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For questions regarding the installation of two or more operating systems on a single computer.
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Can't update GRUB
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Yesterday I enlarged the system partition using gparted. Everything went fine, I rebooted and everything worked. This morning after turning on and selecting linux from bootlader - it does not turn on. I read that I should update GRUB, I use boot-repair with live-usb for this. Unfortunately the operation failed I'm getting these errors.

I also tried to repair and reinstall grub using a live USB accordi ...

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GRUB and system boot order not detecting Windows
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Recently, I tried to dual boot Ubuntu alongside windows 10. I didn't have free space on my windows partition, i.e, C:, so, made a partition in the D: drive and installed Ubuntu on it. I ran into several problems, like after turning on my laptop, my screen continuously showed No Boot device found. Hence, I tried to go into boot order settings by pressing F9 and my system was able to boot into Ubuntu by B ...

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Blinking cursor and very clean and black screen on Linux
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I have a screen like this, I guess it is caused by running out of disk space.

I tried so many solutions and none is worked, tried to boot to windows 10 and get access to Linux files and delete them and did not work, also I tried to use rescue kali and did not work.

Is there any way to fix this?

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Setting up grub-efi-amd64-signed error in apt install
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I followed the uninstall and reinstall commands in but whenever I do sudo apt install <program> I'm still getting the below error:

Setting up grub-efi-amd64-signed (1.167~18.04.5+2.04-1ubuntu44.1.2) ...
Installing for x86_64-efi platform.
grub-install: error: cannot find EFI directory.
dpkg: error processing package grub-efi-amd64-signed (--configure): ...
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Error on boot of dual boot HP455 - start_image returned invalid parameter
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Good morning all.

The laptop is an HPP455 G2 with a 1TB SSD partitioned to include a separate Data partition. Secure boot is disabled. I have installed a dual boot Windows 10 and Ubuntu 21.04 system and (with some difficulty) had it working well.

Expected behaviour: On switch on or restart the system boots into the Ubuntu dual boot screen, allowing user to select Ubuntu or Windows; if no selection ...

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Can't find option to switch between RST and AHCI
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So I have an HP OMEN 15-dc0xxx and was trying to dual boot Ubuntu 20.04 alongside Windows. Almost all guidelines I have seen on the subject mention switching controller mode to AHCI, but I can't find it anywhere in BIOS! I also have optane but I disabled it beforehand, and still can't find controller mode.

Screenshot of the Sub menu in bios labeled Intel RST

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How do I tell the Ubuntu bootloader to boot from a different drive?
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This should be a simple question. My system is set to dual boot Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10. I previously had only a small SSD (256 GB), so I had only the EFI partition and the Windows system partition on the SSD and the Ubuntu partition on an internal HDD. The HDD is only 5400 RPM and the slow low load time was a constant source of aggravation.

I just purchased a new 2TB SSD and would like to ha ...

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Accidentally deleted Ubuntu bootloader
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I've been running dualboot of windows 10 and ubuntu 20.04 on my computer and recently decided to get rid of windows (i stopped playing LOL) and I accidentally deleted disk partition that was responsible for ubuntu bootloader (alongside partition for windows).
For now i recovered or rather reinstalled windows just to be able to launch computer.

I've also been looking for ways to recover ubuntu bootload ...

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dev/sda2 full and ubuntu not booting
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I am a Windows user with virtually no experience on Linux/ubuntu. However, I need to use a pc that runs on linux.

I just installed wine on the pc and when trying to restart the computer I begun to encounter problems in booting:

  1. I see the logo of the computer ('Dell') appearing,
  2. I get to the screen where I can choose the system I want to use (e.g. Ubuntu, advance, Windows)
  3. when I select ubuntu (o ...
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Ubuntu 18.04 boot fails into emergency mode [Closed Unsolved]
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Dear fellow ubuntu Users,

I have an Alienware laptop that has a dual boot with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 18.04. I use Ubuntu as my main operating system. I turned my pc off last night and when I try to turn it on this morning I faced a problem that takes me to Emergency mode.

When I turn pc on, Grub os selection menu appears. When I choose Ubuntu the booting screen takes way more time than usual and tur ...

