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Evince is a document viewer for multiple document formats.
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Document viewer locks scrolling at bottoms of pages
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I use the down arrow key to scroll through PDF documents in document viewer.

However, when I reach the end of the page it does not scroll to the next page, and stays on the current page. Video:

Is there a way to change this behaviour?

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evince Document Viewer displays at double the actual size
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When I look at a PDF of an A4 paper (or US Letter-sized paper), and set the zoom scale to 100%, the paper on the screen looks twice the actual width (42 cm instead of 21 cm). This happens with all PDF files. On the other hand, if I look at the file at 100% using Adobe Reader on Windows, it displays at the correct size. In both cases, my screen is HD at about 100 dpi. Why is evince wrong? Is there a sett ...

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Using Alacritty to write LaTeX (with vim) can't launch Evince to preview
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I use Neovim to write LaTeX files with the Alacritty terminal. After writing the files I want to preview them with Evince. However, Evince doesn't launch. I don't know why. If I use the default terminal, it works!

In Neovim I use VimTeX or vim-latex-live-preview to preview. Both of them work well in the default terminal but not in Alacritty.

Does anyone know why?

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Save instead of Save as a copy in Evince Reader
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I am currently using Evince Document Viewer Version 3.36.10 on Ubuntu 20.04. When I try to save an annotated pdf, it shows only the Save a copy option. How do I make it overwrite the current file? I have read a few similar questions on this platform but couldn't find any answers. So, is there any way to do it?

Issue on GitLab

How to save/overwrite an annotated file with Evince?

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cannot print from evince any more
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I'm on 20.04 with a HP Jaserjet 1018, hplip version 3.20.3

Since today, I cannot print PDFs from Evince (Document Viewer) any more. In the "Status" tab of the HP Device Manager, it says "the print job has completed" after a while, but nothing happens. In the "Job Queue" Section of the "Printer Control Tab", the "Status" is "Printing" at first, and then switches to "Stopped". Some observations:

  • This also ...
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permission denied when Evince tries to use Chrome to open link
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I know there are existing questions about problems with Evince opening links, but this looks like a new error. This is in 21.04 but I think the error is very recent, i.e. the links worked earlier in 21.04. So I started evince from the command line and when I tried to open a link in the document, I got this error:

[205689:205689:0812/] execv /opt/googl ...
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How to turn down the contrast for night mode in evince
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I want to do something like this extension

Or is there another software for this. I tried Okular but the best I can do is to change black & white color. But that also turn everything into grayscale which I don't want.

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"Allow different sources for each windows" does not work for writing notes in Evince
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With "Allow different sources for each windows", different Input Sources for different windows are saved so you do not have to switch the input source manually for specific windows. But even when you have set up Input Source A in Evince, this is not saved for writing comments within Evince.

I could circumvent this problem by prioritizing Input Source A in the general settings. It seems that for w ...

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Evince does not open hyperlinks after updating ubuntu 18.04
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I ran the software updater today for Ubuntu 18.04. Now evince does not open links in the viewed pdf anymore in my browser (chrome) but gives this error message in the terminal:

[24120:24120:0726/] execv /opt/google/chrome/crashpad_handler: Permission denied (13)

Help please? Please?

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Ubuntu 20.04: Cannot print double sided from evince any more
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[EDIT] So it works with the below Libre Office printer dialog, while it is not working with the standard printing dialogue from Ubuntu. Does anyone know about this behavior?

I have a Canon Pixma mx920 inkjet printer. Whenever I try duplex printing in evince, There's only one option, one-sided printing. (The drag down menu doesn't work)

enter image description here

Sometimes at first approach, standard printing dialog in Thund ...

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Can't undo text edits in Document Viewer text annotations
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I'm unable to "undo" when I'm editing text in a Document Viewer text annotation.
(e.g. I accidentally deleted some text in the annotation and I want to undo that, like Ctrl+Z in gedit or Word).
I looked in Keyboard Shortcuts and in Help, but didn't find anything.
I swear I could do that on my old computer...

Document Viewer (Evince?) 3.36.10 on Ubuntu 20.04.2 with Gnome 3.36.8.

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Evince links not working on Ubuntu 20.04
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I am able to open pdf files with evince, but I can't open any link in the browser.

I have found this link from years ago:

Hyperlinks clicked in evince document viewer are not opening, any ideas on how to fix?

but my /etc/apparmor.d/abstractions/ubuntu-helpers file does not contain the mentioned reference "/usr/lib*/{,*/} Pixr,"

# Lenient profile that is intended to be used when 'Ux' is desired but