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Find Largest Directories/Files when Drive is Full
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When the drive of an Ubuntu 20.04 server is full, how can we find out the directories/files with the largest sizes, ranked from largest to smallest? This can allow me to find some files to delete (likely log files)

Tried installing ncdu but theres insufficient space

# sudo apt install ncdu
Reading package lists... Error!
E: Write error - write (28: No space left on device)
E: Write error - write (2 ...
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Keep running out of space, where have my harddrive space gone?
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I'm kind of a Linux noob and have been for almost 15 years, but I am trying to keep it active and learn more.

I have a Intel NUC with 120-ish NVMe SSD storage which I'm using for a home server. It has Ubuntu Server 18.04 installed and the only thing on it should be about 10 Docker containers and their respective volumes. I have Synology NAS shares mounted for larger data (main use is Plex server) ...

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Why is my filesystem size larger than the partition size. (df vs fdisk)
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So... I get that fdisk lists partition sizes, and df lists filesystem sizes, and that filesystem may use a portion of the partition and disagree on the size, but why would df list filesystem sizes that are larger that the partition sizes?

enter image description here

df: /dev/sda6 200G

fdisk: /dev/sda5 7.8G