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Why can I boot only Windows and not Ubuntu?
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Recently built a computer but I am unable to boot into Ubuntu. Hardware that might be relevant...

  • Asus ROG Strix B550F (Wifi)
  • G Skill 3600 c16
  • RTX 3070ti xc3
  • Samsung 980 1TB nvme m.2

I have tried the following

  1. Formatting the drive with GPT and MBR with an EFI System Partition, a space for the root (/) directory, and the rest for /home.
  2. Boot with CSM on and off.
  3. Boot with Fast Boot on and off.
  4.  ...
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Laptop not seeing UEFI bootloader for Ubuntu, but Desktop does. How can I solve that?
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Dear wounderful comunity!

I recently decided to try out this new UEFI boot thingy, as I want to encrypt my drive and only found tutorials for UEFI. My laptop does not by default support it (an old Acer Aspire 5750g), but after some digging I found a custom BIOS with UEFI and some other useful goodies!

I have a dual boot instalation (Ubuntu for coding and Windows for gaming and 3D modeling) and works ...

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Boot device not found error on startup
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I am a rookie at Linux and started using Ubuntu just yesterday. I mistakenly set the swap partition as bootable on startup and now when I start the computer, it shows a Boot Device not found error. I use a dual booted pc with Windows 10 and Ubuntu 20.04.

How do I fix this issue?Please help!

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Performance issue with new dual boot Ubuntu installation
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I have installed ubuntu next to windows on my laptop, I followed all the steps and I took all preventions reagarding to the installation, but once the installation is completed, it turns out that the OS performance is really really bad (every action in the PC is terribly slow). It takes about 2 minutes just to start (from the beginning to the log-in screen). I attach more information about the PC and th ...

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Use grub config of second Ubuntu partition
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I have two Ubuntu partitions, Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04. I use for the 99% of time the partition with U18.04, but I see that the grub config are taken from the partition with 16.04.Now, I have a problem with a kernel version with U18.04 and I am not able to boot with the older version because the grub manager in U16.04 does not recognize U18.04 kernels (while if a I do sudo update-grub from 18.04 everyt ...

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Ubuntu 20.04 LTS says ata5: link is slow
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enter image description here

Ubuntu says ata5: link is slow, be patient and then ata5: comreset failed (errno=-16). And I can not boot into my system, only a blinking underscore(_) showing.

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New ubuntu installation removed old grub configuration, cannot set up dual boot
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I have previously had Windows 10 and Ubuntu installed with grub being able to dual boot to Windows and to Ubuntu. I have decided to reinstall Ubuntu due to reasons and unfortunately, it installed wrong grub configuration. Now I am not able to boot to Windows, it is not seen from grub (or os-prober).

I have multiple disks, Windows is installed on one SSD (sdc) and Linux has its own HDD (sda).

I th ...

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Having stuttering on Ubuntu 20.04 while gaming with Windows dual boot
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I recently decided to dual boot Ubuntu to give it a try as my main platform, as I like the look and feel of it and I'd really like to get away from Windows. But for whatever reason, whatever game I'm playing will freeze/drop fps for a bit before going back to normal. I know it isn't a hardware issue, as on the same exact games run perfecy fine on Windows. I've tested it with Tomb Raider (on proton, not  ...

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Cannot Write to Secondary Hard Drive
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I have a secondary storage drive on my computer mounted at /media/user_name/Data. I get this error when trying to create a new directory:

user_name@cpu:/media/user_name/Data mkdir test

mkdir: cannot create directory ‘test’: Read-only file system

df -h shows it mount at:

/dev/sdc2       466G   77G  390G  17% /media/user_name/Data

I follow instructions from here to remount it as read/write ...

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Questions about Installing Ubuntu by Replacing a Drive where Win10 is installed
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I have some experience with Linux systems. Now I want to install Ubuntu to my notebook. Since I just can't loose any data or crash my Notebook I have a few questions regarding the installation, for which I couldn't find any answers.

Currently I have Windows 10 running on my Notebook. In my notebook is no space for a second hard drive, therefore I want to replace my disk and install Ubuntu on the  ...

