirtualBox: Black blinking screen after detaching and re-attaching the VDI
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I've been trying to solve a disk space issue, and one thing I did was detach my disk from within Virtual box settings, I then tried to re-attach the same vdi file but now when I boot the machine it gets past the initial ubuntu logo but then gets to black screen with a blinking cursor.

What's gone wrong?