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Get stuck on tianocore screen after installing ubuntu on chromebook
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I bought a chromebook (starting to see that this might have been a mistake...) and wanted to dual boot in with Ubuntu. It seemed like the partitioning and installation worked, but when i try to boot from the developer start screen with cntrl + L I get "enter numeric value to boot" screen with 2 tianocore boot on it. It doesn't matter what number I enter, nothing happens. What is the problem? Can I fix t ...

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Failed to open \EFI\UBUNTU\*garbled* - Invalid parameter
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I'm experiencing something weird today. I've been searching all over the internet, but I can't seem to find anybody who has the same problem.

I have Kubuntu 21.04 and Windows 11 installed in dual-boot.

Yesterday, i did a "cumulative update" for Windows 11, then i shut the computer down.

Today, I can't get GRUB to load. I tried entering the following command in windows command line but it didn't help

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bluetooth not working on ubuntu 20.04 dual boot
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I have a Windows-installed Dell Inspiron 5502 and installed Ubuntu 20.04. Bluetooth is not working at all, since it does not show that it detects any devices. I'm trying to pair my Philips headphone—this does not work: How do I connect to my Bluetooth headset?.

Where should I be looking at to solve this?

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How can I get my keyboard to work during boot again after it was disabled out of the blue?
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I have Ubuntu 20.04 dual booted with Windows 10. I had my grub file setup so that I would enter the grub menu upon boot and it has worked fine for weeks. This morning however, I booted on my computer and it skipped the grub menu and my grub settings were changed. I tried changing the settings back to what I had them set to when everything was working fine and it did bring back the grub menu, but introdu ...

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How to fix broken /boot/efi Partition?
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My computer originally came with Windows 10 installed on it, but then I dualbooted Kubuntu, and then removed Windows 10 from my computer entirely. When I installed different distros, I noticed that they failed to install GRUB2 a lot, but the Boot Repair app fixed those problems, but I know something is wrong with the /boot/efi partition and I'm not sure how to fix it. Maybe I could try and remake it, but ...

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Dual Boot Windows 10 Pro and Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on Dell
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I need to Dual Boot my Dell Latitude Laptop with Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

I created a USB Flash Drive using Rufus. I currently have Windows 10 Pro. When I first tried partition Ubuntu detected an error stating Intel RST problem. I do not want to change multiple settings that would lead to data loss. Also, there is some BitLocker thing that I came across when Ubuntu asked me to Restart the System and Ubun ...

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Installing ubuntu alongside windows on a separate disk AND partition
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I have two disks. One of them, 128 gb C: and almost completely full with windows installed. The other, 1Tb D:, is used for general purpose storage. I've created a partition of about 250 GB on the latter disk and wish to dual-boot ubuntu with windows (not replace). I've read both of these threads on manual partitioning and separate drive installation but neither of them seem to be answering my specific q ...

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How to assign unallocated space to ubuntu partition
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I wanted to give the ubuntu partition some more space from the windows partition, so I removed some space from the windows partition. I want to ask how do I allocate the free space to the ubuntu partition. I read a lot of similar questions asked but I didn't understand and some didn't work for me.

So here is the problem. There is 58 GB of free space and when I try to resize the ubuntu partition t ...

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Shutdown splash screen freezes after trying to shut down (21.04)
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I'm new to Ubuntu and Linux in general, and just installed 21.04 on my laptop and set it up to dual boot with Windows 10. When I shut down, either through the GUI or the terminal, the splash screen shows up, disappears, then comes back, frozen, while the fan ramps to full speed. When checking shutdown logs right during shutdown, I see that it reaches "Reached target Power-Off." Right after that, the fan ...

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Can’t boot Windows after installing Xubuntu Dual Boot
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I’ve attempted to do a dual boot set up of Windows 10 and Xubuntu, but now I’m incapable of booting Windows 10.

  • Windows partition still exists
  • When attempting to boot Windows from BIOS, it instead boots Xubuntu
  • Have attempted boot repair and GRUB update, encounter issue regarding Legacy Windows
  • When attempting to boot from Xubuntu live in non UEFI mode to counteract this, I get a black screen